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How is the church different from the temple, cathedral and chapel?

How is the church different from the temple, cathedral and chapel?

With the return of the Orthodox faith to the Russian land, many questions arise. How is the church different from the temple, cathedral and chapel?

I often asked myself a similar question, confused in names, and so I decided to find out the confusion with the help of authoritative sources. It turns out that all people believing in Christ are called the church, and not just the building.

What is a temple and a cathedral? Let’s figure it out together.

How is the church different from the temple, cathedral and chapel?

The birth of Christianity

We know that on the feast of Pentecost (the Jewish Shavuot) the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples of Jesus in the form of tongues of the spiritual flame. On this significant day, more than 3,000 people repented, which was the beginning of the formation of the Church of Christ.

That is, the church is an association of believers, and not just a building and an architectural structure.

For example, the Last Supper took place not in a special place, but in a simple house. The first liturgy with communion was performed there, when the Lord broke the bread and called it his body. Then Christ bequeathed to his disciples to make the sacrament in memory of Him, which Christians are doing to this day.

The apostles sacredly honored Christ’s commandment about missionary work and carried the Word of God through all the countries of the world.

However, in the early years, Christians continued to attend synagogues, as they were Jews in their religion, and they took communion in ordinary houses. This did not affect the holiness of the spiritual action being performed.

After persecution of believers in Christ, they had to perform the Eucharist (communion) in the catacombs.

The structure of the catacombs is a classic example of Christian churches.

There were three compartments in the catacombs:

A hole was made in the center of the catacomb, through which daylight entered. Now it symbolizes the dome on the temples.

If you pay attention to the internal structure of the Orthodox churches, you will notice exactly this arrangement of the premises.

At the time of the spread of Christianity and its adoption by the kings, they began to build ground temples. The architectural form could be very diverse: in the form of a cross, round or eight-pointed. These forms reflect a certain symbolism:

  • the cruciform symbolized the worship of the cross;
  • the round shape symbolized eternity and eternal life;
  • the octagonal is the symbol of the star of Bethlehem;
  • Balizika — the form of the ship, the ark of salvation.

The basilicas were the first architectural forms of Christian churches. But whatever external form temples are built, there is an altar part in all.

This word came to us from the Greek language, like faith itself. Kyriake (church) denotes the house of God.

Christian believers are already accustomed to calling the church an architectural structure with a dome and crosses on it. However, the church is also called a congregation of believers who confess Jesus Christ as their Lord.

In the architectural sense, the church is called a small temple, which certainly has an altar. In each church there is one priest conducting services.

The decoration of the church is more modest compared to the cathedral and the temple. Usually, a liturgy is sent to the church, it does not include the patriarch’s box.

How is the church different from the temple, cathedral and chapel?

How does a church differ from a temple? The word «temple» has Slavic roots and is formed from the word «mansion», that is, a large room.

The temples are distinguished by three domes with crosses that signify the Holy Trinity. There are more domes, however, at least three.

Temples are built on high ground so that they can be clearly seen from everywhere.

Each church (building) is a Christian temple.

Over time, churches can make extensions (chapels), which are also surmounted by domes with crosses. If the temple area increases, new altars may appear. But the main altar certainly looks towards the rising sun — to the east.

A fence is built around the temple with a central gate and a wicket.

What is the difference between a temple and a cathedral? The word «cathedral» means «assembly.»

This is the main temple of the monastery cloister or settlement. In big cities there can be more than one cathedral.

In the cathedrals there is a place for the patriarch.

There are certainly more than one altar in the cathedrals, and several priests lead the liturgy. The number of priests in the cathedrals is twelve — by the number of disciples of Jesus. Also in the cathedral is the abbot, which corresponds by analogy with Christ himself.

Liturgies are sent by the highest ecclesiastical officials — patriarchs, archbishops, archbishops.

The main difference between cathedrals and temples is the presence of holy relics.

Is the cathedral different from the temple in its external form? There are no fundamental differences.

This is also a building with domes, but more impressive sizes.

Also the cathedral in Orthodoxy is called:

  • a meeting of church representatives to resolve issues;
  • holy day «Cathedral of the saints.»

A believer should understand the difference between the name of an architectural structure and the collection of believers having the same sound.

Architecturally, cathedrals are distinguished by their impressive, majestic and even enormous dimensions. Festive services to them send the highest spiritual ranks.

If the cathedral has a bishop’s department (bishop), it is called a cathedral. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is considered the central cathedral of the Russian Federation.

How is the church different from the temple, cathedral and chapel?

What distinguishes the church from the temple and the cathedral, we found out. What is a chapel?

It is a construction of small size with one dome. A chapel can be built by any Christian in honor of significant events. The main difference between the chapel from the temple and the cathedral is the absence of the altar section, since there is no liturgy there.

In the chapels they pray, sometimes services are held.

No blessing is required to build a chapel.

This building is under the care of the person who built it. Sometimes monks or worshipers take care of the chapels. These structures can be seen at crossroads, tombs, near holy sources or memorial sites.

As a rule, no fences are constructed around the chapel.

So, how is the church different from the temple and cathedral? The church is called any Christian building in which the liturgy is held and the name of the Savior is revered.

All church buildings are designed to communicate with God and prayers.

  • The church is any religious building where Christians meet for liturgies.
  • The temple is a building where services are held.
  • The cathedral is the temple in which the holy relics are located.
  • A chapel is a building for the administration of prayer services for individuals or groups of people.

You can build a church only with the blessing of the clergy. The place is chosen specially; before work, the priests pronounce a special blessing.

A daily liturgy is sent to the cathedrals, in the churches of the services do not depend on the schedule. They never spend liturgies in chapels, they come to pray there.

How is the church different from the cathedral? The cathedral is also called the church, since it is a common name for any Christian liturgical structure. However, in the cathedrals the ministry is held by the highest church officials.

Also in the temples / churches there is one altar, and in the cathedrals there are many more.

What is the difference between a church and a temple? The temple is called only an architectural structure, and the church has a wider range of meanings up to the congregation of believers in Christ.

If the temple can be called the cult building of adherents of any faith, the church clearly belongs to the Christian religion.

If the church as a building can be erected on the outskirts (for example, on Kulichki), then a meaningful and central place is always chosen for the temple.

The church as a building is designed for a small parish, and the temple always shakes by its grandeur of architecture and lush interior.

However, churches (churches) should not be confused with chapels, as they always have an altar. The chapel may look like a church, but there is no altar in it.

Can a church be called a church? This will not be a big mistake.

However, if a person wants to emphasize the cult significance of the house of the Lord, he can call it a temple.

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