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Icon — Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

What helps the Indestructible Wall — the icon of the Virgin Mary, the text of the prayer

All summer my husband and I lived in the country. Even though we are retired, but still strong, so we didn’t sit idle — we plastered the walls, pasted wallpapers (not expensive, but smart, so as not to be embarrassed to invite grandchildren), we even had water in the bathroom.

But autumn came, and it was time to return to the city apartment — the summer house heating throughout the winter would have cost us a pretty penny. But it became scary — what if, while we are not there, drug addicts will crawl through here and plunder everything? I asked the neighbors to look after, but this was not enough.

Well, the matchmaker advised to hang inside the house, above the entrance, a protective icon of the Virgin Mary. Thanks to her, our country house overwintered without incident …

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

History of writing shrines

The original icon adorns the Kiev Monastery of St. Sophia for about a thousand years.

True, our distant ancestors created it as a copy of the image from the Constantinople Blachernae Church of the Virgin Mary. It is called «Vlahernissa» and is still located there near the altar.

Where is the strongest «indestructible wall»

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

The main icon is not written on canvas or even on the board. This is a mosaic, laid out on the wall of the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. In the history of this cathedral there were many enemy raids and pillages, but evil people did not manage to damage the wall image.

He survived the communist times and the bombing of the Second World War. This image is considered the strongest.

The icon is decorated with an inscription in Greek. This is a quote from the Psalms.

If you translate it into Russian, you get: «The Lord is in the center of it, it will remain unshakable, the Lord will help her from early morning.»

Kiev Orthodox believe that their city will not perish, and the Slavic peoples will not disappear from the face of the earth as long as this mosaic exists.

The Russian Orthodox Church venerates the saint with another icon, The Indestructible Wall. This is a copy of the Kiev mosaic, which you can see in the village of Nikolskoye, in the Resurrection-Mironositsky female monastery. This is also a list of Kiev icons.

The ancient image appeared to the world only towards the end of the 20th century, and before that it was safely hidden. Despite the short history of the church, the image has already had the reputation of healing.

In addition, he was consecrated by John of Kronstadt himself.

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

Other miraculous icon lists are:

  • in the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul (Lefortovo, Moscow — this image also came here from Kiev, where it was written);
  • in the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (Moscow);
  • in the Cathedral (Kaliningrad — the icon of interest to us is in the chapel and is also lined with mosaics);
  • in the monastery of the Icon of the Mother of God (in the Krasnodar Territory);
  • in Essentukskaya church (in the territory of the Stavropol Territory).

Church dates of worship image

May 31 (June 13).

The special date of all the above icons is the first Sunday after the Trinity (All Saints Week).

Image value

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

According to the type of iconography (writing), this image is “Oranta”, that is, “Defender” or “Protector”.

The icon received its name due to the fact that it survived many of the misfortunes that have fallen upon the country — disasters, fires, wars. Even the red revolution could not wipe it off the face of the earth.

Thanks to its monumental indestructibility, the icon became a prototype of reliability and protection.

What does it help

Placed in the house, the image will protect the home from an unkind person, as well as from diseases, all sorts of misfortunes and misfortunes (thieves, fires, flooding by neighbors), even from evil spells and the evil eye.

It is believed that the image helps strengthen family. The people living under his protection are happier and friendlier, they even get sick less often.

Sometimes the icon is prayed, asking protect not only the house, but also your own soul. Someone needs protection from evil thoughts or emotions, and someone from a serious illness.

Mother of God helps all.

Finally, before the icon you can bow:

  • at family quarrel;
  • going on a long and difficult journey and asking for blessings on the road;
  • if there is grief in the family (for example, it is ill, someone dear to a prison or a bad company).

The image can be purchased not only for yourself. The “indestructible wall” is often bought for those who are loved — a child who has grown up and separated from the family, a young married couple, old parents, a godson, and relatives.

Special prayers created to appeal to this icon

This is a brief prayer for protection. She can be learned and spoken to herself, standing in front of the door to the office of the authorities, the examination room, doctor’s office, and so on:

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

Such a prayer is read, asking for healing from all needs (both physical and spiritual):

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

This somewhat complex text (it is in Church Slavonic) is remembered during periods of mental anguish. It is short, but strong:

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

And this prayer is read in honor praise Virgin of the protector, thanks to her for the protection provided to you. In the church, it is considered the main prayer for the Mother of God “The Unbreakable Wall”:

Icon - Unbreakable wall: meaning, what helps, how to pray

By the way, some people believe that such words are not only gratitude, but also the best protection from the evil eye and all the evil in this world. And this prayer will give the maximum protective effect if read it without interruption 40 times.

This video will help in such a long (almost hourly) reading, in which the prayer is repeated exactly forty times, and its lines are constantly displayed on the screen. Just read them or repeat for the choristers, and you will not get off!

Where in the house should hang this icon

The best place is opposite the front door. Place the image so that the Mother of God looks into the eyes of everyone who enters.

If a person enters your house, in whose soul there is an evil thought, he will be uncomfortable with you (perhaps even his conscience will wake up), and he will try to leave faster, and next time not to come at all.

There is no free space? In this case, hang above the door.

How?! Is there already a talisman-shoe or other attributes of an unbeliever?

Better remove all the talismans, the church does not approve of them.

  • The original icon «The Indestructible Wall» is located in the Sofia Cathedral (Kiev, Ukraine). But she has many healing copies, which can also be worshiped in Russia. The most famous is considered to be the image from the Resurrection-Mironositsky monastery (Russia, village Nikolskoye).
  • The main value of the image — indestructibility and protection from all sorts of ills.
  • This icon is prayed to protect the house from thieves, fires and the evil eye. It is also believed that she can protect the family from the disease, not let a person with bad intentions into the door.
  • We, ordinary Orthodox, buy this icon not for a home iconostasis, but as a defense of our house, hanging in front of the entrance or giving people who we want to save from all adversity.

But “The Indestructible Wall” is not the only icon significant in our country. I propose to learn about the twenty most honored Orthodox images.

Are there any more protective images among them? You will learn about it by watching this video:

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