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Daily prayers

Daily prayers

I used to feel very irritable in the mornings, I wanted to rip anger on someone for no reason. Now there is no such thing, and the internal state has become calm, stable, conflicting feelings have gone.

All this is the result of daily prayer in my life. It is on the basis of my experience and recommendations of the priest that I can give advice and share my views on this issue.

In Orthodoxy there are prayers that are recommended to be read every day: they support a person in the faith, give strength and strengthen, purify the mind. Not every person can find time for daily visits to the temple, but the prayer appeal to God, his Angels and Saints does not take much time and can significantly change a person’s life, changing and reassuring his mindset.

I know this from myself: since I made it a rule to start the morning with the prayer “Our Father” and end the day with prayer also, I have changed a lot. There was a confidence that all my undertakings would be successful, unnecessary disturbing thoughts and doubts were gone.

What prayers should be read every day

A believer does not forget to constantly turn to God. It helps to cope with unnecessary, distracting thoughts, adjusts to the sublime way. You are no longer angry at the clock on an irresponsible neighbor or an evil boss.

I prayed — and there was more clarity in my head, there is a certainty that God will always help exactly the right way.

The main daily prayers are the “Our Father”, a short Jesus prayer, appeals to the Most Holy Theotokos, the Trinity, the guardian angel and the saint chosen by you, as well as prayers for eating, ending the day and before leaving the house. Prayer illuminates every meaningful case for you, and it helps to do it well, thoughtfully.

If daily prayer comes into your life, it greatly improves your mood, health, and relationships with other people. The well-being increases, the mutual understanding in a family develops.

The more often we turn to God, the closer he becomes to us.

The beginning of each day is recommended to cover the main Christian prayer «Our Father», it is given by the Savior himself. We appeal to the Almighty with the words that were spoken by Jesus Christ, and this helps us to feel an inseparable connection with both the Creator and His Son.

Reading “Our Father”, we call for blessing on any of our work, express love for God and thank Him for help. This prayer can and should be read not only in the mornings, but also at any time, day or night, if the need arises for communion with God.

Another important Orthodox prayer that is easy to remember and you can repeat to yourself during the day is the Jesus prayer: «Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.» It helps well with anxiety, intense feelings, with anxiety for loved ones and for their affairs.

Other important prayers — before leaving the house, at the end of the day, before starting a business, or before eating food — can be found in any prayer book, but “Our Father” and the Jesus prayer are advisable to know by heart.

Daily prayers

Daily prayer to the guardian angel

Your guardian angel is your personal heavenly patron who seeks to help you and protect you from all evil. Address him every day and you will feel Divine help.

You can communicate with a guardian angel at any time of the day when you have such a need. Morning is the best time to pray, because at this time is setting for the whole day. But if in the afternoon or in the evening you felt confused, or you were anxious or doubted, feel free to contact the guardian angel, and you will soon feel more confident and calm.

You will understand how to do better in a given situation.

Refer to the guardian angel in your own words. If this is the morning prayer, then ask him to be there and help you with your daily activities, ask for advice and support, and then thank him. If you turned to the guardian angel in connection with a problem, briefly describe it and ask for help.

Also, for support, you can daily contact your beloved saint or that saint whose name you bear. Do not forget to pray to the saint on the day of your birthday.

Daily prayers

At the beginning of the case

Any business will please you more, will pass without problems and obstacles, if you ask the blessing of the Lord before his beginning. You can read the canonical prayer from the prayer book, but if you can’t, you can just in your own words, silently ask the Almighty to bless you for doing one thing or another, traveling, negotiating, and also buying a large one.

As a prayer, illuminating the beginning of any work, you can read the prayer «To the Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Soul of Truth.» Her text is short and clear, it can easily be memorized.

At the end of the case it is important to thank God for the help, you can also read the canonical prayers to the Virgin Mary, for example, “It is worthy to eat”.

Daily prayers

Prayers by the day of the week

There are special prayers on days of the week, they are dedicated to the Archangels of God — the main assistants and performers of the will of God. You can turn to the Great Archangels for help, depending on what day of the week it is, and this will help you get closer to God and his Holy host.

Each day of the week has its own patron saint: on Monday, at the very beginning of the week, you should contact Mikhail: ask him for support in business, getting rid of enemies. Michael will help you throughout the week, this is the main archangel of God, having great power.

Archangel Gabriel — the divine herald, who brought the Virgin Mary the news of the soonest birth of the Savior, is the patron saint of Tuesday. On Wednesday, you can offer prayers to Archangel Raphael, who helps with diseases and ailments.

Thursday is dedicated to Archangel Uriel: in prayer you can ask for increased love for God. Friday — the day of prayer to Archangel Selafiel, he responds to requests for help in business, helps successful work.

The entrance days are dedicated to the Archangels Yehudíil and Barahiel, they are asked to help in spiritual matters and in finding the true path.

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