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Duties of the godmother and father

Duties of the godmother and father

Recently a beautiful babe Sofia was born to a friend. Having decided to baptize a daughter, they were long determined with the godmother, in the end they offered me this role. There are no godparents, I don’t know what to do, so I asked for advice from the priest from the church where they were going to be baptized.

In this article, I will share new knowledge and acquired experience, tell you why we need receivers, who they are and why they may not be when they baptize adults, what happens during the sacrament and what are the duties of a godmother and father.

Duties of the godmother and father

Who are godfathers

As a rule, children are baptized at an early age, when they do not understand not that importance is the essence of the process. The sacrament of Baptism involves the spiritual birth of a person, the purification of his soul from sins, a symbol of repentance and faith.

Since the last two moments cannot be expected from babies, godparents are appointed at Baptism who are responsible for the Orthodox upbringing of the child, instilling moral and spiritual norms in them and teaching the basics of the faith.

By choosing the godfather and mother of the baby or the baby must be with full responsibility, but let’s talk about this another time.

Duties of the godmother and father

Is it necessary to have a godfather and godfather for an adult

All the same priest shared the established practice: most often, the baptism of an adult occurs without the presence of recipients, for the godmother and the godfather are required only for children. Baptized adults can independently answer the spiritual father if they accept Jesus as Savior, wish to be baptized, and promise their faithfulness to the Lord.

Naturally, the presence of a mentor next to a newly-converted Orthodox makes the path to faith easier and more comprehensible, helps to get settled in the church faster and learn the rules, but this is not necessary.

What should the godmother and the godfather do

While agreeing to the role of godfathers, many sincerely believe that business is limited to a couple of gifts for Birthday and New Year. To spend the child, pay attention to him and give gifts, of course, fine, but the range of responsibilities is much wider.

And, since we are talking about gifts, it is better that they have an Orthodox meaning (children’s bible, for example).

From the point of view of the Church, godfathers are charged with the following duties:

  • Prayer. Godfathers should offer a daily prayer for a godchild or goddaughter, asking the Lord for health and well-being. As the child ages, it is necessary to teach prayers or appeal to the Lord in your own words, instill a desire to communicate with Him.
  • Moral education. Since children do not heed the words, but repeat actions, with their positive example it is necessary to instill in the godchild or goddaughter the love of all things, kindness, mercy, cultivating Christian virtues.
  • Learning the basics of faith. The child should learn the basics of religion with the participation of godparents. Not enough knowledge? Fill in the blanks. An important aspect is visiting the Orthodox churches with the child, communion.
  • Give time to the godchild (goddaughter). Young parents do not always have enough time, so it’s okay if you take some of the care of yourself.

The Sacrament of Baptism: How Everything Happens

Duties of the godmother and father

As a person with experience in this business, I tell you what to expect so that what is happening is not a surprise for you.

Preparing for the rite

Today, baptism is carried out in temples, with the exception of cases of sick children who are baptized at home or even in hospitals.

First, select the temple in which you will baptize the child. Stroll through the churches, refer to the priest or novices to learn about the features of the procedure in each and determine the date. For example, baptism can be performed in the temple itself or in the baptismal — a separate special room at the temple.

The ceremony may be pompous and pompous, and may be modest and quiet.

Appearance of godparents

When the same day comes, every detail is important, including the appearance of future godparents.

  • Be sure to wear a worn crosses, consecrated by the church.
  • For those who are not too familiar with church traditions, I remind you that a kerchief or a scarf should be on the woman’s head.
  • Wear a dress that will cover the shoulders, or a skirt longer than the knee. This rule does not affect babies.
  • It is not necessary to shoe the heel solely for practical reasons (the rite lasts a long time, you get tired).
  • Lips in women should not be made up.
  • Regarding the appearance of men there are no clear rules, but it should be understood where and why you are going, that is, shorts and a low-neck T-shirt will be out of place.

How is it going

Before performing the ceremony, the priest, bypassing the room, offers a prayer three times, and then asks to turn to face west (considered the direction of the unclean monastery).

When a girl or a boy is baptized, the godparents are always with the priest conducting the rite. One of them holds the child in her arms.

I have already spoken about the questions that are asked to the baptized three times, but the little children cannot answer them, and this burden falls on the shoulders of the godparents. After completing the “question-answer” part, godparents should read the “Symbol of Faith”, which briefly describes the basics of faith.

The priest blesses the water, oil, and performs the anointing of the baptized, as a symbol of admission to the ranks of Orthodox Christians. A baby or baby gets a name and turns out to be in consecrated water three times, from where his godmothers take him.

If the rite is performed during the cold season or the temperature regime in the room does not allow to completely expose the child, prepare pens and legs for dipping.

Summing up

The role of the godfather or the mother of the child is not fun, but serious duties before the Lord, because you promise to bring a baby to him (baby). This is the main business of godparents: to teach the basics of faith, to instill the love of God and to teach to be a real person, decent and spiritually rich.

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