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Blessing prayers

Blessing prayers

Blessing is a very important moment for every believer. The ritual of blessing is accompanied by the fateful moments of our lives. Therefore, for each case there is a prayer.

What is a blessing

Initially, the blessing was called the praise of the Most High. This is the way to decipher this very word: the glorification of good, Light and Truth.

Then the blessing began to call the wish of all happiness, success and goodness. Such wishes were expressed in prayers. So there were blessings before the road, parental blessings and other forms of this beautiful and radiant rite.

Sometimes the same word is used when they want to say that the church has approved this or that action. For example, blessed the laity to build a temple. In ordinary life, in order to be blessed with a difficult task, they often resort to going to church and to a special rite.

Blessing in church

Bless on behalf of the church can father. It happens in the service. At a certain point, the priest makes the sign of the cross by the parishioners.

Usually it touches the forehead, abdomen and shoulders, thus recalling the crucifixion and the suffering that the Savior bore for us.

Before going to church, it is important to thank God and read the prayers of thanksgiving to heaven. The universal appeal is the main prayer words that every believer knows. This, of course, «Our Father»:

Our Father Who is in heaven! Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Parental blessing

Parental blessing is most often asked before the wedding, but there are other cases, for example, when a son leaves his father’s home in order to protect the Motherland. A prayer for all those situations in which parents give blessing sounds like this:

O Lord, all-merciful, bless my child, have mercy and save him, for we are all in your power. Put him on the right path, on keeping your commandments, protect you from the visible and invisible enemies. Give my child a blessing, send us the forgiveness of our sins, but we will glorify Your name.


This prayer is read by a father or mother to ask God for help in the affairs of his child.

Blessing for a successful start

You can ask for a blessing from God for some work. For example, refer to it before the flight, if you have aerophobia, or before an important exam, on which your future path depends, or in the fight against illness and other difficult situations, when you feel that the forces leave you. At such times, a prayer for blessing helps you to feel that you are not alone and that God helps you.

You can pray in your own words for yours if they come from a pure heart. And you can read the universal words:

Thank you, merciful God, for honoring me with communion with your Shrines, and communion, and your heavenly Gifts, given to us in good deed and to sanctify our spirit. Do not leave me in bodily and spiritual healing, in enlightening the eyes of my heart, help me repel every enemy. Having believed in keeping your commandments, in multiplying your divine grace and your kingdom, the acquisition, I praise you, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit forever and ever.


After reading the prayer words, boldly take up the cause, filled with faith in the Most High and in your own strength.

When reading prayer texts, be honest with yourself and with God. Only pure thoughts are worthy of asking for blessings. In women’s affairs or with maternal care, you can also contact the Virgin Mary. Good luck, keep the inner light and faith in the Most High, and if the article was useful to you, press the buttons and

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