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Bright Easter week from April 9 to April 15: prayers, signs and traditions

Bright Easter Week from April 9 to April 15: Prayers, Signs and Traditions

The first week after Easter was named Bright Week. During this period, Christians continue to enjoy the miraculous resurrection of the Son of God and do not forget to honor traditions and follow signs. It is necessary to learn in advance how to spend this time not only fun, but also with benefit.

Despite the fact that believers have already celebrated Holy Easter, the religious events did not end there. Bright Week follows immediately after the Resurrection of Christ and will last from April 9 to April 15. At this time, festive liturgies are held in churches and processions are held daily.

All week, it is customary to offer prayers to the Son of God and ask him for mercy, forgiveness of sins and health for himself and his loved ones. Prayers during this period have special power and are unlikely to remain unanswered. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you how to hold Bright Easter Week without breaking the important traditions.

Traditions of the Holy Easter Week

During Bright Week, festive liturgies and religious processions are performed daily in churches. One-day fasting, which is traditionally observed by believers on Wednesday and Friday, is canceled. Weddings and funeral canons are prohibited during this period.

It is believed that during the Easter week the Lord forgives the souls of the dead all sins.

In Easter week it is customary to engage in charity. By helping those in need, you rid yourself of sins and purify your soul from negativity. Do not wait for feedback: your help should be free.

At this time, you do not need to overload yourself with hard work and household chores. On the contrary, devote as much time as possible to rest, going to church and praying.

Easter week is a joyful and bright time. Try to stay in a good mood and drive away negative thoughts from yourself. To commit a bad deed during this period is a terrible sin, so you should control your actions and not commit atrocities.

Bright Friday is the day of honoring the Virgin Mary. On this day, believers go to the temple, where they sanctify the water and pray to the Mother of God for health, happiness and family well-being.

According to one of the traditions, it is customary to arrange bride shows in Bright Week. Also, one of the signs states that couples who met during this period will live together happily.

On Thursday it is time to visit the graves of deceased relatives. A slice of cake or a painted egg should be left near the grave. Despite the fact that a rather mournful and negative atmosphere reigns in the cemetery, it is forbidden to mourn the dead.

Bright Friday — the day of brewing. In this beer lovers brewed a favorite drink right at home, and then invited to visit his son-in-law and his family. But excessive drinking could have caused misfortune, so superstitious people tried their best to control themselves.

On the last day of Easter week is not recommended to stay at home. Instead, it is customary to visit loved ones, arrange walks and have fun. At this time, our ancestors went out, sang, danced.

Signs on the Bright Week

During Easter Sunday, Christians continue to rejoice in the resurrection of the Son of God and his victory over death. According to the sign, who will cry during this period, he will spend the whole year in tears.

Mondays and Tuesdays are traditionally called bathing days. To get rid of diseases and preserve youth and beauty for many years, it is necessary to get up before the rising of the Sun and from head to toe overflow with water.

Bright Wednesday was also called hail day. Prohibited any agricultural work, so that the crop did not beat the hail.

Bright Thursday — the day of remembrance of the departed. One of the signs says that at this time the souls of the deceased descend to the earth and visit their relatives. To call the deceased, you must visit the cemetery and leave on his grave a cake or Krashenka.

If a bird sits on the grave, it means that the deceased heard you.

On Friday, believers went to the temple and sanctified the water, and on returning home, all family members washed it and asked the Mother of God for protection from diseases and ailments.

On Bright Saturday, the clergymen treated the parishioners of the church to consecrated kvass bread — Artos. It is believed that by trying even a slice of this bread, you can get rid of any disease.

On the basis of popular signs, Bright Sunday is the most auspicious day for a wedding. Marriages concluded on this day will be eternal, and the married life of the spouses happy.

What prayers to read in the Holy Week

During the Bright Week, believers can turn to the Lord God and ask for the forgiveness of sins, blessing and the bestowal of strength and health. A few simple but effective prayers will help you to enlist the support of the Most High and to get the necessary help in a difficult moment.

“O, Son of God, who has risen from the dead, who showed the whole world the power of Christian faith! I appeal to You with a prayer and ask You: do not leave me, the servant (s) of God (s) (name), at times of difficult, protect me from evil and help me during the Last Judgment. Be merciful to me, O Lord, cleanse my soul from sins.


This prayer should be pronounced every day immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

“The Lord God, who performed the miracle of the Resurrection, rose from the tomb and appeared to the world. I pray thee for the forgiveness of my sins and hope for your mercy. Protect me from evil thoughts, do not let me commit atrocities. I offer you a prayer of thanks and I hope to continue to help you.


During the Light Week this prayer should be pronounced every day in front of a lit church candle.

Prayer messages have extraordinary power. However, they will only act if you pronounce them correctly. Many people mistakenly think that prayers can only be read in the temple, but in fact you can turn to the Lord God without leaving your home. We wish you strong faith and peace in your soul, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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