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Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

The resurrection of Christ is of key importance in the Christian faith, giving the believer hope for salvation and eternal life. Without faith in holy Sunday, Christianity loses all meaning.

When I talk to atheists about my faith, they cannot accept the fact of the resurrection of the body. However, you need to believe the heart, not the mind. Faith is given to us as the grace of God, as a miracle.

In the article I will tell you about the significance of this important event in the life of every person, about the Easter holiday and prayer for this solemn occasion.

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

Miracle of the resurrection

Jesus Christ was martyred on the cross for each of us and in our place. The sinful nature of man is not able to overcome the temptations of the world, therefore no one has any hope for finding the kingdom of God.

Since the time of Adam and Eve, every dead person went to hell for his sins, and only the death of Jesus on the Cross corrected this sad situation.

The Savior was betrayed by his disciple Judas, as predicted in the Old Testament. As a criminal, he was sent to the shameful execution through crucifixion.

But Jesus knew this in advance, therefore he warned the disciples not to be sad. He said that he would rise on the third day in a new body.

Knowing this, the Roman rulers and the Jewish high priests sent soldiers to guard the tomb of Christ.

According to the Jewish tradition, the dead were buried not in the ground, but in special stone tombs. The pious Joseph, a secret disciple and follower of Jesus, allowed the body of Christ to be buried in his tomb.

Faithful people carefully washed the body of the deceased and wrapped them in shrouds and shrouds smeared with incense. The coffin was closed with a huge stone, and the soldiers guarded the entrance day and night.

On the third day in the morning, pious women came to the tomb with incense and oil to complete the burial ceremony. When the entrance to the tomb was released, it was empty. The body of Jesus was not in it.

Women ran into the city to announce the joyful news of the resurrection of the Savior, because the angel notified them of this. The apostle Paul writes about this event:

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

The resurrection of the Savior brought the good news of the salvation of mankind. After death, Jesus went down to hell, overcame the devil, and was resurrected.

He was resurrected by the power of the Holy Spirit, and this became the irrefutable proof of his divine nature. The news of the miraculous resurrection spread through many cities; on several occasions the Savior appeared to his disciples and faithful followers.

One of the poor believers named Thomas doubted the reality of the resurrection, but changed his mind when he put his own fingers into the wounds of the Savior.

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

Interpretation of prayer

Since that time, Christians celebrate the bright holiday of Easter, during which they remember this important event for each person. At the end of the all-night Easter service, a special prayer, “The Resurrection of Christ, was seen.”

The text of this prayer is not complicated; any person can learn it. Also this prayer is sung on the Feast of the Cross Day, Christmas, Lazarus Saturday.

The goal of the sacrifice of Christ is the redemption of humanity from spiritual death and the attainment of the kingdom of God.

Many Christians consider Christmas to be the main holiday, but in fact Easter is of great importance — the bright resurrection of Christ. A new liturgical cycle in the church begins on Easter.

Jesus gave everyone a powerful weapon against the devil — the holy cross. Now every believer has power over the devil and his own sin, the cross of the Lord helps in this.

The Resurrection of Christ, having seen — the text of the prayer:

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

Why is it mentioned in prayer that someone saw the resurrection of Christ? No one was present at this event.

Fathers of the church teach that this refers to the personal resurrection of every Christian: he was reborn to spiritual life with the rite of baptism. We are resurrected in a new spiritual body, free from temptation and sin.

The newly baptized begin a new life in Christ, and the old life is buried and forgotten. When we leave the baptismal font, a new soul and a new body are born in the world.

Jesus was the only person on earth with a divine nature. All other people are born in sin, sinners and remain.

Salvation is given to us as a gift of God, unspeakable mercy. Christ became a willing sacrifice for our sins, that we might be saved.

Every Christian should remember at what price he was redeemed from the clutches of death — the holy blood of the Savior.

Death on the cross was considered at that time the most shameful and terrible. The crucified man did not die immediately, but suffered for a while.

Christ turned the instrument of shame and torture into a symbol of victory over the devil. He sanctified the cross with his sufferings and blood.

Therefore, Christians worship the Cross as a symbol of victory over sin and punishment.

The symbol of the cross did not come about by chance, and we cross ourselves with the cross, it is not by chance. When the first Christians were subjected to terrible torture and their languages ​​were cut off so that they would not preach salvation, they would cross themselves before their execution.

This showed people that martyrs accept death for the sake of Christ. Thanks to the sign of the cross and the fearlessness of the martyrs before death, many pagans adopted the Christian faith.

4. You bo if our god, do not you otherwise know

Here Jesus is proclaimed god, the only begotten Son. These words signify that the Christian realized the mercy of God’s gift to salvation.

We cannot repay anything for a priceless gift, only with our sincere faith.

In the Old Testament, it was forbidden to pronounce the holy name of God, and only once a year the high priest had the right to name it. But with the teachings of Christ, now everyone can pronounce the name of God, without fear of punishment.

Only to speak it is necessary with worship in the heart, and not for every little thing.

6. Come to the faithful, let us bow to the Holy Resurrection of Christ

In the Christian faith, it is very important to be one-minded followers of Christ and to glorify his resurrection with one soul. This the Savior commanded us when he said: “Where two or three will gather in my name, and I am among them.”

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

Icon of the resurrection

The icon depicts the resurrection of Jesus; he holds the hands of the first man, Adam. Thanks to his death on the cross, Christ was able to save all the people who were in the vale of sorrow.

The legs of the Savior stand on the broken gates of hell, which very symbolically expresses his victory over the devil.

On other icons you can see the Savior coming out of the tomb, and there are angels in his legs. Often icon painters depict guards and pious myrrh-bearers who are horrified to show the full picture of what is happening.

The icon on which Mary Magdalen meets the risen Savior is also honored. The icon painters emphasized the characteristic gesture of Christ, which forbids touching oneself.

What to pray to this icon? The believer must remember that his goal is to imitate Christ in everything. When we look at the icon of the Resurrection, we must understand that we need to change and be like the Savior daily.

He left the only commandment to humanity: «Yes, love each other.» This is all that every Christian needs to do every day.

Prayer before the icon:

  • cleans the mind from bad thoughts;
  • strengthens in faith;
  • gives peace of mind;
  • helps to get washed away life.

Prayer fills our hearts with the joy of salvation, strengthens the spirit and soothes the heart. The glorification of God should be the meaning of our mortal life, because after death we fall into his abode — the kingdom of God.

Prayer Resurrection of Christ before the icon:

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

Holy Sunday: the meaning of prayer, the icon, what helps

The Resurrection of Christ, seeing the text of the prayer with emphasis:

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