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Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

My mom always considered herself to be an unbeliever … Still, Soviet education! But it all ends sooner or later.

One day she began to pray. It happened during a terrific and terrible thunderstorm.

Yes, I was scared … I prayed furiously! What is surprising is that she read at this moment the familiar prayers.

Higher education

Holy Fathers call Orthodoxy the highest education. Comprehension of his begin with the study of the basics, with those prayers that every Orthodox should know. To know the same as the chemist knows the periodic table, the musician knows the notes, etc.

Just knowing is not enough; prayer must be comprehended, but it is not given immediately. Step by step, memorizing prayers by heart, comprehending their meaning, we find a prayer-book in our heart.

The print edition is great, but you don’t always have it at hand.

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

Two wings of a believer — faith and prayer. Prayer is the breath of life.

A believer who has lost his prayer loses his faith. The holy fathers spoke of the feat of prayer.


Raising prayer work, it is necessary to prepare your soul for temptations. It is not easy to lay the foundation of good, sometimes it is a matter of many years of life, but this is precisely what is needed.

A prayer that every Orthodox should know without question, for it is established by God Himself. We read this prayer in the Four Gospels:

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

Christ spoke of the fact that this prayer alone is sufficient, since it is not the verbosity that lies in the main meaning of the appeal to God, but in the human heart.

«Our Father» has a definite canon, which includes all the basic principles of the appeal of man to the Creator:

  • Glorification of God
  • Humility,
  • Repentance, without which no prayer is possible,
  • Petition for a livelihood.

In this prayer, a person does not speak about his urgent need, he asks the Lord to reveal to him the will of God in order to follow it. This prayer should be read only after we have forgiven all those who have grieved us, otherwise the words “and leave us our debts …” will be utterly impossible to say.

Jesus prayer

It is impossible not to know this prayer: short, repentant, familiar even to children. It is very much in tune with the publican’s prayer, but there is a slight difference in the text and a very large difference in the method of its use.

The Jesus prayer is read by monks, uttering it constantly. It is with this prayer that they gain unceasing prayer, it is for the creation of such a prayer that monks need rosaries.

In ancient times, she healed the incurable diseases.

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

The Jesus Prayer is a prayer in His name, established by him. Such a prayer is considered a divine gift that “suddenly” cannot be found.

Symbol of faith

The creed symbol is an affirmation of the faith of an Orthodox person, his agreement with all the events that took place more than 2000 years ago. This prayer should especially be read in moments of despair, in moments of doubt, because with its affirmation of doubt it destroys these doubts.

If there is any doubt in one line of prayer, then there is something wrong with faith.

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

Hail to the Virgin Mary

This prayer is like a pure crystal. The words were spoken by the righteous Elizabeth when she met the Virgin Mary who came to her.

At that moment Elizabeth was undivided, and the baby leaped in her womb. Then she realized that she had met not only her relative, but the Mother of God.

So this prayer was born.

They read it in doubt, temptation, temptation, and spiritual joy. In the first cases, use a special rule:

  • Before the beginning of the reading of the prayer itself, the words are pronounced: “your sentence, vrazh, on your head, the Virgin Virgin, help me”,
  • They read The Virgin Virgin Rejoice many, many times while it is being read in order to ward off obsession.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel

The morning rule precedes the coming day. In the morning we prepare everyone for our ministry and, of course, we pray to the Guardian Angel that he will save us from all evil. This prayer will certainly need to teach children, it will always protect them:

When you pray to the Guardian Angel, do not forget to turn to your Holy Saints with the same words.

Prayer before any undertaking

An amazing, heartfelt prayer to the Lord should be the threshold of every undertaking. Sometimes, before the beginning of any work, they read the “Heavenly King”, but more often a double prayer:

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

We ask not only for help in our work or enterprise, we ask that our work should not be directed against the will of God. It is very important.

But the importance of this very immediately not aware.

Penitent psalm

Psalm 50 was written by King David after he fell heavily. His fall was a real crash. It also led him to deep repentance.

Repentance is a gift that we ask God daily. We seem to run after him, but we cannot catch up with him.

Repentance … May God bless us to put at least a beginning to him on earth. It is difficult, but without repentance the soul of man cannot be saved.

Living in help

Psalm 90 is the strongest psalm that is difficult to memorize, but necessary. He helps us in difficult times when there is no visible way out.

Reading a psalm, we protect ourselves and our loved ones, we have the strength to step over fear. We read that this is said in prayer: «Thousands of your country shall fall …»

Very often, Psalm 90 is read at the end of the soul, facilitating the transition of the soul from time to eternity.

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

The amazing prayer that the Angels brought to the man. You can always read it!

She is always present in the prayer books, accompanying temple services. She is brilliantly simple and clean:

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

Prayer for sleep

Waking up, a Christian prays for the day ahead. Falling asleep, he prays for the night to come. Fall asleep without prayer?

Fearfully. A prayer for a dream to come must be known firmly.

Basic prayers every Orthodox should know

I believe, my God

Hardly any of the people will be despondent. Sin, followed by doubt, fear and … disbelief.

For such moments there is also a prayer. Let it be a worthy weapon in difficult moments of life:

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