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How to sprinkle an apartment with holy water on your own: prayer, the right way

How to self-bless the apartment: the right way

Sanctification in the Orthodox Church is a generally accepted method of spiritual cleansing of the home from believers. Particularly sharply the question of cleaning the house arises when the balls of negative energy accumulate in the room, there is a sense of the presence of the otherworldly. Only the priest has the power to clean the room from evil spirits, but it happens that you cannot invite him.

In this case, the consecration can be carried out independently.

Christians have several basic canonical methods of conducting a ritual of cleansing the home. All of them are divided into the traditional for Orthodoxy baptism by water or the baptism by fire.

Each of the methods can be performed as a priest, and the usual faithful man of God. However, the official church strongly advises to conduct the first ritual with the priest: Thus, this responsible business is entrusted to a professional who knows exactly how to consecrate an apartment. In addition, at the time of the next consecration of housing the layman will be able to more accurately repeat the actions of the clergyman.

But in a pinch, you can perform the process of consecration on your own, even for the first time.

There are such methods of cleaning the room from negative energy:

  • Sprinkling the apartment with holy water.
  • Sanctification with thirty-three Jerusalem candles.

How to sprinkle an apartment with holy water on your own: prayer, the right way

According to most clerics, this method is the most canonical. It is difficult, responsible, but if you carefully follow the instructions, there will be no difficulty in consecrating the apartment.

Rules of the ritual of sprinkling:

  1. 1. This rite should be conducted by a man who first cleansed himself and his flesh. It is unacceptable to conduct a ritual by a person far from the church.
  2. 2. The house at the time of the ceremony should be clean. Not only physically, but also spiritually: without fights, quarrels, misunderstandings. Otherwise, the ritual will not help.
  3. 3. It should be understood that the consecration of the home is not a panacea. The purification of the physical world is directly dependent on the purity of the person himself who lives in it. Before cleaning the dwelling it is necessary to clean the soul.

It is better to sprinkle the room in the baptism of the Lord, when the body and the soul are cleansed themselves at the expense of divine energy coming from everywhere.

Do not neglect the usual cleaning of the home. Clean energy stretches to a clean house, displacing negative energy.

How to sprinkle an apartment with holy water on your own: prayer, the right way

It is necessary to carry out sprinkling at home, clearly following the instructions, otherwise you can not clean, but harm your home:

  1. 1. To begin with, it is necessary for the whole family living in the house to go to church for one of the Saturday or Sunday services. So the cleaned room will not be instantly polluted by negative energy emanating from the inhabitants, and the souls of all will receive their part of God, his blessing.
  2. 2. After the end of the service it is necessary to take holy water in the church. Many believe that the water collected on Thursday morning or Saturday is healthier than water collected on other days. This is not true. Any holy water is healing.
  3. 3. Before the ritual itself, wash your hands thoroughly with Epiphany water, prepare a bowl (preferably silver or gold) with freshly collected holy water. You also need to read «Our Father» the whole family, even if it is not accepted.
  4. 4. Holding the bowl with consecrated water with your left hand, spray all the walls and corners of the room with your sprinkle with your right hand, drawing a mental cross.
  5. 5. The rite is to start from the eastern corner of the room, moving from wall to wall strictly clockwise.
  6. 6. When performing a ritual, it is important to read the prayer, «May God rise again,» repeating it before the end of the ceremony.

Text prayers «May God be resurrected»: “May God be resurrected and His enemies be scattered, and may those who hate Him flee from His face, like smoke disappears; yes they will disappear; For the wax melts away from the face of the fire, so that demons perish from the face of those who love God, and signify the sign of the cross and in the gladness of those who speak.

Rejoice, O Most Honorable and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, drive out demons by the power of the prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ upon you, to the hell of the desperate and revived power of the devil and bestow upon you the Cross to Honor you on the banishment of every foe. O Most Honorable and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord! Help me with the Holy Virgin Lady and with all the saints forever.


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