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How to restore relationships: rituals, prayers

How to restore relationships: rituals, prayers

Rituals and prayers for reconciliation — a good way to return the old relationship. You can solve your problems with the help of proven conspiracies, as well as by turning to the Higher Forces for help.

Conspiracies and prayers often help revive faded feelings and return mutual understanding. However, it is worth remembering that by resorting to strong spells, you associate your life with your beloved. Think carefully about whether to magically return the lost time, or it is better to wait for the time and how to understand your feelings and emotions.

Ritual to restore the relationship after breaking up

If in your life there was a ridiculous parting due to misunderstanding or resentment, and the former relationship cannot be returned peacefully, use a proven ritual. It is necessary to conduct it to the cemetery.

Find the grave of a person with the same name as your lover, put an offering on it (candy, cookies, artificial flowers) and take a handful of earth. It is necessary to pour it on the trail of a person dear to you and pronounce the words of a conspiracy

“No one will interfere with our relationship. Parting will be erased from memory, traces will lead to the house, full of love. Both offenses and adversities will be forgotten, they will be covered with a shroud and will go to the ground. As I said, so be it.

My beloved will never forget me. Will return with love and light in the eyes. Cemetery land in the trail of the treasure, return (name) to his family. «

After completing the ceremony, visit the cemetery again and leave the baked cake on the grave, do not forget to thank the deceased for his help and support.

The ceremony of restoring relations after treason

Betrayal and the subsequent parting are often hurried. In case you are ready to continue the relationship, you should use the ritual that our ancestors knew.

Take a big piece of red cloth, spread it on the table. Put a photo of your loved one in the middle, put white and red candles on the photo, light them and peer into the flame. Mentally imagine your insults and pain after breaking up. After you calm down, speak the words of a strong conspiracy:

“The souls of the family deserve forgiveness, they are illuminated with the light of love, they strive towards each other. With a white flame of resentment I burn out, I betray to oblivion. Red light love and passion ignite.

Carefully keep a photo of your beloved, under a candle I put it. Wax mix, love return. «

Put out the candles and roll the canvas along with the photo. Put in a secluded place. After your relationship is established, bury the bundle under a young tree so that your love grows stronger day by day.

Prayer for the restoration of a relationship with a husband or wife

In every family there are conflicts. Someone successfully copes with them, and someone needs the support of the Higher Forces to restore the former love. To do this, you must turn with a prayer to St. Peter and Fevronia to protect your marriage.

“Divine favors blessed by Prince Peter and Fevronia! To you I go for the help warm. Hear my prayers and offer them to the Lord. By his grace and forgiveness, we will restore peace in the family and the marriage concluded in heaven.

Grief and quarrels will not touch us. I rely on your mercy and the protection of God. Give our souls peace and restraint, protect them from the intrigues of the negative and from human misunderstandings.

May there be infinite mutual understanding in our family, may children be born, illuminated by God’s light. Amen».

This prayer can be read at any time of the day, but before reading it is necessary to confess and take communion. The trip of the family to the icon of the Saints will also be useful.

A conspiracy to return a loved one

Returning love and a loved one is sometimes difficult. To do this, sometimes you have to resort to the magic and rituals of our ancestors. One of these ways is a ritual for the rapid return to the family of a loved one.

For seven days in the morning at sunrise, you must read the plot, looking at the photo of the person you want to return:

“Our bed is big, but two are not sleeping on it, but I am alone. I’ll get up in the morning, I will call my beloved one. Clearly, the Sun will ask for the loss to find, to bring home. The wind will blow warmly in her (his) side, swallow, the direction will indicate home.

The sky is clear and a quiet way home will be protected from adversity. How I love with all my heart and yearn, even if my beloved is toiling, until he comes back to me. Our love with a new flame will ignite and not die out. ”

Photo all this time you need to keep under the pillow and get to pronounce the plot.

Rite of passage

This powerful ritual needs to be performed in nature so that her powers will help you to return your beloved. Early in the morning, bare feet need to go through the dew, saying:

“Tears-dew, nature is crying, he is judging our rupture. In the morning I will pass by tears, gather the hem of sadness. The sun will dry my tears, salt will evaporate. As the dew comes down under its rays, so the longing will pass.

Our ambulance meeting will only be filled with clear smiles and full of love. Mother Nature, help! From the troubles and pride save.

Bind our souls with thick roots, braid our love with thin willows, cover our ardor with tender leaves. ”

This ritual helps to return not only a loved one, but also contributes to the development of relationships. If you need, you can ask the replenishment of the nature in the family. To do this, you need to bring knitted baby socks with you, put them under a young bush or tree, and then utter the words of a conspiracy:

«As the young tree of forces is gathered, it absorbs vital juices from the depths of the Earth, so a new life will arise in us, protected by the forces of Nature.»

Take the socks home and hide them in a secluded place.

To restore relationships and be happy in love and marriage, you should devote time to prayers that can restore the harmony in the family. Remember that sincere desire will help you achieve your goals. We wish you happiness in your personal life, and do not forget to press buttons and

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