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Conspiracies and prayers of fright

Conspiracies and prayers of fright

Fear is called baseless fear, because of which all our complexes, complicating life, appear. Getting rid of such a problem over time is more difficult. Fortunately, there are conspiracies and prayers that help defeat any phobia.

Having experienced a strong emotional shock once, an unprepared psyche of both a child and an adult can suffer greatly. It is very easy to frighten a person, and sometimes it is so difficult to get rid of fear that people have to live with a phobia for the rest of their lives. Conspiracies and prayers for fear will help protect you and your child.

Thanks to them, all the disturbing and negative thoughts will remain in the past, no longer disturbing you from enjoying life.

Plots of fear and anxiety in an adult

Calming an adult, removing all signs of nervous tension and obsessive thoughts, will help this conspiracy. Everyone knows how great is the power of the word. What psychologists and sedatives cannot do will easily eliminate the ancient conspiracy used by our ancestors. The conspiracy must be read when you feel very anxious and cannot calm down:

“As the sunset hides the sun from the darkness, so with me, Lord, you take off the fright. Give the servant of God (your name) peace of mind. Here Sunny for the sky was gone, and all my fears disappeared like a hand.

All words are locked with a key. Amen».

A conspiracy against the fright of a child

If you have a good habit to follow the lunar calendar, then this plot will suit you. It is held on the waning moon, so that all the sorrows and fears of the child irretrievably disappear. You need to read it exactly as many times as your child of full years. Plant the child in the doorway facing west.

Be sure to cover your baby with your thing, as if covering him from all worries and troubles. Near the child, on either side of him, should put two church candles. Take care that your joy does not accidentally burn yourself, be careful when working with fire. Then start reading the plot, stroking the child on the head and shoulders:

“I pray to the Virgin Mary, I ask for your help. Heavenly Queen, help me in my business, spare my child from all the evil that frightens him at night and day. The candles near him are burning, so let all fears and ailments burn in the fire.

Let my baby (his name) become brave, fearless and strong. In gratitude to You, Pure Virgin, I send my bow and my prayers. Amen».

The conspiracy to holy water from fright

Holy water — the most powerful weapon against all evil, misfortune and fear, especially if it is spoken in special words. Such an elixir will at once cure both an adult and a child from fears. This is a universal conspiracy, which is good at dealing with any phobias, ranging from the fear of spiders and ending with the fear of drowning.

Remember that if you do not get rid of the fright in time, it will grow and grow stronger every day.

For conspiracy to be useful, you will need consecrated water from the church, thirteen church candles and some personal time dedicated to the waning phase of the moon. It is advisable to conduct the ceremony at midnight, so that nothing distracts you, and the night luminary fully helps you by sending your strength to help. Pour all the water into an open container, place the candles around it. Light them and utter a conspiracy, watching all your alarms burn in the fire:

“I start talking water from all fears, fears of evil, nightmares and fears. I implore you, the church water, give courage to anyone who touches you. Let the soul cease to torment and torment.

Holy water, heal, help get courage and bravery to drink! No sooner said than done. Amen».

Until the candles burn out to the end, pronounce the plot. Then the cinder should be thrown out of the house, getting rid of all fears and anxieties with them. You can wash or drink the holy water that you have spoken when your child or a loved one is plagued by unreasonable fears.

Prayer from fright in a child

Doctors include fear to the number of nervous disorders and strongly recommend monitoring the behavior of the child. After all, a baby can be scared by absolutely any noise, loud music, an elevated tone or sudden movements. To further your child live a full life, without fears and complexes, the priests recommend turning to Orthodox prayers that will protect the peace of your child.

The mother should read the prayer for three days in a row, as soon as the first signs of fright in the child were noticed. It suits both the baby and the teenager, the main thing is your faith, love and desire to help:

“Lord, my shepherd, help expel the enemy from the servant of God (the name of your child). In the body and soul settled devil, not giving life to my child. God forbid that he should stand next to him, drink his blood, walk on his bones and break his courage.

Let Satan come out, frightening my baby, and come back to the swamps, underground, to the place where the Sun does not rise and people do not walk. With your help, Lord, we expel him, drive him away and deprive him of all the forces of the devil. May the intercession of God be with us forever and ever.


Prayer from the fright of an adult

Scaring an adult is more difficult, but still possible. In general, adults keep anxiety of deep form in their soul, reminiscent of fears experienced in childhood. To get rid of phobias and new fears, you should read a prayer. «Our Father». This is a unique prayer with great power.

Words addressed to God with your requests should be read regularly, in the morning and in the evening, until complete recovery. It is useful to combine a prayer request and a conspiracy of fear in an adult.

We are all afraid of something, but we should not let fear guide us. He, as you know, has big eyes, but his strength is very small. Thanks to the prayers and conspiracies you can get rid of all phobias and fears.

Fill your life with light, happiness and bright colors so that no fear can take root in your heart. We wish you success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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