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Body and soul prayers

Body and soul prayers

After a divorce and a serious illness, I wondered: what is going wrong in my life? How can I change my destiny?

I came to the conclusion that it is very important to constantly cleanse yourself of all the negativity that “sticks” to us in the process of life. All the insults, feelings, frustrations and anger that remained inside of us, in fact, do not give us peace.

But the trouble is: many of these grievances have already been forgotten, but in the soul they are still a source of problems. In this case only prayer can help!

I began to read prayers for the purification of my soul and body, and after a while I felt that I felt much better.

The causeless sadness, apathy and laziness left, I forgot about what a bad mood is. I feel very cheerful and joyful!

But this state did not come at once: I can say that I read cleansing prayers for three months, every morning and every evening, and after that I felt differently.

Body and soul prayers

Cleansing prayer: its meaning and power

We perform daily hygiene procedures: we wash our face, brush our teeth, clean up our apartment. But very often we forget that we should also “clean up” in our soul: clean it from unnecessary insults and anger at different people, let go of grief and other negative experiences.

The best way to do this is through prayer. If you visit a psychologist, this is great. Yet prayer is communion directly with God or with saints.

Prayer can free you from negativity, because higher forces are connected to your purification through your hot prayer.

For prayer to work, faith is needed. But what if faith is weak?

It is believed that in the words themselves famous prayers have a powerful cleansing force. And even if your impulse is not so strong and there are doubts in your abilities, but still there is a desire to be purified, then you can simply read the texts of famous sacred prayers, and this will also make sense.

It is known that powerful power is contained in the Word, so your prayer will work anyway. But ideally, you should put in the sound of your prayer love, hope of purification, faith in the fact that your words will be heard by higher powers.

Body and soul prayers

How to pray for the purification of the soul from the negative

As you know, the easiest way is often the strongest. The most ancient prayer “Our Father” known since the time of Jesus Christ is one of the strongest cleansing prayers. It really has all the meanings we need:

  • this prayer glorifies the Creator,
  • expresses our request for help,
  • announces the love of God,
  • speaks of intending to forgive all insults and offenders,
  • Expresses a request to save us from temptations and to protect us from evil forces.

Every morning and every evening read “Our Father” with the intention to cleanse your soul and body from the negative, and your goal will be achieved!

It is best to create the right mood for prayer: firstly, learn it by heart, secondly, buy candles, ask your relatives not to interfere with you for 10-15 minutes. Light a candle and read “Our Father” several times, until you feel calm and peaceful.

Thank God for help.

Body and soul prayers

Other prayer options for cleansing

You can also read for purification and other texts, such as the “Virgin of the Virgin” or texts of prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Guardian Angel or the Most Holy Trinity. Just tell yourself inwardly that as a result of the prayer your soul will be purified.

In the process of prayer, remember your transgressions: maybe you offended someone (even by chance) or did not give support. Remember your grievances against different people and let go of these feelings. They are no longer needed!

Even if you do not remember all the insults (for example, children), the power of prayer will still destroy them. Let the heaviness in the soul pass!

If you remember people who are offended by you or your offenders, then best of all after the prayer write a message to them or call (if possible).

You may not even remind that person about your conflict, just find some kind words for him. Wish good luck, find out what news he has, so you change the scenario of your relationship and you will have one more sincere friend.

There are special prayers that penitent sinners recite (and we all on this earth are far from saints, so the text of penitential prayers will suit everyone). These prayers are longer, they can be read once a day.

Such is the «penitential canon» or other prayers, for example, «In the mercy of Your Great Mercy.»

Body and soul prayers

Be sure to go to confession and communion, your health will change immediately!

It is also important to pray for your ancestors. Many of us often pray for deceased close relatives — those we remember: parents or grandparents.

But we often do not even know the names of our more distant ancestors — great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

Pray for all your family, for the most distant ancestors, thus you will cleanse your life as well, because you received your life from your ancestors. Thank them for it!

House prayers

After you have performed all the rituals to cleanse the soul and body, as well as your kind, it would be nice to clean your home. We live in megacities where the energy-information background is often distorted.

There is a lot of hate, evil, hard feelings in it.

To clean the house, buy a few church candles and with a prayer «Our Father» go around your house in a clockwise direction. During prayer, you can imagine how the negative accumulated in the apartment disappears into the flame of a candle.

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