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Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: a true Christian, our heavenly intercessor

Going abroad with a sick grandmother, which we carried on an operation, we relied not only on doctors, but also on heavenly help. In the temple, knowing about our situation, the priest gave the icon of St. Barbara, on which the martyr held a bowl.

“This is a patroness who will not leave your grandmother even in the most difficult moment, in the moment of leaving this life,” he said.

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

Life, coming to faith and the tragic death of the saint

At the beginning of the 4th century, a noble girl was born in Iliopole (in what is now Syria).

She lost her mother early, left with a stern and domineering father, whose name was Dioscorus. He, a rich and noble pagan, built a high castle, settling his daughter in one of his towers.

So he tried to protect her from all worldly dangers and temptations.

Considering the world from the height of her home, she dreamed of understanding who had created all this beauty. Father’s servants told her about the pagan gods, but Barbara did not believe that the man-made statues that were worshiped in the city could be related to the creation of the sky, the earth, and all living creatures.

Over time, she grew up and became a beauty. Noble grooms became interested in the girl, but she refused to marry. Realizing that he could not keep his daughter in prison until old age, Dioscorus released her from the castle.

He hoped that, having communicated with other noble girls, Barbara would quickly create a family.

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

But the opposite happened: the girl met with the Christians and with all her heart accepted their faith. And when Dioscorus was away, she secretly baptized.

After that, she intervened in the construction of the father’s servants, ordering three instead of two windows in the house to do three, as she began to read the Trinity.

Upon learning of what had happened, the girl’s father was furious. He renounced his daughter and gave her to the governor of the city.

The latter persuaded Barbara to return to the old gods for a long time, and when she refused, he gave her to torment: the girl was beaten with whips, and the blows were rubbed with coarse cloth.

At night, Jesus Christ appeared to her, who supported the girl.

The next morning there were no traces of beatings on her body.

Seeing this miracle, another secret Christian woman (her name was Julia) joined Barbara, also deciding to accept any torment for her God.

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

The girls were driven around the city completely naked, and then they tied to a tree and tortured: they beat them with a hammer on the head, burned them with fire, and pierced them with hooks. But their spirit remained unmoved.

After that, the girls were beheaded. Barbara head cut off her own father.

At the time of the death of the saint was only 16 years old.

After the execution took place, lightning was brought from the sky, struck this cruel man and turned his body into ashes.

The relics of St. Barbara in the Kiev church

At first, the saint was buried in her native city.

In the 6th century, its relics were transferred to Constantinople. In this temple, people often fled or were falsely accused of crimes for the cause.

It was believed that the martyr could protect a person from violent death.

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

At the beginning of the 12th century, the daughter of the Byzantine emperor, who was also called Barbara, came to Kiev to become the wife of Prince Svyatopolk. She brought with her the relics of the saint, which they laid in the Mikhailovsky Monastery.

Here they rested for more than one century. The relics were considered miraculous, people came to them for protection during cholera epidemics.

In the shrine with the relics consecrated rings. People believed that they protect from diseases, and if the newlyweds wear rings, their marriage will be strong.

In particular, such talismans were worn by Tsarina Anna Ioannovna and Elizaveta, hetman Ivan Mazepa, poet Osip Mandelstam and his bride.

In the 1920s, the communists plundered the cathedral and blew up the building itself.

Fortunately, the Christians were able to save the most valuable thing — the relics of the holy martyr Barbara. At the moment, they can bow in the Vladimir Cathedral.

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

Interesting facts about the icons of Barbara

  • In many images the saint is depicted with a cup in his hand. This is a church chalice, a communion bowl. It is a symbol of peaceful, peaceful Christian death. Interestingly, according to religious canons, only the priest can touch the sacrifice, the laity cannot. Thus, icon painters emphasize the highest status of Varvara, its proximity to the Lord.
  • It can also be depicted in a crown, with a sword — an instrument of execution. On some icons, the saint holds it in his hand, on others, he tramples him with his foot. Catholics depict Barbara with a peacock (symbol of eternal life).
  • On some icons you can see it with your head in your hands. Someone believes that this is the head of Julia. Others claim that this is the head of Varvara — such an icon shows why Christians worship this girl as a great martyr.
  • In Russia, Varvara is the patroness of the rocket troops. Each command post has its icon. Moreover: the icon from the city of Samara even traveled to near-earth orbit. And in the territory of the General Staff they erected a temple in honor of their intercessor.
  • Also pilots-bombers consider their patroness Barbara. Many of them wear a dressing bottle with its icon.
  • In addition, architects, builders, climbers, flower growers, gardeners, firemen, manufacturers of pyrotechnics pray to St. Barbara.
  • Most of all, people associated with fire and / or sky turn to it. Of course, after all, the murderous father of the young Varvara was immediately killed by lightning. Therefore, this holy one is associated with heavenly retribution.

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

What are they asking the great martyr

  • About protection, patronage.
  • About not giving God a soul without communion. Also before the icon they pray for their relatives who have died, and not having time to confess and take communion.
  • About help from headache, with head injuries, before the operation (as the girl suffered many blows to the head and other tortures).
  • On improving understanding in the family (especially between growing children and parents).
  • On deliverance from sadness and longing caused by betrayal (since during her lifetime only one native person — the father — had betrayed her).

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

What words need to pray to Varvara Iliopolskaya

If you do not know special prayers, you can communicate with the saint in your own words.

However, if you pray to the saint often, it is better to turn this way:

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: life, prayers, what helps

Another prayer to the great martyr you will hear in this video:

It is advisable to pray to the saint on December 17th — this is the church commemoration of the martyr It is also believed that all those who partake in this day will be partaken of Barbara herself.

And at the end of the article we traditionally offer a cartoon about the martyr, which can be viewed with the child. Do not leave the baby in front of the computer itself.

Faith is not entertainment, everything a child should see. And in order to clarify all the incomprehensible moments to the child, and there you are, wise and competent adults.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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