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Icon — Inexhaustible Bowl — meaning, history, how it helps, how to pray photos

Icon «Inexhaustible Chalice» — meaning, history, in what it helps, how to pray + photo

One of the terrible ailments — alcoholism, truly, a massive disaster. Desperate to fight him resort to different ways of deliverance.

Inexhaustible chalice can provide help in this, giving spiritual support to those who want to return to normal life. There is a special prayer addressed to this image, which, as believers testify, is able to rid itself of a habit that is fatal to a person.

Icon - Inexhaustible Bowl - meaning, history, how it helps, how to pray photos

Icon Description

The Inexhaustible Bowl depicts the Virgin Mary without a baby in her arms (Oranta). The Savior stands with his hands raised to heaven, sending prayers for sinners.

In front of her on the table is a bowl, and in it is little Jesus.

It is the Chalice of Communion, which, as a living spring, brings joy to the soul and consolation incessantly. The Most Holy Theotokos announces to people that all worshipers will receive heavenly help and will be waited by the Inexhaustible Chalice, full of mercy.

The infant child, sunk to the waist, also spread out his hands in prayer. The cleaning of the Mother of God is simple and strict.

Days of celebration

In the 19th century the day of remembrance fell on the Sign (11/27/10/12.). A century later, the Patriarch of Moscow moved him to 05.05./18.05. (day of death of prep.

Varlaam Serpukhovsky). Today, the tradition of the winter celebration has been restored.

What helps?

Not only those suffering from irresistible burdens to the green serpent, but also owners of other harmful and ugly habits, seek to help the icon. Knowing what the image of the Inexhaustible Chalice helps, drug addicts and their relatives turn their prayers to it.

Anyone who really wants to get rid of these dependencies can ask the Mother of God before this icon. it

  • tobacco smoking
  • drunkenness,
  • substance abuse,
  • craving for any drugs
  • spiritual diseases,
  • passion for fornication
  • gambling addiction.

How to pray

Icon - Inexhaustible Bowl - meaning, history, how it helps, how to pray photos

First, the obligation to read 40 days akathist is taken. The text has everything you need to ask God for in this case.

As a rule, nothing should be invented, but if you really want to. You can add a few sentences from yourself.

On the recommendation of the holy fathers, first of all, a person is obliged to look inside himself, whether his conscience is clear. It would be nice to repent and partake.

Only by bringing your soul to peace, having been cleansed, can you pray for someone else. There should be no condemnation, no anger towards others.

The best option to address a prayer for deliverance from drunkenness is a trip to the Vysotsky Monastery, where today the icon of the Inexhaustible Chalice is located. There is given the opportunity to stay for several days.

If it is impossible to visit, they often just order a prayer by phone or mail.

Icon - Inexhaustible Bowl - meaning, history, how it helps, how to pray photos

You can pray at home, preferably in a consecrated manner. Read a prayer singly or together. Allowed modern language or Church Slavonic.

Candles are lit. It is advisable to repeat it from time to time, even if the person has forgotten about the wine.

In what cases are treated

By releasing their child into adulthood, parents can ask the Inexhaustible Bowl to help him. If a relative or a friend is very much worried about someone, especially for having lost himself, who has lost the priorities of morality.

In the case of the acquisition or change of housing.

Where to place the icon in the home

It is preferable to choose an angle or wall from the east for the image of the Inexhaustible (Eternal) Bowl. There should be enough space near it so that several worshipers could fit without oppressing each other.

Sometimes the icon is located opposite the entrance to the room. You can put in the children’s room, but so that the child saw her, even lying in bed.

In many churches of Russia prayers are performed at the miraculous image. Many miracles are connected with it, thanks to which the faith in his living power is strengthened.

Dream of a former soldier

It is authentically known that an ordinary person once lived in the Tula province. He recently returned from military service. Life in the village of Efremov district did not bring him joy, he began drinking heavily.

As a result, he lost his health and all livelihoods.

This situation did not stop the unceasing libations. He continued his unrestrained drunkenness until he became malnourished.

The man could no longer walk, but was not going to stop.

Somehow he dreams of a certain gray-haired old man and indicates to go to Vladychny monastery (Serpukhov). He orders you to approach the Inexhaustible Chalice icon and pray from drinking.

The retiree ignored the vision and did not go anywhere. However, the dream was repeated two more times.

Then the soldier braced himself and stumbled along the road. We even had to move on all fours, and when crawling.

The legs did not hold the bitter at all.

The road was long. She caught the night and had to spend the night in an unfamiliar village with an elderly woman.

Seeing his illness, she rubbed his legs with something. By morning, the wanderer felt relief and had already gone himself.

When he reached the place, he began to ask the monks about the icon, she was hardly found, because she was not in a visible place, but in a narrow passage. A man prayed before her fervently, and when he was shown the cancer of St..

Varlaam, he recognized in him his old man from a dream.

Since that time, the icon has been recognized throughout the land, it was hung in the temple. Many began to attend the monastery. to get rid of themselves or to help loved ones to part with the green serpent.

Reese as a gift

Appealed to the image of people of different classes, and receiving help, thanked. Thus, Stefan Fedorov, healed from alcoholism, paid for the production of the most beautiful iconostasis for the icon and personally laid out a valuable robe.

And he was once a Moscow reveler, a merchant-drunkard.

Salary for the shrine

Once, on the porch of the icon-painting workshop, a strange scroll was found. Having unfolded it, the nuns found in it an ancient carved icon case in excellent condition.

Interestingly, he just went to the icon of the Saving Cup.
Only years later, it became known that in this way the mother of the cured alcoholic thanked the church.

Icon in the following years

Icon - Inexhaustible Bowl - meaning, history, how it helps, how to pray photos

As long as the Vladychnev monastery (1919) was closed, the icon was kept there. Then she was transferred to the Cathedral of Nikola White (closed in 1929) from which, after closing, most of the images were destroyed.

There is a version that the script of the Inexhaustible Bowl is burned. The only thing that remains is a photo that retains the original appearance in people’s memory.

This is a version, since no one has seen the icon itself anymore. The photograph became the source for making an exact copy in 1993.

The author is A. Sokolov. Sanctification (May 1993) took place in the Vysotsky Monastery, where it remains to this day.

Lists of the Inexhaustible Bowl

This icon of the Mother of God was found only a few centuries ago. Today, the exact history of creation is unknown.
There are 2 beneficial lists. Both of them are in the Serpukhov monasteries (Vysotsky and Vladychny).

Crowds of not only Orthodox flock here, but people of a different faith who want to overcome bad habits.

The main lists were made in 1995. The style and proportions of the original were taken into account when creating it. There are others, they are distributed throughout the world.

New Wonders

Despite the fact that the original has not been preserved, the list also helps people get rid of scary habits.
Already known wonders:

  • Myrrh flow (from August 2000).
  • Cover the eye of the Mother of God on the icon (there is a photo).
  • Healing of malicious addicts.
  • Change of bad life to a pious, the rejection of debauchery.
  • Help with housing problems.

It is noticed that those who addressed with sincere feelings even change their lifestyle. Particularly effective is the prayer from the drunkard or drug addict himself, it is considered preferable than from relatives.

Icon - Inexhaustible Bowl - meaning, history, how it helps, how to pray photos

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