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Birthday prayer

Birthday prayer

Birth is a very important moment in the fate of each of us. After all, it is then that we gain the life given by mother and Lord. Therefore, for its birth has long been made to pray.

Prayer of thanks

First you need to know how to pray correctly. It is necessary to remember and thank the Almighty for the gift of life, the opportunity to enjoy every day and enjoy the world around. The prayer for one’s birth is very important, because it is above all a manifestation of true love for God, with which a believer shares his holiday and his joy.

Prayer must be read in the morning. It does not take much time.

Lord God, Lord of the whole world, visible and invisible. All the days and years of my life depend on Your holy will. Thank you, gracious Father, that You have allowed me to live another year; I know that in my sins I am not worthy of this mercy, but You render it to me because of your unspeakable humanity. Prolong and yet Your mercies to me, a sinner; Continue my life in virtue, tranquility, health, in peace with all kindred and in harmony with all your neighbors.

Give me the abundance of the fruits of the earth and all that is needed to meet my needs. But, first of all, cleanse my conscience, strengthen me in the path of salvation, so that I, following it, after many years of life in this world, going into eternal life, deserve to be the heir to the Kingdom of Your Heavenly. Himself, Lord, bless the year I begin and all the days of my life.


In prayer, expressing gratitude to the Lord. After thanking him, you can ask him not to leave further, continuing to look after the committed acts.

Prayer for the fulfillment of desires

With the birth of a person, there appears his own Guardian Angel, who protects him and guides him on the right path throughout his life. And in the celebration of his patron can not be forgotten.

This date is the traditional time for making the most secret desire, which must come true in the current year. Such a request must be supported by strong prayer to the Guardian Angel and the Saints. Then everything that is conceived will surely be fulfilled.

To the angel of Christ, my saint’s keeper, and patron of my soul and body, forgive me, for those who have sinned in the day, and deliver me from all evil, as opposed to the enemy, and in any way I infuriate my God; but pray for me a sinner and an unworthy slave, for it is worthy to show me the goodness and mercy of the All-Holy Trinity and the Mother of my Lord Jesus Christ and all the saints. Amen.

A saint who looks after a man, is able to fulfill a dream and send happiness and well-being from heaven, one only needs to sincerely ask and believe that the wish will come true. Before you read a prayer, you need to make a request in your own words, clearly indicating what exactly you want.

After reading these prayers, you will thank God and your Guardian Angel. They will help you find happiness and strengthen the Orthodox faith in your soul. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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