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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: prayers for help and protection

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: prayers for help and protection

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the only holiday in honor of the blessed and pious Virgin Mary. It is on this day that prayers addressed to Her gain strength. During her life, the Mother of God received the gift of intercession before the Lord, praying and asking for all who needed Her intercession.

Every year, on August 28, all Christians celebrate a majestic holiday — the day of reverence for the Eternity. Any believer knows that God tirelessly struggles with the forces of evil, giving people to help the saints, each of whom has his own role.

It is on the day of the Assumption of the Mother of God that I gather the strength of prayers addressed to Her. On this holiday, we can turn in prayer to the Mother of God, express gratitude for Her favor, compassion and care. After all, Her help is irreplaceable and important for all Orthodox Christians, especially when it comes to family well-being, personal happiness and the need for heavenly intercession.

The Ascension of the Virgin: the meaning of the holiday

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a truly pure and joyful holiday, which contains a huge number of traditions and church foundations. No Orthodox celebration is comparable in significance and popular love with the Day of the Ascension of the Mother of God to heaven.

The meaning of the holiday is huge. It raises the topic and reveals the question of eternal life, available to us as a gift for a righteous existence. Every believer knows that death is a well-deserved reward, granting the right to deliverance from mortal life, full of temptation and evil.

And the Mother of God is an example of this. Whose fate was experienced by the death of the only Son, who afterward carried him to the Kingdom of Heaven in his arms.

Every day, after the execution of Christ, in prayers, the Virgin Mary asked the Lord for a modest gift: leave the sinful world in order to reunite with her son and find eternal life. The Virgin Mary was not afraid of death, She waited with ecstasy for her. What calls and every living today.

In this world we are only guests, real happiness awaits us in heaven.

Assumption of the Virgin: Church traditions of this day

Be sure to honor the memory of the Mother of God by his modest visit to the temple of God, leaving blackening thoughts beyond the threshold of the church. This is a festival of fun, ecstasy and happiness, so the main condition is deliverance from grief, despondency and sadness. May your strong faith, righteousness, and hope be sung in prayer to the Most Pure Virgin.

The clergymen say that on this day everything that the soul desires can be asked from the Mother of God. Just put in your prayers sincerity and virtue. However, the intercession of the Virgin is a holy reward. The Mother of God helps only those who are faithful to Her Son and are not stingy with words of gratitude.

Thank the Lord for the prescribed opportunities, luck, and success in worldly affairs, and all will be rewarded to you threefold.

What to ask the Most Holy Theotokos on the day of Her Assumption

With ecstasy in the heart and with sincerity in words, you can rely on the help of the Heavenly Lady, praying for protection, health, calm, measured and happy life. It will not be superfluous if, before the prayer, you tell the Mother of God about all your anxieties, hesitations and trials. Open the soul to the Pious Virgin and She will not turn away from you and your request, listening to every word with the deepest sensitivity and love.

People’s memory knows cases of miracles to people who pray near the icons of the Mother of God on the day of Her Assumption. The Mother of God helps with advice, coming to dreams or sending angels to help. After all, on the deathbed, the Priest-deneva has sworn to remain the helper and comforter of every Christian.

Prayers for help and protection

The Virgin Mary already in life received the blessing of God and trusted in Him for everyone in need of Her grace and protection. Unusual approach to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Virgin Mary was honored after Her Ascension. She left the world not only in the name of a blissful meeting with the Son, but also in order to protect sinful souls with prayers before Him.

Representing the apostles on the third day after death, the Mother of God said: «Rejoice, for I am with you all the days and nights!».

The decedent lived on earth and is aware of all the trials, tribulations and worldly adversities. In life, She took a lot of suffering and suffering. Therefore, people turn to It, seeing in it an example of true faith and rebelliousness to evil.

Every sinful act on earth hurts Her, as our sorrows find Her compassion in the heart. The First Mother will not leave without supervision and her help not one person living with love in her heart to the Lord. Appeal to the Virgin Mary should be majestic.

Prayer to the Virgin for protection:

“Soften our hearts, Holy Mother of God. Let all our misfortunes burn in fire, and the distress in the soul will leave our hearts. We look upon your face, dividing your sufferings and trusting in charity.

We will be terrified of your fate, let us rejoice in your strength and fortitude of spirit. Forgive our cruelty, only in Your power to pacify her. O Great Lady, offer our prayers to the Lord and pray for us our sinful acts before Him. Deliver us from the death of the sudden and evil of all.

Illumine our mind and lead us to salvation. We hope in hope in the name of the Kingdom of Heaven in the hands of the Lord, Jesus Christ and his Sacred Spirit. Amen.»

Prayer to the Virgin for help:

“We sing to your mercy, O Holy Mother of God! Do not turn away from our prayers, but get rid of troubles and misfortunes. The Only Reading and Blessed Virgin Mary Save us! You are the long-suffering Mother of God, exceeding in faith and the sufferings of all who live on earth.

Hear and do not forsake us in difficult moments, save us under the cover of His mercy and compassion. Only beside You we find refuge and a warm intercession in the darkness of hell. Only you have permission to turn to your Son and pray for our salvation and transition to the Kingdom of Heaven, where we will chant and praise Your Son, His Father and You, Mistress of the world for ever and ever. Amen.»

There are countless prayers to the Mother of God, but only on the day of her Assumption two of them prevail. Start a memorial service for the Most Pure Virgin with these prayer words, without forgetting about gratitude. Our Lady will be filled with love, sensitivity and affection for you, answering all requests.

We wish you peace in your soul, strong faith. Take care of yourself be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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