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Day of Peter and Fevronia of Murom: prayers, customs and traditions

Day of Peter and Fevronia of Murom: prayers, customs and traditions

Day of Peter and Fevronia every year is gaining popularity. What is he so fond of, and what traditions did our ancestors pass from mouth to mouth about this day?

Day of family, love and loyalty, which is called the day of Peter and Fevronia, of course, is best suited for love. Therefore, you can watch the predictions of your love horoscope and spend the day with your loved one in the best possible way.

The names of Saints Peter and Fevronia are directly connected with the land of Murom. According to tradition, in ancient times, Prince Paul ruled Murom, and his wife began to snake snakes, who assumed the appearance of a prince. She told her husband about this and was able to find out that the serpent had been predicted death from Peter, the brother of Prince Paul.

And so it happened, Peter was able to defeat the treacherous snake, but because of the blood that spattered on him, scabs appeared all over the prince’s body. No one could cure him.

Through a dream, he learned that a certain Fevronia, the daughter of a beerer, lives in the world, who will be able to heal him. Peter went to her. But for her work, the girl demanded to become the prince’s wife.

The prince first agreed, but deceived her and tried to buy off gifts. The disease returned, and as a result, the proud ruler had to agree to the conditions of Fevronia. According to legend, the prince and princess lived a long life together, and nothing could separate them. They accepted monasticism, lived in different monasteries, but died in one day and hour.

At the same time, even being buried in different coffins, they turned out to be the next day together in a common stone coffin.

Prayer to Saints Peter and Fevronia

Despite the fact that the love story began very strangely and not too successfully (the reason for which was the ignoble origin of Fevronia), the result was a strong and exemplary family, where the husband and wife did not leave each other in trouble and always supported and supported each other. That is why these two saints pray for love and family well-being.

Seeing Prince Peter in his recurring illness, the sign of God’s wrath, for failing to fulfill his vow, drinking the spouse Feudronia in his wife, trying to fulfill this and combined with her legal marriage. Both in the marriage and chaste and pleasing to God, pozhiste, bliss, having one thought in every body, he should plead with God; and I will sing to him the same day with the angels, song: Hallelujah.

The annual feast of Peter and Fevronia, also called the day of family, love and loyalty, is celebrated this year on July 8th. Slavs from ancient times loved this day and therefore a large number of customs and traditions are associated with it.

Customs and traditions on the day of Peter and Fevronia

This day turned out to be very important for young people and girls, because it is connected with family and love. If on this day there was an opportunity to enter into marriage, then he would definitely become happy. But July 8, often falls in Petrov post, when the church is not crowned.

Nevertheless, to this day after the Kupala celebrations, strong couples were already formed, which could have created a family, albeit a little later.

Starting from that day, the people had already bathed, completely without fear of mermaids and other otherworldly forces. It was believed that by this time they go deep into the reservoirs and fall asleep until next spring.

For peasants, this day was associated with the first mowing. More on Ivan Kupala began to collect herbs, because they were already in full juice and strength. By this time, nature was gaining full strength, and all the greens were already becoming mature.

On Peter and Fevronia collection continued.

Also on this day it is very good to guess at the betrothed, for example, using mirrors. There is the following way to find out who is destined to you by Fate. Guess in the dark and completely alone.

It will take two mirrors and a candle. Place one of them in front of you, place the other behind. Between the first mirror and you put a candle and light it.

All this must be before midnight. As soon as all the hands of the clock converge on the number 12, you can see the reflection of your betrothed.

Another version of fortune-telling with a mirror is to ask him the question “yes” or “no”, thus finding out whether a particular person loves you or not. To do this, you need a mirror and a container with clean water, in which it can be immersed. Ask the mirror a question and lower it three times into the water. Then look at your reflection in it.

If it is clear, then the answer is yes. If everything is blurry because of water, it means that water gives you a negative answer.

The church calls on all believers to pray on this day for their family and read prayers for love and family well-being. Good luck to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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