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Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Prayers of the Optina Elders for each day to gain protection

Rarely does anyone know about the Optina Convent and the highly spiritual elders who lived on its lands. The glory of the inhabitants of the monastery forever remained in people’s memory. Their teachings and prayers, addressed to the Higher Forces, bring tremendous energy and peace, and help with God’s help to live the day righteously.

Having learned about the spiritual power of the monks and their prayers, I decided to share with you this gracious information, to acquaint you with the prayers. Holy texts should be read daily in order to live under the protection of the Lord.

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Who were the Optina Elders

At the direction of Metropolitan Philaret in the year 1821 in the territory of the scenic area of ​​Optina Pustin, located in the vast Kaluga diocese, a hermitage was founded in honor of John the Baptist. The monastery was located near a small forest monastery, supposedly built in the 16th century by the efforts of a repentant robber, called Optius.

The first monks who settled in a secluded skete were five great god-bearing elders, who were eventually joined by other Christian hermits. The desire of people who chose absolute solitude for spiritual perfection, was the need to create special actions:

  • take care of the poor, support widows, protect orphans;
  • warmly and cordially welcome the arriving pilgrims;
  • organize schools and hospitals for poor people.

The power of the Optina elders in gaining the gift of God for deep faith in God, serving the people, and also penitent prayers for all suffering people. The elders had the ability to predict the future, knew all the details about the past, could heal the soul and body.

The day of remembrance of the zealous servants of the Lord is celebrated on October 24 Due to the special style of prayers and the ability to create miracles, the righteous are very popular among both believers with experience and in groups of converts.

The most common prayer rule from the Optina elders is considered a prayer, which should be started every day for every Christian. Short text of the prayer for each day:

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

The strongest and most famous Optina beacons were called especially shrewd wonder-workers who never left the hermitage monastery. The miracle-working monks lived their lives in spiritual acts, interpreting the Holy Scriptures to people regarding certain situations, helping the believers in understanding what happened to make the only right decision.

The heritage of spiritual devotees collected in the Optina Monastery consists of multiple texts of sayings, recordings of conversations, as well as golden words of prayers, which teach:

  • peace in the soul to meet life surprises;
  • to rely on God’s help in situations of any complexity;
  • Patiently and without judgment to treat the shortcomings of others.

Until 1918, the Orthodox monastery on the territory of Optina was the spiritual center of Russia, the renowned stronghold of the monastic brethren, healers and soothsayers, who were petitioners of various classes. During Soviet times, a rest house was organized in a holy place, then the monastery was a concentration camp, a hospital, a place of deployment for a military unit.

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Since 1987, the desert has been returned to the Orthodox Church to continue its eldership, aimed at serving the poor and crying for the help of the laity. Daily deserts, which survived the times of fall and violent flourishing, are visited by thousands of pilgrims arriving for healing and advice to the healers of human souls who suffer to receive shelter in a world-famous miraculous place.

The long-suffering history of the Optina Monastery, as a symbol of Russian Orthodoxy, is associated with the famous hieromonks — Leo, Macarius, Moses, Ambrose, Joseph, although there were other equally righteous elders.

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Life of hieromonk Leo

The first Optina elder is called the Rev. Leo. Lev Danilovich Nagolkin, born in 1768, was called in the world of a native of Orel province.

In his youth, he managed to travel all over Russia with a trade mission, which allowed the young clerk to gain considerable experience, to meet people of different classes. Nearly 30 years old, the future elder Optina set foot on the path of monasticism, taking the veil and the new name Leonid.

In 1822, Leonid chooses life in the new hermitage of the Optina settlement, organized by the efforts of the elder Moses. The arrival of Father Leonid strengthened eldership, contributing to the development of the gift of perspicacity due to the renunciation of the sinfulness of the secular world, awareness of the sacrament of Penance, and also truth.

Settling in the Optina skete, Father Leonid became an adviser to the laity and the spiritual brotherhood.

The venerable old man had a special gift of healing people with the help of the oil of a constantly burning lamp. Elder Leonid had a premonition of his demise, and on October 24, 1841, Lev Optina resigned, which was marked by all-night service.

