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Great Tuesday, April 3: traditions, omens and prayers

Great Tuesday, April 3 of the year: traditions, signs and prayers

Great Tuesday is the second day of Holy Week. At this time, Orthodox believers continue to prepare for Easter, observe Lent, and also recall the last days of the earthly life of Jesus Christ. To spend this day correctly, learn about the main traditions and signs associated with it.

Orthodox believers traditionally begin to prepare for Holy Easter in advance, observing all the basic traditions and church laws. Great Tuesday is the second day of Holy Week, when believers remember the sermon of Jesus Christ in one of the temples of Jerusalem. During this period, people complete their household chores in order to spend more time on spiritual development and prayers.

Do not forget that these days it is necessary to follow the basic traditions in order to find peace of mind and achieve unity with God.

Great Tuesday Traditions

On Great Tuesday, people continue to remember the last days of the Savior’s life, his sermons, which he shared with his disciples and ordinary people. During this period, the reading of the Gospel continues, and this can be done not only in worship services, but also at home. Read is recommended to analyze in detail.

You can read about the passages of the Gospel that you need, you can learn from the clergy.

On the second day of the Passion Week, Orthodox believers remember the Last Judgment and the resurrection of the souls of the departed. During this period, believers try to spend their free time praying, doing godly deeds, and refraining from nourishing food and habitual entertainment.

In Russia on Great Tuesday, it was decided to collect flaxseeds, pound them in a mortar and pour them with water. This mixture is called juicy milk. It is customary to cook it before sunrise. So milk pet animals to protect them from disease.

Our ancestors believed that if an animal refuses to drink milk, then it is already sick.

On this day, it is customary to finish work with clothes, as it is not recommended to sew, knit, iron and darn on Great Wednesday. Particular attention is paid alongside for Easter: before the holiday comes, the costume should be already prepared.

On Great Tuesday, it is allowed to eat hot food, frozen vegetables, steamed or with a little vegetable oil added. On this day, it is recommended to use rice, buckwheat and baked potatoes as a side dish.

Signs on Great Tuesday

To protect yourself from disease, on Great Tuesday it is recommended to work hard at home and throw out garbage. In order for the pets to be healthy throughout the year, they need to be washed with holy water.

On Great Tuesday, you can find out what the harvest will be in the summer. If on this day there are many stars in the sky, then the earth will be fertile. If the sky is clear, summer will be dry and barren.

If it rains on the second day of Holy Week, there will be a good harvest of berries in the summer. Rainfall — to harvest mushrooms.

If this day the first person you meet is a man, then the year will be happy. Faced with a woman, expect trouble. Children — to replenish the family.

In order to live in wealth the whole year, on Great Tuesday morning, the mistresses prepared lean pastries and fed the homeless.

During Lent, visiting the temple is recommended every day. If there is a seriously ill person in the house, on Great Tuesday it is necessary to go to the church and gather some ground around it in a small bag. Then you need to put a bag of earth under the pillow of the patient and not pull it out until Easter. On Sunday they take a bag and bury it near the church, where the earth was taken.

Popular wisdom says that thanks to this person will soon be able to recover and forget about the hated ailment forever.

During the Passion Week, it is forbidden to scold other people and think about enemies, otherwise you will live in anger for a whole year and get new enemies.

Main Prayer on Great Tuesday

During Lent, it is advisable to spend more time reading prayers. In the morning, before getting out of bed, say the main prayer of Great Tuesday.

“Oh, Son of God, we, the believers, prayerfully to You. You gave out all your gifts and gave everyone the ability to increase talent of grace. Let one do good deeds, and the other do divine services, may his words be understood by the godless, and may he help the poor. Praise Thee, Jesus Christ, we believe in Your power and generosity and hope for Your blessing.


After prayer, it is desirable to wash the holy water. This prayer can end the day — in this case, you need to pronounce it before going to bed.

Strong prayers on Great Tuesday

During the Holy Week, it is recommended not only to begin the day with prayer appeals, but also to pronounce them during the day. Prepare for the Great Easter and attain unity with the Lord, you can with the help of strong prayers that need to be said on Great Tuesday.

“O Lord, accept as a gift my soul with my sins and my fears. May you cleanse her of evil, spare me from evil thoughts, protect me from people who are pushing me to evil deeds. I appeal to You, Lord, and I hope for Your help.


“Sinful soul, having thought about the last hour of life before the terrible Court, asked the Lord God for mercy and salvation. Do not refuse, King of Heaven, in a request to believers. Hear our prayers. ”

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