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Evening prayer rule for beginners

Evening prayers: how to read correctly, the main canons

I have been studying prayers and Orthodox literature for a long time. Today I will tell you what prayers need to be offered in the evening to those people who have just joined the religion.

Prayer in the morning and evening

The importance of prayers is hard to overestimate. After all, it is with the help of these sacred texts that a person communicates with the Creator. And in the process of this communication, he can tell him about his sorrows, hopes and even sins.

Therefore, the priests insist that all believers should pray as often as possible. Because only in this way can they find the way to the Lord.

Evening prayer rule for beginners

It must be understood that there is a huge variety of different prayers. And each of them must be used in a certain situation. Of course, those subtleties may not be known to those people who are still far from religion.

However, a person who has set a goal to become closer to God must necessarily distinguish prayers by type. The most frequently used and famous are morning and evening prayers.

Now we will talk in more detail about what people read in the evening. After all, the evening rule plays an important role in the lives of believers.

When and how to read the evening prayers?

Perhaps this is the most important question that concerns believers. After all, they strive to do everything according to the canons established by the church. That is why they are trying in advance to learn all the necessary information about the rules for reading prayer texts.

Moreover, some even fear that these rules will be too strict and it will be quite difficult to adhere to them. However, it is necessary to take into account one very important fact.

The fact is that the priests recommend to all novice Christians who are not yet very familiar with religion, try to follow these rules:

  • Reading a prayer in complete solitude is one of the most important requirements that must be strictly followed. It is strictly forbidden to read a prayer in a public place. Since the person who offers prayer simply cannot concentrate. Of course, the Lord may not hear such a prayer;
  • to completely get rid of extraneous thoughts, reading the evening prayer rule — in order to clearly form your request addressed to the Lord, a person must try to get rid of unnecessary thoughts that distract him;
  • tune in to a conversation with the Creator is the most difficult stage. As it is meant that the person at such a moment should be completely calm. Any irritation or anger is completely inappropriate;
  • to embrace themselves with the flag of the cross — many Christians forget that it is necessary to use the flag of the cross not only after prayer, but also before it. Of course, this is a minor omission. However, it is better if a Christian does not make such mistakes while reading prayers;
  • read the prayer slowly — do not rush, read the prayer text confusedly. Every word from this text should be pronounced very clearly. Remember that the prayer, pronounced in a hurry, will never be heard by the Most High.

When offering a prayer, a person must first of all remember that he is talking to the Lord. And so you do not need to read it like a boring book. There is no place for falsehood and lies in this conversation.

The creator knows that he torments the soul of his creation. That is why a Christian can, without fear, tell about what lies on his soul a heavy burden. It can be said that prayer is also a way of repentance.

And therefore, the priests allow, when they say a prayer, to repent of their sins. Because there is nothing wrong with that.

It is worth noting that, when uttering a prayer, a Christian must remember that his faith is of paramount importance. You can not pray while suffering from distrust of God. Of course, it is impossible to predict exactly how the fate of a person will turn out in the future and whether the Lord will answer his prayer.

But this does not mean that you can just pray mechanically. This should always be done intelligently and correctly.

Evening prayer rule for beginners

Priests are also very worried that some Christians treat prayer as a duty. That is, in essence, prayer is a burden. Of course, one cannot accept prayer in this way.

After all, in fact, this is the grace of the Lord. He allowed his creations to find words with which to speak.

That is why in no case should prayer be perceived as a burden. Since nothing good will come of it.

Tips for evening prayers

When a person only begins to regularly attend church, offer prayers, the priests talk with him and try to explain that prayer was created for the person, and not vice versa. Of course, it’s good when believers try to grasp all the canons of religion.

Moreover, it is right. But one should not forget about one thing — the power of prayer lies in faith.

Quite often it happens that a prayer that was given by all the rules remains unheard. This can be explained by several reasons:

  • a person has committed a sin and has not repented of it yet — no one forbids sinners to pray. However, the main condition is repentance. If the sinner did not repent, then his prayer will not be heard;
  • during the ascension of prayer, the prayer was insincere — sometimes people, while praying, simply try to hide their true motives from the Lord, hiding behind other, less pious ones. Of course, you can’t do that. The creator can easily look into the soul of man and learn all its secrets. Therefore, trying to hide something from the Lord is useless. Therefore, the basic rule for beginners is sincerity;
  • a Christian is not ready to accept mercy or does not need it — when a person asks the Lord for something, he cannot know what destiny has been prepared for him. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly whether he really needs the help of heaven.

Should consider in more detail the last point. Disputes around religion are most often associated with it. After all, some people whose faith is weak simply cannot accept the fact that the Lord cannot fulfill all desires.

For example, asking for healing, a person may simply refuse to make any effort and fully hopes in the will of heaven.

In this case, the Most High may refuse his mercy. After all, man has already completely mastered the laziness. And therefore, he does not even want to try to do something in order to try to recover.

Of course, in no case can this be done. A person should also make some effort, and not just expect mercy from heaven.

Prayer Rules

The priests insist that, in addition to the basic rules, it is also necessary to know some subtleties of reading the evening prayers. Because it is also extremely important. Consider in detail these details:

  • the slow pace of reading prayer text — in no case you can not hurry or just quickly say a prayer. It is necessary to put the soul in every word. Moreover, it is better to read the evening prayers in a singing tone;
  • comprehension of the text — even if a person reads a prayer and is not in a hurry, in most cases he does not delve into its meaning. It is not right. Because, offering prayer, it is necessary to understand and accept its meaning. Especially when it comes to reading prayers for the next dream;
  • not taking prayer as a burden is a very common mistake. A Christian decides to read 20 prayers in the evening and one day he realizes that this is a lot for him. Then he will perceive the subsequent reading only as a duty and burden. This should be avoided by all means. Because it will not lead to anything good.

There is also one more recommendation that concerns the process of reading prayers. Some mistakenly believe that prayers should be read continuously.

However, it is not. Moreover, it is such a common mistake that many priests, even in a personal conversation, remind their parishioners to be baptized and make bows during the ascension of prayers.

Evening prayer rule for beginners

Of course, strict rules and restrictions do not exist. The priests assure that during the ascension of a prayer, the person himself will understand when it is better to overshadow oneself with the flag of the cross or worship. In addition, the clergy tirelessly remind us that a person cannot read prayers monotonously.

It is necessary to put intonation in every word.

Of course, at first a Christian may have some difficulty reading prayers. Because he may forget the prayer text.

This really happens often and it does not need to be shy.

If a person has difficulty memorizing texts, he can write them on a piece of paper or read from the Prayer Book. Of course, it is better to try to learn the text over time. However, in some cases, when a person has memory problems, it is still impossible.

And therefore, certain concessions may be.


  1. Evening prayers are known to many, but the rules for their reading still remain obscure.
  2. For a prayer to be heard, a person must be a true believer.
  3. Rules and canons play an important role, so they always need to be remembered.
  4. If a person cannot memorize a prayer text, it is permissible to read it from the Prayer Book.

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