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Great Tuesday April 11th: Signs, Prayers and Conspiracies

Great Tuesday April 11th: Signs, Prayers and Conspiracies

Holy Week is the time before Easter, when all days are considered Great. Each has its own characteristics and history in the Orthodox world.

On Great Tuesday, Orthodox Christians complete the preparation of things before the onset of Easter. On this day, they wash, iron and sew clothes, get rid of unnecessary and complete the basic process of cleaning and repairing premises.

Signs and Conspiracies on Great Tuesday

Today Lent continues, so it is worth refraining from over-eating, excluding pleasure events and devoting time to prayers.

In antiquity on Tuesday, Passion Week collected water from snow and washed all domestic animals with it in order to protect them from illnesses and adversities.

For the same purpose, our ancestors pushed flax seeds, boiled them in water and made cattle for the broth. This juicy milk also saves from possible ailments.

On Great Tuesday you can find out what the weather will be like in the summer. Bright stars and the sky without clouds promise a dry summer with thunderstorms. Fog and a large number of clouds in the east talk about the cold summer.

Snow storm and strong wind — to rainy summer.

Rain was considered a good sign on that day — it promised a good harvest of mushrooms and berries.

Health Promotion Plot

In order to get rid of diseases and prevent their occurrence, it is necessary to go to the door of your house bare feet in the morning and read the prayer:

“God Almighty, Mother of God, help me, slave the sinful (name) bless! With a prayer on my lips I chase away, expel my ailment. She will pass through me, she will step over the threshold of her native home, she will leave me, she will not get to anyone else. My words are strong, faith is strong.

As said, so be it. Mouth on the lock. Amen».

Prayers on Great Tuesday

“We will serve our Lord diligently. His grace has given us gifts. Let us increase them, raise them up in our souls.

Let us direct our thoughts to good deeds, serve for enlightenment, telling in a word about the greatness and power of our Lord. Let us form the ignorant and help the poor and suffering with selflessness, spreading our help. Worship us, Jesus Christ, to be worthy of You.


“Lord, I see your decorated palace, I don’t have clothes to come closer and enter it. By Thy grace, shine upon my soul, put it in shining garments and save the souls of all those who now exist. Amen».

“Holy God, the ruler of our souls. We pray to you, our hope. Have mercy, O Lord, your sinful slaves, grant salvation to our souls and save our children from adversity, disease and greed.

We pray to You and Mother Mother of God, clothe us with your veil with caring, make a sign of the cross, and point the way to the righteous and sinless. Amen».

Each prayer serves to communicate the soul with God. Heaven is always open for dialogue, and on the days of great holidays, at the expense of the faith of millions of people, the words of prayer are united and rise together in a general stream. Grace from Heaven will touch everyone who sincerely believes and wants to save his and his loved ones. We wish you good and light, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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