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Evening prayers in Lent

Evening prayers in Lent

Great fasting is a time of prayer, but due to the fact that during the day people rarely can afford to pray, they have to do it in the evening. Evening prayers are the most important.

Prayers for the next dream and in the morning have always been and will be the most important for any Christian. The priests point out that regardless of whether there is a fast or not, you need to read such prayers at home.

Features prayers in the Great Lent

Great fasting is a time of repentance. Prayers in the temple are not sung, but read. Without prayers, fasting turns into a simple abstention from food.

Lenten menu should worry you only secondarily. First you need to learn how to set yourself up for prayers.

These prayers are more asking, not giving thanks, because Lent is a difficult time. Everyone must find some flaw in himself and eradicate it, correct it. Someone quits smoking, someone — to drink alcohol, and someone — to lead a wrong lifestyle in general. Habits are dangerous because they are very difficult to eradicate.

Here evening prayers will come to your aid during the Great Lent.

Evening prayers for every day

You can read «Our Father.» This is the most famous and powerful prayer, which is understandable to everyone. It is easy to learn, so you can start from there.

You do not need to surprise someone with many hours of prayers before bedtime. It is enough to say a prayer from the heart. The Lord will surely hear you if you are sincere with him.

Here are some good prayers for Lent, which are quite understandable in their meaning:

“My Lord, the Most High Father and lover of mankind. Help me to get rid of despondency, from the excessive fun and from any sin that can darken my soul. Give me, your servant, the strength and patience to get rid of filth and become better.

Forgive me the sins and sins of my voluntary and involuntary. «

“Cleanse me, Lord, from the thoughts of sinful ones, for it is as if I want to be closer to You, to become like You, our King of heaven. Be merciful to thy servants, to my family and my close ones. ”

“Let me, Lord, enter the Kingdom of Heaven, get rid of my sins, so that You will allow me to be with You. The Last Judgment, we expect, remember what awaits us, sinful and unworthy servants of Yours. Be merciful to us, help the post survive and become cleaner.


Each prayer is an appeal to the Higher Forces, therefore select prayers according to mood. Each person should seek salvation in prayers or express gratitude. Many clerics note the fact that it is not necessary to read prayers if you are not in the mood. On the other hand, there are no such moments in life when we do not need anything and we are not grateful for any gifts of fate.

Great fasting is a time when you need to pray more often, but for this you need desire. Look for reasons to read a prayer in the evening after work, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Reading prayers is what distinguishes a true believer. Even speaking about myself before going to sleep: “Thank you, Lord,” we are already praying. Prayer only helps to reveal the fullness of the senses. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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