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Birthday prayer, which is read once a year

Birthday prayer, which is read once a year

On the day of our birth, we often sum up some of the results of life, remember the past years, make plans for the future, dream of fulfilling a cherished wish. Orthodox and truly believing people especially on this day want to say words of gratitude to God, the Guardian Angel and all the saints who help and support him.

They do this through a prayer that is read only once on their birthday.

Features of the prayer book in the name day

Addressing the Lord on his birthday is of a slightly different nature and does not belong to the category of everyday. Depending on age, state of mind, human health, prayer can have several goals: thank-you, to protect against life’s troubles and troubles, to fulfill a cherished dream, to attract good luck and well-being.

Holy words are usually addressed to the Most High, the Most Holy Theotokos, the Guardian Angel, Nicholas the Wonderworker. This does not exclude prayer to the Holy Trinity or other holy Great Martyrs.

It does not matter to whom exactly you turn on this day, the main thing is the presence of faith in the existence of that invisible force that protects you and gives you hope for the best.

For those who doubt the choice of prayers, read on the day of birth, you can ask for help from the Father. Before talking with the Priest, you must stand in the church service, put candles, it is advisable to take communion and confess.

It should be remembered that the prayer book is a way to establish contact with God. He can be mental or verbal, in the temple or in his own dwelling, canonical or free dictum.

In order to be heard by God through prayer on the day of birth, it is important to observe some rules throughout the year:

  • Constantly cultivate spiritually (visit the Divine Temple, confess, take communion, pray not only for oneself, but also for people close to you);
  • Do good deeds;
  • Do not violate the commandments of the Old Testament (do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery …);
  • To be able to thank the Most High, to be sincere and frank before him in his thoughts and desires, to openly accept any of His influence.

How to convey the sacred words of prayer to the Saints on their birthday

Festive prayer book usually begin in the morning, saying three times or at the hour of your birth (if you know the exact time). Before the holiday, it is advisable to defend the liturgy in the Church and take communion.

In the temple, buy twelve candles to light during the holiday throughout the house. Before waiting for the guests, thank your Angel and the Almighty for the opportunity to celebrate this holiday with your family and people close to you. At the same time, you can voice your basic desire, request, petition.

Bow to the Angels for protecting you and praying that they will continue to guard you.

Meeting the guests, you should not share your morning rituals with them and talk about how often you turn to the Almighty and what secrets you devote to it. Your spiritual life should not be discussed at a drunken feast.

In holiday celebration, limit yourself from alcohol abuse and excessive gluttony. If you decide to offer a prayer of repentance to the Lord on this day, a prayer to the Holy Protector, prayer to the Angel for the fulfillment of the desire, try to meet the true believer, observing the traditions of Orthodoxy.

Strong prayers read on name day

Prayer to the icon of the Mother of God

Women often turn to Our Lady on their birthday. After all, she is a strong intercessor for all mothers, wives-keepers of the hearth and family happiness.

Young mummies, married women turn to her to preserve the health of children, to protect from adversity, adversity and adultery of their husbands.

Birthday prayer, which is read once a year

With special care and patronage to treat the Mother of God to pregnant women who believe in her strength and protection. The birth of a baby is always joy and happiness in the family.

Young parents wanting to protect the baby from diseases, evil eyes and various misfortunes, each year on this day read the defensive prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos.

Which particular icon of the Mother of God prays on his birthday can be determined by the nearest date of the celebration of the Holy One. If the date of your birth coincides with the date of veneration of any icon of the Virgin (or the next few days after this date), it should be considered as its intercessor.

The commemoration list is quite extensive. The Icon of the Iberian Mother of God is offered a prayer service on February 12.

Prayers are offered to her by those who wish to become pregnant, will be comforted by deep grief and sorrow, get rid of unforeseen life circumstances.

Kazan Mother of God is worshiped on July 8 and October 22. Believers, who want to see their sight, pray to her, get rid of other heavy ailments. Those who are suffering are looking for a savior and mentor in her.

She often comes in a dream, directing a person on the right path and enlightening him, suggests a happy road.

