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Inexhaustible Chalice of Drunkenness: Text, Meaning

Inexhaustible Chalice of Drunkenness: Text, Meaning

Drunkenness, drug addiction and dissolute life are considered terrible sins, requiring repentance. The grace of God will allow a person to realize the danger of life in sin and repent in order to obtain the salvation of the soul and the kingdom of God.

For many years, my friend fought for her son suffering from drunkenness, but nothing helped.

Then the woman decided to turn to God for help, received water baptism and began to pray earnestly for her son. The Prayer of the Inexhaustible Chalice of drunkenness, the text of which I will cite in the article, helped to return the man to the true path and save him from the terrible sin of drinking wine.

Inexhaustible Chalice of Drunkenness: Text, Meaning

Icon history

In the image we see the Mother of God and the baby Jesus Christ, who is in the bowl. Holy Faces are filled with a prayer to people who have stumbled in this life and who have succumbed to the sin of wine drinking, gluttony, drug addiction and debauchery.

The hands of the Mother of God are raised up in a prayer petition to the Lord for all drunkards and drug addicts, the hands of the Infant God are raised in a gesture of blessing.

Holy Faces urge everyone to come to their senses and repent, for God’s mercy is boundless.

Church legends say that once a bitter drunkard, suffering from alcohol dependence for many years, saw a handsome old man who appeared to him in a vision. The righteous man told him to go to Serpukhov and find there the Vvedensky Vladychny monastery, which houses the icon of the Inexhaustible Chalice from drunkenness.

The old man is so weak from alcohol that he could not obey the old man and make a trip to Serpukhov: his legs did not obey. But the elder again demanded obedience from him.

When the old man appeared a third time, the bitter drunk could not disobey fear and stumbled off the monastery. However, a miracle happened, and the elderly man felt his former strength in his legs after the first night of the pilgrimage. When he came to the monastery, the nuns knew nothing about such an icon.

They began to search, and found her in the corridor of the church of St. George. To their surprise, the words that the elderly pilgrim said were written on it: the inexhaustible cup.

On this miracles are not over. Having come to the temple of St. Varlaam, the old drunkard recognized one of the monks of that old man, who appeared to him three times in a vision.

This miraculous circumstance and the healing of the old drinker from addiction quickly became known throughout the county. People suffering from alcoholism, pulled into the monastery cloister to worship the miraculous icon.

Since then, she has healed many from hard drinking and other sinful attachments.

Inexhaustible Chalice of Drunkenness: Text, Meaning

Lists Icons

Copies from the prototype also have miraculous power, and they pray for dependencies. After the revolution, the prototype was moved to St. Nicholas Cathedral (Serpukhov).

For 10 years 8 copies have been written from him. However, in 1929, the cathedral was pounded and no one was allowed in. What happened to the icons, no one knows.

In 1992, a copy of the Inexhaustible Chalice was painted by icon painter A. Sokolov, who was placed in the Vysotsky Monastery. The chains of the afflicted constantly visit the monastery in Serpukhov in order to gain liberation from heavy addictions — alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling.

May 18 is the day of worship of the Inexhaustible Chalice icon.

In 1995, the women’s Vladychny monastery was opened, in which the miracle of the first healing from drinking occurred. There also appeared a list of icons, the image was copied from a photo of the shrine. People constantly pray to the holy image, many of whom are freed from drunkenness.

This image is revered as miraculous. The pilgrims take with them the miraculous consecrated oil and holy water from the icon, which they share with the suffering.

Inexhaustible Chalice of Drunkenness: Text, Meaning

Help icons

Alcoholism is an acquired disease, a consequence of sinful thoughts and dissolute life. Alcoholics are encoded, moralized, treated with drugs — but all this does not help much. Because a person must realize his sinful nature and repent.

Until this happens, any treatment is useless.

When an alcoholic sincerely repents of the sin of drinking wine, communes the Holy Gifts and wishes to embark on the true path, he will acquire a new life — a spiritual one. The church conducts prayers to the icon of the Inexhaustible Chalice with water blessing.

Native alcoholics can order such prayers and water addicted people with holy water, sprinkle the room.

Prayer The inexorable bowl of husband’s drunkenness, read by a loving wife, can perform miracles.

The words of the prayer make invisible changes in the mind of a drinking person, help him to understand the danger of alcoholism. After a while, the drinking husband will start thinking about his behavior and reaching for the church.

At this time, the wife must support the intentions of the husband and assist him in the liberation from addiction. You need to persuade a man to repent in the church and begin a righteous life in Christ.

Also, the wife or mother of a drinker should buy an icon in the church and hang it over the head of the patient. You can hang the icon in the eastern corner of the apartment next to other icons.

In Vysotsky Monastery (Serpukhov) every Sunday they hold a prayer service with an akathist to the icon. Sufferers and their relatives can submit a note with the names of those who need help in getting rid of wine drinking.

Similar prayers are held in other cities of Russia, so you can use God’s help in your city. Also, prayer and akathist can be read at home.

Prayer of the Inexhaustible Chalice of son’s drunkenness in Russian:

Inexhaustible Chalice of Drunkenness: Text, Meaning

Akathist to the Icon of Inexhaustible Chalice:

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