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Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Are there vampires in our modern age? Of course, Count Dracula and the ghouls like him were only echoes of past times, and vampirism took on a different form — energy.

Prayer from energy vampires is more relevant than ever and modern, because they are around us.

A vampire relative can live next to you, a boss is at work, and even vampires can be among friends and girlfriends. Vampirism acquired a hidden form, put on the mask of friendship and mercy. And sometimes a vampire can disguise as a miserable loser who is terribly unlucky in life — and only you can help him with your participation.

True, due to your personal energy. Consider different ways to protect against this «evil.»

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Signs of a modern vampire

What is vampirism? This is always a flawed energy of man, and in other words, a disease.

A man lacks personal vitality, and he intuitively takes it away from those around him. There are many ways to take energy:

  • cause aggression on the donor object;
  • whining about their failures, feeding on the sympathy of the donor;
  • constantly be close to the donor and get on your nerves with your presence;
  • “Pull the soul” out of a person by hook or by crook;
  • nagging and tediousness;
  • deification and veneration of the donor;
  • make one feel guilty — “guilty without guilt”.

A vampire may not even be aware of his features, acting instinctively. Unconscious vampires include all seriously ill people, people in old age, lonely losers, schizophrenics, and people with obviously inappropriate behavior.

In the old days, such people were treated by bleeding — they put leeches. Most young ghouls have no obvious illnesses, but blood is heavily slagged.

There is another kind of ghouls — envious. Envy is capable of eating away at the soul of a person, depleting energy. The way out of such a situation is to select the life force from another person.

Envious can eat and the energy of the one who is jealous.

Oddly enough, but in our time there are whole dens of vampires, where they gather in a heap:

  • nursing homes, clinics and hospitals;
  • city ​​halls and city administration;
  • prisons and detention centers;
  • mass graves.

In all these and similar places very unfavorable atmosphere. After visiting these institutions remains an unpleasant aftertaste, and sometimes fatigue.

Try as rarely as possible to appear there, and if there is a need — put the amulet. After visiting the public places, always take a cleansing shower and throw the negative on the candle.

From the flame of a candle and you can fill with energy, to restore their strength.

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Energy protection methods

Esotericists believe that it is easy to protect oneself from a vampire person if one is aware of its intentions. As soon as you realize that there is a ghoul in front of you, put a mental barrier between him and you.

It can be a wall of brick or concrete, a glass sphere, a mirror dome with a reflective side to the outside.

At the same time, it is important to keep emotional balance, not to get annoyed and not throw out your emotions: this is exactly what the ghoul needs from you. Even if some cad in the tram frankly will tell you his attitude in obscene form, do not react.

This will be difficult at first, but as you become aware of the problem, you will be able to correct your behavior.

It is very important to immediately cut off the channel of the outflow of energy. This can be done very simply: stop thinking about the ghoul and remembering him.

Imagine that a cord or a cord is stretched between you and him — and tear it off. Break off the hose with anything: you can imagine that it burned out.

The thought of man is material. Remember this, and direct your thoughts in the right direction.

Prayer protection

Protection from energy vampires with the help of prayer is an excellent talisman. Prayers protect people from negative energies. If you have suffered from the actions of a vampire, read the prayer:

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

After that, imagine a double-edged knife in your hand and make movements around you imitating cutting off the vampire channel. Since you do not know where it is located, chop off the space around you — in a circle.

This vampire prayer must be read in the morning and before bedtime. In the morning — for protection, in the evening — for purification.

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Do not forget to read “Our Father” daily. This is the only prayer that Christ commanded. In difficult cases, read «Our Father» 40 times in a row.

You can listen to the prayer in the recording.

Protective sachet

If you have an energetic vampire living in your house, make a herbal sachet. To do this, take a canvas bag or roll the gauze in several layers. Put the following ingredients there:

  • rosehip flowers;
  • rose petals (white);
  • leaves from ash;
  • dry thyme herb;
  • aspen leaves;
  • garlic husks;
  • a feather from a crow;
  • peppercorns;
  • silver item.

Tie the bag with a red lace and carry with you constantly in the bag. When dealing with an energy vampire, you need to touch the sachet.

However, no protection can help you if you respond to a vampire’s challenge. Do not give in to provocations, do not answer with abuse to abuse, do not make even comments to ghouls.

Emotional emptiness is the worst punishment for a vampire and the best amulet for you.

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Vampire Protection Ritual

To avoid becoming a victim of the ghoul, you need to put on protection The ritual is very simple, but requires concentration and concentration.

  • a sheet of white paper;
  • a simple white candle and matches;
  • felt-tip pen or fountain pen;
  • metal tray.

The ritual is held at the sunset of the day on any day of the waning moon (see on the calendar). You should be left alone, take a shower and wear clothes without buckles and belts. You should not be looped objects — rings, chains, earrings, bracelets and pins.

Hair loose, it is better to stay barefoot or in cotton socks.

These preparations are very important, as you will operate with energies. Energies need free play, and looping objects will distort its flow.

Body cleanliness is also important: sweat traces distort the information component of human energy.

Light a white candle from a match, put it in a candlestick on an empty table (remove all items from it). Put a sheet with a pen in front of you, read a prayer or mantra and draw an equilateral cross.

Now you have to imagine how all the energy from outer space flows into the symbol of the cross. This energy is very powerful, it literally boils and fills the space with its vibrations.

This energy can have color, and can be absolutely transparent — it does not matter.

When you feel that the energy of space has filled the cross, say:

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Ignite a match sheet and watch the paper burn. At this time, you need to feel how the powerful energy of the universe flows into your heart and fills you with power. When the paper burns, say:

Energy vampire prayer is an effective way to protect

Put out the candle and hide it. When there is a need, ignite and imagine the power of the universe that protects you.

Mirror protection

Mirrors have a very effective protection. They tend to reflect the negative promises of detractors.

Mirror should be put on the chest in the form of a pendant. You can order a small round mirror in the workshop and make any rim for it. Just do not need to drill a hole in the mirror: the charm must be intact.

Wear a mirror amulet with the reflective side out.

The principle of such a guardian is simple: any attempt at a psychic or energetic attack will be sent back, that is, repelled. Amulet should be hidden under clothing, in direct contact with your body.

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