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Family prayer

Family prayer

Family is the most important thing in our world. Closer than our parents, brothers, sisters and, of course, wives and husbands, we have no one. We can entrust these people our secrets and secrets, as well as receive warmth that no one else can give.

That is why it is necessary to pray and ask God not to separate us from our loved ones and loved ones.

When and to whom to pray

The most important patron and protector of family peace and happiness is Nicholas the Wonderworker, who is accustomed to pray for everything that worries. He is the one who must be asked for help and for God’s mercy. This can be done at any time, but the most favorable is December 19, since on this day the church honors the memory of this saint.

Prayer for the family of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker:

About vsehvalny and vsechestivy bishop, the great wonderworker, the saint of Christ, Father Nicholas, man of God and a faithful servant, the husband desires, chosen vessel, a strong pillar of the church, svetilniche illustrious star osiyavayuschaya and illuminating the whole world: Thou art righteous, like a date blossoming, plantations in the courts of his Lord, who is alive in the worlds, thou hast filled the world with peace, and shed his peace for the grace of God. Your holy blessed procession with your march, the sea is lightened, always the most wonderful is the power of the procession in the city of Barsky, from the east to the west, praise the name of the Lord.

Also, as many probably know, it is customary to ask for family happiness and deliverance from the problems of the Mother of God. This is obvious, since the Virgin Mary was the only relative of Christ in all the earth. In fact, she was the whole family of Jesus Christ.

To her lot fell a difficult burden, which she endured with dignity and love in her heart. That is why it is possible and necessary to ask the Mother of God for help — because not every family is a cozy corner. Many families require God’s help in view of large health problems or permanent troubles caused by misunderstanding or distance.

Prayer of the Holy Mother of God for the preservation of the family:

Master of the Blessed One, take my family under Your cover. Instil in the hearts of my spouse and of our children peace, love, and non-adherence to all that is good; Do not allow anyone from my family to the separation and hard separation, to the premature and sudden death without repentance.
And our house and all of us living in it, save from the fiery heat, thieves’ attacks, all kinds of circumstances, various insurance and devilish obsessions.
Yes, and we will be glorifying your name, sacred and holy, always, now and ever, and forever. Amen.

All prayer words must be sincere and timely. If you are doing well, then you should spend a couple of minutes of your personal time at prayers of thanks. This will be a tribute to the fact that God protects you and your family without any effort on your part.

Remember that God is always with us — he will never send us what is beyond our power, and will also help us in a difficult situation. Live by the word of God, love your loved ones and do not forget to press buttons and

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