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How to save love: prayer from rival

How to save love: prayer from rival

When love and family happiness are endangered, heavenly powers can help. A prayer from a rival will help restore the union of two loving people and protect the family from the influence of the ill-wisher.

Paraskeva Friday, which has long been considered the patroness of family unions, home hearth and the helper of women who experience difficulties, usually pray for finding love and establishing harmony in relationships. Prayer from a rival will be especially strong if you and your chosen one are married in a church. However, even if your couple did not pass this ceremony, the prayer will be heard: sincere feelings towards the person will be a sufficient reason to ask the sky to help save love.

Prayer from rival

The Most Holy Blessed Martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, the keeper of the Christian faith, the image of purity! Hear me, sinful servant of God (name), and do not leave me in my afflictions! Do not be angry at my request, but give me grace and help with your great.

Take the opponent away from the love of my husband, dragging him towards him, tempting him to sin. Help him to overcome the temptation, enlighten him with the light of grace and do not allow him to wallow in sin. Call him again to me, for my feelings are strong and sincere, and our union is honest.

With your holy prayers be my help, a sinner, for I am weak in spirit and weak in the face of unhappiness. May the rival of our life not touch, may God forgive her for her transgressions and not punish her hotly. I hope for your help, I believe in the infinite mercy and justice of God.


Prayer must be pronounced with tranquility in the soul, without being angry with the rival and not wishing her evil. Otherwise, prayer will not work: hatred of another person is a sin. Therefore, try to exorcise negative emotions from yourself and concentrate on the feeling of love for the man you want to return.

The holy powers will help you save love and regain family happiness. We wish you strong mutual feelings, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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