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August 1 — the day of memory and prayer to Seraphim of Sarov

August 1 of the year — the day of memory and prayer to Seraphim of Sarov

Seraphim of Sarov is one of the most revered saints in Russia. On his exploits and help the needy were many legends and stories. Let us recall them on August 1, the day of memory of his holy relics.

St. Seraphim of Sarov

This saint is revered by the Russian Orthodox Church as a god-obedient old man. We know a lot about his life: and how he fasted, observing the vow of the state of the state (that is, on the spot, offered prayers day and night). And how I fed the bear, and how I ate some herbs in my strict post.

And once the robbers, who had made it to his cell, beat him cruelly — and were forgiven, because only God can judge, and only he has the right to give back to these sinful souls.

The holy relics of Seraphim Sarovsky are located in the Diveevo nunnery. The holiday of finding the relics of Seraphim Sarovsky is celebrated annually on August 1. It is especially important on this important date to recall the well-being of the soul, bearing in mind all the turbulent events of the world. The relics of the saint, it is believed, have amazing power and are able to heal people.

Every year Orthodox Christian believers fall to these relics, making pilgrimages to Diveevo.

Sayings of Seraphim Sarovsky

Not only Seraphim of Sarov is known for his asceticism, but also with wise words.

Take away sin, and sickness will go away, for they are given to us for sins.

It is important to remember this saying to all who ask the saint to help in sickness and bodily illness. The purity of the soul and deeds helps to cleanse the body of diseases.

True faith cannot be without works: whoever truly believes will certainly have works.

These words of Serafim Sarovsky are true and many times proved by saints and simply sympathetic, generous people to whom their kindness returns. Psychologists call it the law of the boomerang, and in the world it has been operating for more than one hundred years. For good deeds, sooner or later, a person receives good in return.

There is no worse sin, and nothing is more terrible and more pernicious than the spirit of despondency.

And this is also true, written down a hedgehog in the tablets. Do not give in to this sin, because there is no truth, no help, no peace in it.

Prayers to Seraphim of Sarov

Many miracles are connected with the prayers of Seraphim of Sarov. They heal, give hope in a difficult life situation, help in business and give blessings when a prayer is weary or tormented by doubts. The church prayer text for this holy elder is:

About the Reverend Father Seraphim! Raise up for us, servant of God (names), your prayer of power to the Lord of forces, may He grant us all that is necessary in life and useful for soul salvation, may we be protected from true sinful repentance, He will teach us, without hesitation in the everlasting Kingdom of Heaven, the idea that you are now in immeasurable glory, and tamo chant the Holy Trinity with all the saints forever and ever.

But you can pray to Seraphim of Sarov in your own words. Such a prayer will be no worse than a church one, especially if you begin to speak from your heart. Try not only to ask for help, but also to sincerely thank you for your future support, and also not to keep evil and bad thoughts in your heart.

Father Saint Seraphim of Sarov, help me in my misfortune, support me in my trials, grant me fortitude and spiritual strength — so you can begin your prayer.

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