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Life Elder Macarius

A disciple of hieromonk Leonid, born in 1788, was a native of the Kaluga region, in the world his name was Mikhail Nikolayevich Ivanov. In spite of the fact that Makariy became the intimate friend of the elder Leonid, they were not similar — Macarius came from a noble estate, and Leonid belonged to the common people.

Members of the family of Michael adhered to holiness, and the shy young landowner was visited by thoughts about monasticism, which he realized in 1810, settling on the lands of the Ploschanskoy desert.

Five years later, the monk receives permission to settle in Optina, where, under the auspices of Archimandrite Moses and the old man Leonid, he devotes himself to old age, leading an ascetic life with supplications and correspondences, he listens daily to prayers. Macarius possessed the gift of predicting future events, fostered humility in people.

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Life of Father Moses

Archimandrite Moses was granted the honor to become the renovator of the Optina Monastery, an exemplary abbot of the skete organized by him. The elder of elders born in 1782 in the world was called Timothy Putilov.

A native of the Yaroslavl province came from a pious family, at the dawn of 1811 he went along with his younger brother and several monks to live in the Roslavl forests. After taking the vestment, Moses arrived in Optina to head the skete founded there.

At the age of 43, he became the prior of the Optina Monastery, the great spiritual leader of the eldership, who until his death did not cease to defend the ascetic work of the brethren.

Rev. Moses (Putilov) advised the laity to daily test themselves, that they sowed for the future — wheat or thorns. And also to forgive the offended, to gain forgiveness and become a child of the Heavenly Father.

What is the power of the Optina prayers?

With the words of the sacred prayer of the Optina Elders, you will be able to heal the soul, gain wisdom, achieve harmony of the inner state. I liked the prayer texts for short, but the capacity.

Any of the elders prayers should be pronounced with the awareness of each word, then you will definitely wait for the answer to your request. Optina’s prayer heritage includes a large number of texts for various occasions:

  • rule at the beginning of the day;
  • request for healing;
  • prayers for mothers about their children;
  • the crying voice of deliverance from evil passions;
  • requests for protection from enemies and all sorts of sorrows.

In the first lines of the morning prayer, the statement of the will of the Lord sounds for the whole day. Then comes the request to the Almighty about taking leadership over our thoughts, over communication with people around us, with our own home.

With the words of the full text of the prayer of the Optina Elders, we ask for the granting of calm confidence in His holy will over everything that happens around.

After creating a prayer for reading at the beginning of the day, you will gain a positive attitude for the whole day. It is possible to read prayer text both in short and full version.

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

When to start reading the prayer rules

Each conscientious Christian is charged with the duty to begin his day with a morning prayer. According to Saint Ambrose, it is necessary to start asking for the blessing of God immediately after awakening, until the head is filled with vain thoughts. The prayer rule for each day, recommended by the Optina Elders, prescribes that you begin your day with a prayer at the beginning of the day, and end with the obligatory text of the evening prayer book:

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

What to read Optina

On the advice of the elders, one should not turn to God with verbose texts, the prayer should be specific and concise, contain a specific request. After reviewing the Optina prayers, it is impossible not to note their dissimilarity with the traditional prayer theologians.

These are real affirmations with the installation of a happy and joyful life in harmony with others. This is a hymn-confession to Heavenly Father in love and an unshakable faith in responding to your request, set forth in a sincere plea for help.

Texts of some prayers of the Optina Elders:

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Important. Many other prayers have been written by pious elders, all texts are short but capacious and are simply memorized, and reach to the very soul.

However, one and the same words should not be repeatedly pronounced, as long as the reading is meaningful, even if only once.

Everyday Prayers of the Optina Elders for the Help of the Lord

Final tips

The priests recommend before the creation of prayers to enlist the blessing of his confessor, having received absolution in the walls of an Orthodox church. Optina’s sacred texts can be read both independently and listen to the audio recording option, but there should be peace and quiet around.

Sometimes in the evening after a stormy day at work I prefer listening to the evening prayer of the holy elders. It gives the impression of a real presence at the service, the soul is filled with warmth and confidence that in the struggle with the difficulties of tomorrow will be my victory, because I have the support of the imperishable Optina monks.

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