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How to return love: rituals, conspiracies, prayers

How to return love: rituals, conspiracies, prayers

To return a loved one, it is not necessary to resort to black magic and love spells. There are completely harmless levers of controlling other people’s feelings: conspiracies, rituals and prayers.

If your union is cracked, wait for trouble. Life eats up many happy relationships, and it is sometimes difficult to return love. Some people just give up and go further along the path of life, eventually releasing the situation.

But what about those who sincerely believe in the authenticity of feelings, in the evil fate and the bad influence of ill-wishers? Return a loved one is possible. This will help you harmless effective plots, rituals and prayers.

Conspiracies to return the senses

The first conspiracy. This is one of the fastest conspiracies that will help you get your loved one back. This ceremony can be carried out by people who were not previously bound by marriage, but who were in a serious relationship and wanting to return them.

You need daily for 7 days, at the dawn, to pronounce powerful words, fixing your eyes on the rising sun. Plot text:

«Lord God, my Father, YouMy Reliance, YouMy salvation Only You alone give me hope, only I believe in You alone. I appeal to You for help, I need You in these moments of my grief and sorrow. Beloved person please return. Saints, do not leave me unanswered, I beg you, pay your attention to my sinful words and my request.

Return me lover / sweetheart (name), and let my / my only be he / she. Indeed. Amen».

The second conspiracy. This plot you need to read on the photo of your loved one. This is a quick and effective method that allows you to return a husband or wife who decided to leave the family.

You need two separate photos of you and your partner. Gluing them exactly at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, read the words of the conspiracy:

“Lord God, forgive our sins (your names). My heart, soul and thoughts belong only to this person. But fate decided to separate us, family happiness was broken, but the oath is alive. Let my loved one find the way home.

Lord, take his rest, and calm my heart. My husband lost his way and went the wrong way, his happiness awaits only with me. So let him come back to me.

May the Holy Trinity help us in doing the right thing. Amen».

How to return love: magical rituals

The first ritual: the magic apple. This rite is performed on a clear day, since the main element of the ritual is the power of the heavenly body, the Sun.

First you need to find a scarlet apple without any damage. Then on a piece of paper write the name of the beloved / beloved. Dividing the fruit into two parts, you should put a leaf with the name of a loved one in the very core of the apple. After you need to connect the halves, tie an apple with a red ribbon and put it to bake under the rays of the Sun, saying the words:

«The apple from the light of the sun languishes, as well as my beloved, that for a moment did not dare to forget about his love and would return to me again.»

Second ritual: the fire of love. The most powerful methods to help return the old feelings of a loved one, are actions with the flame of a candle. You will need two church candles.

Light them up at midnight by facing each other. When the first drops of wax appear, you need to start reading the plot:

“I (name) sit late at night, I want to reason with a loved one. Let my beloved (name) come back to me, remembering our joint and happy life. Our joint journey will be long, and lovestrong. The flames of fire will touch his soul and his feelings will rekindle.

So be it».

This ritual should be performed the next night, using the same candles and a photo of a loved one. It is necessary that the first drops of wax get on the photo of your spouse. Keep such a photo should be under his pillow.

Prayers that return love

Prayer first. To return a loved one, you can pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary. But before embarking on such a prayer, it is advisable to observe the fast and complete the sacrament for three days. After cleansing, you can begin to read the prayer:

“The Most Holy Theotokos, I address you with prayer and ask you to protect me in moments of painful and bitter. Please return my beloved (name). Hear, I pray, my request!

Queen of Heaven, Most Holy Virgin, give me the heart of a loved one (name), and let his thoughts be addressed only to me! Amen».

Second prayer. Saint Peter and Fevronia are considered patrons of marital happiness. The prayer directed towards them will help you to make your union unbreakable and strong, and also to return the old feelings and love of a person. You can contact the saints of God like this:

“O Great Peter and Fevronia, pleasers of God. I appeal to you with pure faith. Give me your help and intercession.

Give my prayer to Our Father and ask for his blessings. Help me and your loved one to experience true love, backed by faith and trust. May we (names) be together forever. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


It should be remembered that prayers, conspiracies and rituals will not harm you or your loved ones. If you ask not from evil, if your thoughts are righteous, Higher forces will hear you and will surely return your loved one to you so that you can regain happiness and love with him. We wish you an unbreakable union, strong feelings, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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