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Efrem Sirin’s Prayer in the Great Lent

Efrem Sirin’s Prayer in the Great Lent

Great fasting is a time when every Orthodox Christian is cleansed of sins. During this period, prayers are the main weapon on the way to true faith and piety.

Efrem Sirin’s prayer is considered one of the strongest during fasting. It is pronounced both in worship services and at home in front of icons. The Monk Ephraim committed an impious act in his life that no one knew about.

However, the all-seeing Lord taught a lesson in justice, and Ephraim was punished later. In his youth for the sake of tomfoolery, he discovered a barn in which there was a cow — the only wealth of a poor person. She was torn to pieces by predatory animals.

Later, Ephraim Sirin was forced to spend the night in the forest, and was nailed to the shepherd guarding the flock of sheep. At night, they were taken away by animals, and people did not believe the words of the shepherd and Ephraim. He was imprisoned in a dungeon, where, in a dream, he saw a holy man, who asked him to remember and analyze his life and bad deeds. So the future saint realized that nothing would hide from the sight of the Lord, and everyone bears the punishment for his actions.

After the trial, Efrem and several more innocent people were released.

This event helped Ephraim take the path of repentance and turn to sincere faith. He retired to a hermitage, where he raised his soul in righteous prayers, trusting in the grace of the Higher Powers. In time, he became a pious preacher and a writer, interpreting the Pentateuch of Moses.

Efrem Sirin’s Prayer

“God, Lord of my life! Teach me, do not let me live in idleness and laziness. Deliver me from idle talk, sinful thoughts, and weakness of spirit.

I entrust my belly to you, in piety I bow my head before Thy all-seeing eyes. Show me, Almighty, all my sins for which I am responsible. Punish a fair trial and give the opportunity to correct, taking the path the only true. Illuminate the darkness around me, let your goodness come, so that your word can protect itself from injustice and the machinations of the evil one.

Give me the strength to get rid of greed, envy and condemnation. Only You can punish the unrighteous. Forever and ever, blessed art thou.

Give me chastity and humility. Your voice is spread throughout the ages without leaving either a sinful Earth or our souls. Amen».

This prayer is read on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. It contains highlights of repentance and requests for God’s instruction. With these words, coming from the heart, every believer asks for repentance for their actions.

After each prayer the Orthodox bow. In this gesture is the integrity of the soul and body. Thus, we humbly admit our mistakes, sincerely repent and pray forgive us, bestow correction and a chance to start a new life from scratch. Live in peace and godliness and do not forget to press buttons and

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