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How to change fate: a prayer on the day of Nicholas the Wonderworker December 19

How to change fate: a prayer on the day of Nicholas the Wonderworker December 19

Saint Nicholas is the most revered saint in the Russian Orthodox Church. On the day of his memory, you can change your destiny, getting rid of illnesses, damage and envy of ill-wishers, if you know how to pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker.

December 19 is the day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. No saint is revered by the Orthodox more than he. Nikolai is considered the patron saint of travelers traveling to prison, captured or enslaved, seriously ill and dying.

Pray to St. Nicholas:

  • about reconciliation in the family;
  • gifting wisdom in raising children;
  • about salvation from diseases;
  • about removing damage and getting rid of ill-wishers.

How to pray to St. Nicholas

Any prayer at a subtle level is a powerful energy message, the strength of which depends only on the energetics of the one who asks. In order for your prayer to be heard, you need to advance yourself to the right mental and moral state. A good help in this is to meditate on the flame of a candle: it will help you relax and tune in to the process of communicating with the saints.

In order to quickly enter the desired state, you can light incense and turn off the overhead light: the flame of a church candle, the smell of incense and twilight will have a beneficial effect on your consciousness. Focus on what you want to ask St. Nicholas on his day and sit in silence for a while.

Prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker to change his fate

This saint is most often addressed in his own words, sincerely revealing his soul in prayer. However, the more usual variant is still the texts, already many thousands of times repeated by the priests and the people praying.

“Oh, Saint Nicholas, God’s pleasing, truth seeker, before God’s intercession! I sincerely pray to You, do not leave me without your true light, do not deny me, the unworthy, give me your hand, hiding from all evil. Hear my prayer and show the right path in the darkness of my life to the true light of faith and love! Give me the strength to believe and shine with the Divine radiance, see the right path, and embark on it on the day of Your memory.

I trust in You, Miraculous Nicholas, and entrust my fate to Your hands! Amen».

This prayer to St. Nicholas, read on December 19, is considered the most powerful means for changing one’s life and destiny. We wish you peace in the soul and patronage of Nicholas the Wonderworker throughout the course of life. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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