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Children’s Day: children’s charms and mother prayers

Children’s Day: children’s charms and mother prayers

Every mother dreams that the life course of her child is filled only with joy and happiness. Any problems and troubles parents suffer very hard. But you have a way to protect the child and protect him.

International Children’s Day is an important event that pushes a loving parent to think about how to make their child’s life more secure. We are talking about prayers and charms — the best helpers and protectors from the evil forces, failures or the evil eye. There is a universal method of protection — read the most important Christian prayer of our Father.

It will help you keep your health and the health of your children stable and inviolable.

Baby amulets

Of course, not only prayers can help a child not to stumble upon bad people or avoid a serious illness. Our ancestors always used various amulets to keep their luck with their children.

One of the best items that can drive away evil spirits and evil thoughts are silver jewelery. They will suit both boys and girls. They will drive away negative energy from the child, which in most cases is a magnet for misfortunes.

A good option for improving sleep will be creation of a talisman in the form of the sun do it yourself The sun is an ancient keeper of good and good mood. Nothing prevents you from buying a toy in the shape of the Sun to your baby. This symbol itself is very strong in the fight against negativity.

The same applies to self-made doll charms.

Red thread or bag of salt — These are two excellent protective talisman for all occasions. Put it in your child’s pocket or in his briefcase if he already goes to school. This saves the child from the evil eye.

Just make sure that the baby does not try the salt on the tooth, if it is still small.

Mother prayers

In Christianity, there are many prayers for mothers, but the best prayer will be “Living in the help of the Most High”:

Living in the help of the Most High, in the shelter of the God of Heaven shall be established. It speaks of the Lord: Thou shalt be my protector and my refuge, my God, and trust in him. Yako Toi will relieve thee from the trap’s net, and from the verb rebellious.

His pleshma will overshadow with thee, and under His krill you will hope. His truth will obey the weapon, do not be frightened of fear of night, of an arrow flying in the days, of a thing in the darkness of the transient, of sryasch and a demon of noonday. Thousands of your country shall fall from the country, and the darkness at the right of you will not come near you. Obacha ocima your watch, and punishment sinners.

For you, O Lord, my hope, Vyshnyago, put thou in your refuge. Evil will not come to you, and the wound will not come near your body. Yako your commandment by the angel, keep you in all your ways. They will bear the brunt on their hands, but not when they stick your foot on the stone.

Step upon the asp and basilisk, and cross the lion and the serpent. Yako on Mya Hope, and I will deliver; I will cover it, and let my name be known. He will cry unto Me, and I will hear him; I am with him in grief, I will ism his, and I will glorify him. In the long days I will fulfill it, and I will show him my salvation.

This is the strongest prayer that is always important to remember. If you learn it or read it every day, it will give you God’s protection from any evil, human and nonhuman.

If you forget to read or you simply do not have enough time to worry, you are allowed to do it the other way. You can make a small amulet for your child — write this prayer on a piece of paper or buy a special cloth in the church with embroidered words on it, fold it tightly and fix it in this condition. Then just take it and put it in clothes for the child, so that he carries with him everywhere and always prayer and preserving words.

You should not force a child to read prayers if he does not want this, because the baby must grow to a conscious faith. Read to him the prayers for the next dream, about which we spoke earlier: they will save his good fortune and help to gain the patronage of Heaven.

Here is another short prayer for each day:

Lord Jesus Christ, wake thy mercy on my children. keep them under thy shelter, hiding from all evil slander, turning every enemy and adversary away from them, opening their ears and eyes of hearts, grant tenderness and humility to their hearts. Lord, we are all your creation, take pity on my children and turn them to repentance. Save, O Lord, and have mercy on my children and enlighten your mind with the light of the mind of Your Gospel and instruct them on the path of Your commandments and teach them, Savior, do Your will, for you are our God.

She is very simple, but also strong. Read it from a pure heart so that your child will be under the safe protection of God. Do not forget about sincerity while reading, because this is not a spell, but a kind of dialogue, a petition.

Be honest with yourself, and God will surely hear you.

We congratulate you on June 1 — International Children’s Day. Let it be not an empty date and words deprived of strength, but a reason to think that all children are equal. Everyone is worthy to be protected from evil, ignorance, rudeness and loneliness.

Remember this on each of the 365 days, and not just on the first day of each summer.

There is no such evil from which there would be no salvation. It is believed that any of your misdeeds, sins and mistakes are reflected primarily in the fate of children. Therefore, in order to protect your child, think about whether you have not done anything wrong in life. If yes, then first get rid of this burden through the sacrament and confession.

Prepare properly for the sacrament of the sacrament, admit to yourself and to God that you were wrong and ready to correct. Be honest and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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