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How to read the hymnal in the great post to the beginner

How to read a psalter in the great post: recommendations for beginners

I will tell you how to read the psalter in the Great Lent in this article so that you can make the most effective use of some of the most ancient and sacred prayers. Singing psalms is not an easy task, especially for a novice believer, but with the help of my recommendations you can easily cope.

What is a psalter?

This is a holy book, in which divine epistles are written — psalms. According to historical data, the psalter was compiled by King David, to whom the Holy Spirit came and commanded it to be done.

How to read the hymnal in the great post to the beginner

Psalms plays an important role in the church world. This book is considered to be one of the most important after the Bible. In psalms, the name of God, his apostles, is glorified.

It is believed that reading the psalter helps expel evil spirits, refrain from devilish temptations, protect yourself, loved ones and the house.

Currently, prayers from the Psalms are almost the basis of Christian worship.

How to read a psalter for a beginner?

If you have never sung psalms, you need to know about some of the rules of these, the most ancient and powerful prayers of the existing ones. Previously, it was decided to read the psalter from memory, but, of course, you don’t need to learn the prayers by heart; you just need to have a church collection in front of your eyes or print them out.

How to read the hymnal in the great post to the beginner

You can gather a group of believers and divide the psalms among each other, so that each of you read a certain section of texts. At the same time, it is necessary to agree that everyone in katisses mention not only their own name, but also the names of all the members of their group.

What should be done so that the reading of the psalter takes place according to church canons:

  1. It is very important to light a wax candle or a lamp while reading the prayers. The exception is when you are on the road and there is no possibility to light a fire nearby.
  2. Kafisms from the psalter are pronounced only out loud. It is possible in a low voice, but quite clearly and articulately. Then not only your brain, but also your soul, heed the words from the sacred texts.
  3. It is very important to monitor the correct pronunciation of accents. If you make a mistake, you can drastically change the meaning of the prayer, which is not good.
  4. Unlike many other prayers, these are allowed to read not standing, but sitting. It is not surprising — reading the psalter is a very long and tedious exercise; it is almost impossible for such an amount of time to stand up to an ordinary, unprepared person.
  5. But during the pronunciation of the opening and closing prayers you need to get up. The same rule applies to Slavs.
  6. It is very important to pronounce the text monotonously, without any expression and theater. Slightly intoned, but without unnecessary expression of emotions. It is believed that if a person reads prayers emotionally and with expression, he succumbs to diabolical temptations and is unable to resist passions.

Sometimes the meaning of the pronounced sentences may be completely incomprehensible to you. It’s not scary, you should not worry about it and interrupt reading. The main thing is that your soul understands everything.

Over time, you will begin to feel the meaning of prayers intuitively, and you will not need an explanation.

Rules and features

As I have already said, the psalter stands alone among any other books of Holy Scripture. This is the only creation that is entirely included in the church regulations of the Christian churches.

How to read the hymnal in the great post to the beginner

It is believed that the kafizma psalter sanctified the whole of human life, that it is a model of opposition to temptation and a great connection with God. That is why Christians value and respect this holy book so much.

As for the church rules:

  1. In some cases, to read the psalter, you need to get permission from the priest. It is required if the believer wishes to take a vow or impose an additional prayer rule on himself. The rest of the blessing of the priest is not necessary.
  2. It is forbidden to use psalms in prayers in the period from Maundy Thursday to antipaskhi. This period is ten days.
  3. The names of the psalms do not need to pronounce. Read only the text.
  4. You should pray every day without missing a single one. Only then the psalter will have great power and will be able to really influence your life, bring peace and tranquility to it.
  5. There are opinions that during reading the hymnal at home it is not necessary to adhere to a strict schedule. Far more important is a sincere attitude and an understanding of why you need this prayer. The priests believe that a person should not depend on the amount of prayer or set up a plan. It is better to come to this need, when you feel that your soul is in need of fellowship with God and cleansing.

Therefore, there are no strict rules, only sincerity and the ability to hear the desires of your soul. When communicating with God, turn off rationalism, brain and logic, listen to your heart and intuition.

I believe that in spoken words are not as important as your sincerity and feelings.

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Psalter in Lent

Yes, the psalter is especially hard read in temples during the Passion Week, but does this mean that Lent is the best time to sing psalms? I don’t think so, because this is more a tribute to traditions, and you can start reading the hymnal when your heart asks.

Just during the post it is done more often and hard (twice).

What else can be done:

  • Order services in the church for the rest of the dead or for the health of living relatives, so that their names will be mentioned during the reading of the hymn.
  • According to other opinions, it is better to pray on your own, putting into it a part of your own soul, rather than transferring responsibility into the hands of priests.
  • By helping the souls of loved ones to receive the blessings of God, you purify your own soul, so self-prayer has a double effect.

It’s amazing how sincere prayers work. I have often heard stories and saw with my own eyes people recovering from severe ailments.

Stories about how problems with work and personal life were solved, peace and harmony set in the family. Thanks to sincere prayers, you change your inner state, and in response, the world around you and the people “pull up”.

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