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Cyprian’s prayers from defacement, evil eye, witchcraft

Prayer of the Holy Martyr Cyprian from damage, evil eye, witchcraft

Several years ago, a black streak unexpectedly came into my life: serious illnesses did not recede, several times lost quite large sums of money, got into an accident. The thought came: maybe damage was imposed on me? Increasingly, I thought about it.

I remembered that the beginning of the black band was preceded by a quarrel with one unpleasant person.

To help herself in a difficult moment, she decided to pray to the holy martyr Cyprian, because she knew that this saint helps with damage or evil eye.

Since my situation was not easy, I read a prayer for 40 days. Gradually, I had a good feeling that Saint Cyprian hears me and is ready to help.

I began to attend the church more often, to receive communion.

By the end of the 40-day period, I felt much better! I was offered a new job, the diseases have passed. But the most important thing is that I now had confidence that the Higher Power was with me, that they would not leave me in trouble.

Therefore, I recommend everyone who feels signs of damage to go to the temple more often and read the prayer to Saint Cyprian.

Signs of defacement or witchcraft

Stories related to witchcraft or defacement are always hard to prove. Here we can only rely on our intuition — if something in life has seriously gone wrong and you have a serious foe, then we can assume witchcraft.

The main sign of any damage is the suddenness of unhappiness, the illogicality of failures. There are too many troubles from different walks of life:

  • lost health
  • relationship breaks down
  • money is lost
  • accidents happen
  • there are serious troubles at work.

If something similar happens to you, then we can assume that we can talk about witchcraft. Many are in a hurry to solve this problem with «knowledgeable» attendants, but this is a bad decision. Only God through his saints can help in this situation.

To damage gone, we must often pray, go to church service, communion.

Prayer to St. Cyprian from defacement, evil eye, witchcraft

The strongest prayer from corruption, sorcery and devilish deception is a prayer appeal to the great saints Cyprian and Ustinje.

The prayer to the saints is given in many Orthodox prayer books. You can print it or rewrite it by hand and read it out loud in the morning and in the evening before the image of the holy martyrs.

Many Orthodox churches have an icon, which depicts Cyprian and Ustinia. It is advisable that you come to the temple, put a candle in front of their image, read a prayer and then stay at the service.

Home prayer is read in the same way as any other.

  • Buy an image of saints Cyprian and Ustinia,
  • Buy wax candles in church
  • Light candles before the image
  • Prepare a prayer text
  • Read a prayer, imagining that the saints hear your requests,
  • After the prayer, tell the saints in your own words about your problems and suspicions about building damage.

It is advisable to read the prayer to Cyprian 40 days in a row.

Cyprian's prayers from defacement, evil eye, witchcraft

History of Saints Cyprian and Ustinia

Why do these saints help with witchcraft? The fact is that St. Cyprian, who lived in the first centuries of Christianity, was originally a sorcerer.

He knew how to direct damage, demons served him and carried out his orders. The spirits of evil were completely obedient to him, but they didn’t have enough strength when they met a truly religious soul — this was Ustinia (Justina), a young Christian who did not want to marry a heathen.

This young pagan hired Cyprian, so that he forced the beautiful woman to agree to marriage.

The power of her faith was so great that the demons could not cope with it. Cyprian was shocked. He thought about how a young girl could pacify the strongest evil spirits.

And then the sorcerer realized that there was a more powerful force than the demons that he ruled.

Cyprian’s repentance was complete and final. He came to the Christian church and prayed for forgiveness for many days in a row. The priest saw the tears and repentance of Cyprian and believed him.

Cyprian became one of the deacons in the temple, but he never forgot about his sins, tearfully begged God for forgiveness.

Cyprian and Justin died as holy martyrs — they were captured by the Romans and tortured for a long time, forcing them to renounce Christ. But Cyprian and Justina preferred to perish, but not to abandon their faith, so strong was it.

After death, the saints protect those who suffered from demonic influence.

Cyprian's prayers from defacement, evil eye, witchcraft

Church Opinion

It is known that many priests deny the possibility of witchcraft and guidance of damage. They believe that such effects can only occur with people who do not have enough faith — this is stated in many articles and videos.

From this point of view, you need to agree. But we have to admit that in life there are difficult situations when the forces of evil take over us. Perhaps, indeed, this is due to the lack of faith and a righteous life.

But in any case, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we need support. And such support can be for us a prayer to St. Cyprian.

One can begin precisely with a prayer appeal to Cyprian (the text of the prayer is given in many Orthodox collections). But after you get a little better, you must change your life, turn to faith and the church.

Cyprian's prayers from defacement, evil eye, witchcraft


As a result, I want to conclude that only the Lord God himself can be the best advocate for evil. To turn to God for help with corruption, you must:

  • strengthen the faith
  • visit the temple of God more often
  • to confess
  • to take communion
  • recite a prayer from witchcraft to saints Cyprian and Ustinje.

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