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Icon Semistrelnaya: the value of what helps

Icon Semistrelnaya: the value of what helps

Icons occupy an honorable place not only in Orthodox churches and temples, but also in the dwellings of believers. Many believers are interested in what this or that icon helps. Consider the assistance of the seven-stroke icon, because it has been considered miraculous for many centuries.

Also find out in which place of the apartment you want to place this icon.

Icon Semistrelnaya: the value of what helps

Icon history

In order to understand the meaning of the icon of the Seven-arrow, one must turn to the Gospel story about the prophecy of the elder Simeon (Luke 2: 34-35). On the fortieth day after the birth of Christ, the holy family came to the temple in Jerusalem.

According to Jewish tradition, it is on the fortieth day that parents dedicate their baby to God.

The pious Simeon had been waiting for many years for the coming of the Messiah to the world. In revelation, he was promised that he would not go into another world without seeing the Savior’s baby.

When he took the baby in his arms, he prophesied that much of the world will now change: the servants of God will depart from the faith, and the unbelievers will be saved. So it happened when the Pharisees did not recognize the Messiah and demanded his crucifixion.

Looking at the Mother of God, he prophesied that sharp weapons would enter her. This prophecy came true when the Mother of God suffered unbearable agony because of the sufferings of the son of the cross.

Therefore, the icon has another name — Simeon Proverb. The icon is also called “Softener of Evil Hearts”, “And the Soul itself will pass weapons to you”, “Passionate”.

How to distinguish where what icon? In the “Softener of Evil Hearts,” the seventh arrow is located at the bottom, and 6 others pierce the chest of the Mother of God to the right and left. In «Semistrelnoy» you can see 3 arrows on one side and 4 — on the other.

There is no arrow at the bottom.

The icon «Passionate» depicts the Virgin with a baby in her arms. With one hand she covers her and his body from flying arrows. We see that on this icon at the Virgin Mary prayer look.

However, all three images are referred to in Orthodoxy as the “Mother of God of the Seven-Sterling” Therefore, before any of the icons you need to read the same prayer, addressed to the seven-directional Mother of God.

Icon Semistrelnaya: the value of what helps

Value icons

The icon depicts the Mother of God pierced with arrows or swords. There are many versions of this image: sometimes the Virgin Mary is depicted alone, sometimes along with her you can see angels or Jesus with saints.

Swords and arrows carry a certain symbolism — the pain of the crucifixion of Christ. This is the pain of the mother, which she experienced during the execution of her son.

The endless pain and grief of the unfortunate mother is expressed in the number of mines — seven. This number has the value of completeness of something. Sometimes the number 7 is associated with the seven sins of mankind, which pierce the heart of the Mother of God.

The Virgin Mary prayerfully folded her arms, as if imploring humanity to get rid of sins. After all, they lead to death.

The seven-cut icon of the Mother of God appeals to every heart and promises to intercede with the Son for the forgiveness of all those who repent.

Help icons

What helps the seven-arrow icon of the Mother of God? Believers say that the Defender helps if:

  • around you enemies and envious gangs up;
  • need to reconcile the warring;
  • need to pay off family scandals;
  • need to soften someone’s evil heart;
  • one must evoke compassion in man;
  • one must awaken the heart to faith;
  • there is a need for healing from the affliction.

If the house is located seven-pointed Virgin, peace and tranquility reigns in it. Households are friendly to each other, and detractors bypass this house side or for a long time it does not linger.

Icons must be purchased in the temple. If you bought the Semistrelnuyu in another place, the icon should be consecrated in the church.

Previously, Orthodox Christians knew how to pray to icons. In modern times, Orthodox traditions are being revived, but not all have an idea of ​​correct prayer.

How to apply to the holy face?

First you need to read the troparion of the Virgin:

Icon Semistrelnaya: the value of what helps

Then read the prayer:

Icon Semistrelnaya: the value of what helps

After reading the prayer, you can, in your own words, state the request of the Advocate of humanity.

Icon Semistrelnaya: the value of what helps

Location of the icon

Where to install the Mother of God correctly? Previously, Red Corner served as a place for icons — a place in the main room opposite the entrance door.

In modern homes, this rule is not adhered to, and the icons are placed in a place convenient for prayer. It may be:

  • central room;
  • children’s room;
  • place above the entrance door;
  • place opposite the front door;
  • headboard.

According to an old tradition, icons are decorated with embroidered towels.

The main thing is that next to the icon are not side by side obscene images. You can not install the seven-shot on the TV or near a laptop.

It is unacceptable to place icons in the bathroom or toilet. If you want to place the Semistrelnaya in the kitchen, put the icon behind the glass door — this will protect the holy face from soot and burning.

Is it possible to have a photo of the family with the icon of the Seven-way photo? This is allowed if the photographs show people in a sober state and not at a party.

It is necessary in every way to show respect to the holy faces and not to allow indecent behavior in their presence.

It is desirable that the holy face was located in the eastern corner of the room. If this rule is impossible to fulfill, do not worry. The main thing is that next to the icon should not be placed secular figurines and household items.

It is also unacceptable to hang calendars and paintings with non-canonical content. Sacrilegeousness is considered to be the placement of photographs of pop stars or politicians near and at large.

What can be placed near the icon:

  • an icon lamp;
  • candles in candlesticks;
  • consecrated willow;
  • holy water and oil;
  • Orthodox literature.

In what sequence to place the icons on the shelf? It should be remembered that the Savior and the Mother of God take center stage.

Around them can be placed the faces of the saints.

You also need to know that placing icons in the house does not lead to piety. It is necessary to follow the rule of prayer and lead a decent Orthodox lifestyle.

Prayer with faith in the heart is the most important weapon in the victory over sins and disease.

Honoring day

Despite the fact that there are three different images of the Semistrelnaya, they are revered on the same day — August 26th. Memorial Day is associated with a great miracle when the inhabitants of Vologda were rescued from the fierce epidemic of cholera in 1830. On that day, the townspeople made a procession with an icon around the city, and their prayers were heard.

The infection retreated from the city, and many received miraculous healing.

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