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Description of the magic of the icon of the Korsun Mother of God

What problems will help you the icon of the Korsun Mother of God

There are many famous images that have healing and other miraculous properties. Those who want to pray at such icons are always crowds, people come for them from other cities and countries to improve their condition.

In this article, I would like to offer you an overview of the icon of the Korsun Mother of God, which received great fame at the expense of its amazing abilities.

Description of the magic of the icon of the Korsun Mother of God

The history of the icon

In total there are two versions explaining how the icon of Korsun Our Lady appeared on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The oldest legend says, that the shrine was created by the Evangelist Luke himself, and it was preserved in the city of Ephesus.

And on October 9, 988, a copy of this image was brought from Korsun to Kiev (holy saint Vladimir made it) after his baptism, and the image was called the “Korsun icon”. A little later, the face was transferred to the city of Novgorod, and during the reign of Ivan the Terrible — Korsunskaya Mother of God was in Moscow — in the Kremlin’s Assumption Cathedral, where she was placed behind the throne (here she is to this day).

Numerous studies were carried out, the results of which refer the Korsun icon to the number of almost unknown memorials of the ancient chronicle, and the original references to history in history date back to the first half of the seventeenth century.

This icon in its appearance is very similar to other faces, for example, the image of «Affection». This shrine, depicting the Mother of God, is revered as one of the first sacred relics of the Assumption Cathedral — more than six centuries the icon was on its altar.

But there is a second story, telling about bringing the face of the Virgin from Greece to the territory of the modern Russian Federation in 1162 with the help of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk (the day of her reverence is considered to be the twenty-third of May).

Holy in the city of Polotsk was founded Spassky monastery, and a little later — another temple in honor of the Immaculate Virgin. When Euphrosyne was told that there are faces in Greece created by Luke the Evangelist, she sent many generous offerings to the ruler of that country, Luka Hrysovergu, asking him to send her an image.

The petition was granted and the shrine was sent to Russia from the city of Ephesus. On the way, the face was transported through Korsun and the local population expressed a desire to keep the icon for twelve months, due to which it was called Korsunskaya. Subsequently, the face was decorated with Saint Euphrosyne with gold, silver and jewels, and in 1173 he was sent to the church of the Virgin Mary.

There the face has been for more than sixty years, demonstrating its amazing healing abilities.

Description of the magic of the icon of the Korsun Mother of God

In 1239, when the daughter of the Prince of Polotsk, Paraskeva, was preparing for marriage, she decided to take the image to the town of Toropets, where the face was in the Cathedral of the Mother of God and was revered as a miraculous one. Here, the Korsun Mother of God also performed many miracles — in particular, Toropets’s intercession from the attack of the Poles in 1611 can be identified.

In 1917, a wonderful relic was seized by the Bolsheviks and exported to the city of Leningrad. Subsequently, the icon was in the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg).

The holy icon of the Korsun Mother of God is also known at the expense of its other lists, namely: St. Isaac’s Cathedral (Petersburg), the Nezhinsky male monastery (the town of Usman), the Pavlo-Obnorsky Monastery (the Vologda diocese), the Suzdal Spaso-Euthymius monastery, the Nizhny Novgorod Annunciation monastery and so Further.

What is depicted on the icon

The image shows us the Virgin Mary, gently holding the baby Jesus with her hands, she tenderly presses him to her heart. It becomes clear how important her favorite child is for her, how expensive it is for her mother.

In the eyes of the Virgin, one can observe a mixture of admiration, love, tenderness, kindness and anxiety for his son. Those representatives of the weaker half of humanity, who have already had the opportunity to face the torments of the birth of babies, but they also felt all the happiness when the baby was already born — they understand the features of the Virgin Mary’s view perfectly.

For this reason, one of the amazing properties of the face can be called the protection and patronage of mothers and their babies from pathologies and any negative influences from the outside (damage, evil eyes, and so on).

When the Korsun icon of the Virgin is venerated

On the twenty-second of October, Orthodox believers have a tradition to take their relatives, friends, and little ones and go to serve in the temple to worship the miraculous image of the Holy Mother of God.

It is imperative to put a candle for health, prosperity and peace for all their loved ones. Also, prayers with an akathist are surely read, the intercessor is glorified, then the rite of confession and communion follows.

It is believed that on the twenty-second of October, the Korsun Icon will acquire double strength, and when you come to your apartment, you will be able to feel the full power of the face on yourself.

Be sure to spend this day ritual to cleanse your home from all evil spirits, conflict situations and fill it with joy, kindness, generosity, well-being, love and other positive emotions.

What will help the sacred face

You can ask for help from the icon of the Korsun Mother of God, both at home and in church. The most basic condition is the regularity of prayers and the sequence of church rites.

Sinners who have neglected the commandments of God, who feel a flaw in themselves, should atone for their guilt, sincerely offering prayers to the image of the Virgin Mary.

At the same time the icon will be able to help on such issues:

  • show mercy and let go of sins;
  • to console those who need it;
  • relieve suffering (bodily and mental);
  • save lost souls;
  • heal from such diseases, from which, it seems, there is no salvation in official medicine;
  • will help to receive sincere repentance in perfect offenses.

Description of the magic of the icon of the Korsun Mother of God

In Orthodox churches, in order to express their gratitude to the Holy Virgin Mary, the akaphist of the Korsunian face is practiced.

At the same time, the akathist is a very serious event for believers and clergymen. The songs glorify the healing power of the face, Christians express joy for the birth of Jesus Christ and demonstrate great love for all people, a desire to stand up for those who are weaker, weaker.

Akathist make twelve ikos and thirteen kondak. The priests must read them in the temple, and the believers at this time offer their sincere prayers to the icon.

Where can I get the Korsun icon?

Perhaps the largest range of icons and other church paraphernalia today can be found in church shops and Orthodox online stores.

The sacred image of the Korsun Mother of God is performed in various variations and artistic styles.

In addition, the icon can be made independently — for example, embroidered from beads (or alternatively purchase an already embroidered icon). Such unusual icons, decorated with additional accessories, will be an ideal option with which you can decorate your home red corner (that is, the place where icons are usually placed in the house).

Now you are familiar with the main miraculous properties of the Korsun Icon, plus you know where to buy it. I would like to remind one more time that appeal to any icon (or other shrine, the Higher Forces) assumes that you have a sincere faith in what you pray and the absence of any doubt.

Only in this case, your requests and desires can really become a reality.

And finally, I would like to invite you to watch the video, which contains a prayer appeal to the Korsun Mother of God:

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