Pregnant women and fathers of future heirs on the eve of the birth of their baby pray to the Theodore Icon. The day of its celebration is March 14th.

She will become a great Protector for your baby, born after the thirteenth of March.

A complete list of icons of the Mother of God can be viewed on the official Orthodox sites. It should be remembered that the fact before which icon you pray is not so important.

The main thing is to do it with a pure and open heart, a soul full of love and faith in the Creator. Express your gratitude, share good intentions, ask for advice and look forward to the happy sign, which will be the most cherished birthday gift.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is given from birth to everyone. He protects both the physical and spiritual shell of a person. To remember his daily presence means to be bolder, more resourceful, more courageous.

Your requests for the Almighty will be heard faster, as invisible protectors take care of your well-being, praying to the Lord for your salvation and happiness.

The guardian may deny your patronage if you violate God’s commandments, lead an immoral lifestyle, do not observe Orthodox traditions. Returning his mercy is possible if a person takes the path of the righteous and corrects past mistakes.

The Guardian Angel can be given at birth or at Baptism. This will be the name of the Holy corresponding to your name and date of birth (baptism).

If you were born in December with the name of Nikolai. Then your Guardian Angel will be Nikolai Ugodnik (Wonderworker).

The date of his commemoration is December 6 and 19.

Many people do not know how many angels protect them, and who exactly are these defenders. These may be your ancestors, deceased relatives, people to whom you were very dear and close in this life. Therefore, before the icons should say words of gratitude to all the invisible angels.

Prayer to the Angel can dispel fear, instill confidence that you have support, save from misfortune, cleanse your soul, body and mind from unnecessary fuss, drive away enemies, take away troubles.

Such prayers help to find love, get rid of loneliness, find their destiny and get a favorite job. Angels also help to pray for your sins before the Lord.

The strongest prayer is morning. It will be like a breath of fresh air on your birthday.

Do not be surprised if you have a prophetic dream the day before and it will be very pleasant for you. Do not be afraid to ask the Angel for something, but do not forget to thank him for his help.

Birthday prayer, which is read once a year

Prayer book to the Almighty and the Protectors

A prayer to Jesus Christ on your birthday can also be a thank-you, a pleading, a praise or a prayer of repentance. On this day, you can also send prayers to the Holy Trinity (Mother of God, Jesus Christ, Nicholas the Wonderworker).

Saying a free prayer book to the Almighty, do not say much or say too much. It will not allow you to be heard faster.

God already knows what you need. Your words or thoughts should be synchronized with your soul, heart and mind at this moment.

In the petition to the Lord do not put to the fore household, bodily needs. Seek spiritual enlightenment, joy from good achievements.

Do not hold and do not develop longing and sadness where there is none. Be kind and condescending to others, forgive those who offend you.

On the day of the day of thanksgiving prayer to Jesus Christ, wait at dawn.

On your birthday, you can read the prayer service to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker — the patron of travelers, navigators, all who are on the way and the way. He is the protector for young girls, orphans, tireless workers and all who believe in the power of good, happiness and prosperity.

At their age of majority, young girls often say a prayer to Nikolai the Benefactor about giving them a good groom, a successful marriage, a strong family union, wealth and well-being in the house. This strong prayer to the saint is able to change the life and realize his plans.

Name days can be a reason to turn to St. Nicholas, if you really need money and it is on this day that you are in dire need of financial assistance. To be heard on this holiday will allow your good purpose.

You should not ask for material resources for something that does not change your existence.

Birthday prayer, which is read once a year

Prayer remembrance on the birthday of the deceased

It turns out that commemorating a person according to Orthodox custom is necessary not only on the day of his death, but also on his birthday. It is not necessary to visit the cemetery on this day. But mention before the Lord your soul mate should be honored.

Thank you for the fact that this person lived next to you. To do this, you can come on the eve of the Temple and submit a note about the repose of the deceased’s soul.

Food can be brought to church for remembrance. These are usually sweets, pastries and something that a relative loved during his lifetime. Put candles, stand at the face of the Saints.

And at home, remember a kind word at dinner or dinner for your loved one.

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