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Debt Prayer

Debt Prayer

Monetary obligations can be a stumbling block in relationships with even the closest people. When a problem requires an immediate solution, but it is impossible to influence it on your own, it’s time to ask for help from a higher power.

Of all possible conflict situations, the most unpleasant ones are those that were caused by money. The modern world is especially rich in financial problems, because it does not do without debts in one form or another: someone took a loan from a bank, someone was detained for a salary, and had to borrow money from friends. And the return of finances is often associated with difficulties.

No wonder there is a popular saying among people: “you take someone else’s — you give yours”.

Financial obligations overshadow the life of not only the debtor, but also the forced “creditor”. This is especially the case when a person lent money to a good friend, close friend or relative, but for unknown reasons he is in no hurry to return the amount. It seems that to demand an urgent return of the debt in such cases is an absolutely inhuman act, because the debtor can have very difficult financial circumstances. In the meantime, the returned amount would have come in very handy — otherwise it will be necessary to get into the debt trap yourself.

It is in such situations that the prayer for the return of debts helps. Unlike conspiracies that affect a person’s energy and cause him discomfort until the debt is returned, prayer has a beneficial effect. A person who lends money to pray for the borrower — and the higher forces help the latter in a difficult situation, his material condition stabilizes and he finds the strength to unleash himself with painful obligations.

How to pray for the return of debts

In no case should a prayer for the return of debts be uttered with anger and bitterness against the debtor. Remember you pray for him and ask the heavenly powers for help not myself, and to the person who owes you. Only sincere prayer will be truly effective, and soon the loan amount will come back to you.

Choose a suitable time for prayer: it is important that you are in a calm mood, do not experience irritation and negative emotions. Wish your borrower happiness and soon getting rid of financial problems, then proceed to prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God. I use your help not from the desire to get rich, not from shameful motives, but with a request to guide the true servant of God (the name of the debtor) on the path. Direct it with your hand, light the path of it with your light, so that he can get out of the worldly problems that are consuming him.

Send him help in affairs, honoring life of peace and goodness. Bring him out of the darkness and show the way right, so that the burden of heavy burdens will be removed and the problems of the world will be resolved. Myself, thy sinful servant, I ask you only to return the debt in order to avoid the abyss of difficulties.

Thy will be done. Amen.

You can pray this way several times, but only at those moments when you really want it. After the prayer, you can submit a special note with the debtor’s name to the church so that it can be mentioned during the prayer service for health.

Higher forces always help those who are in a difficult situation. Be honest with yourself and others, and Heaven will not leave you without your patronage. We wish you good luck and only positive emotions, and do not forget to press buttons and

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