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A Prayer to the Heavenly King: Old Slavonic Text and Translation

A Prayer to the Heavenly King: Old Slavonic Text and Translation

In a moment of despair and grief a person seeks consolation. The Orthodox Church says that there is such a comforter, and he is called the Holy Spirit.

A prayer to the king of heaven opens the heavenly gates of help. How to sense the presence of the Spirit, which Christians call the King of Heaven?

For the first time, I felt his presence on the sacrament of baptism, when he touched my soul with an invisible wing. And during the life of faith, I constantly appeal to the Comforter in prayer.

How to do it correctly, and how the heavenly Comforter can help, I will tell you in the article.

A Prayer to the Heavenly King: Old Slavonic Text and Translation

The Holy Spirit in Christianity

Some consider it a faceless force, others a bunch of energy. And who is the Holy Spirit really? The gospel says that the Holy Spirit is a god, his third person.

This is the basis of the Christian faith, which claims that God is triune in its essence. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are one and indivisible.

However, unity does not imply the absence of personal qualities; it presupposes unity in intention and action.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit is called the power by which the world was created. This is also correct, if we do not forget that this power is the person of God. The spirit of the holy has the will, mind and emotions.

You can upset him, and even pay for eternal life for the hula.

The Gospel warns everyone that the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either in this age or in the hereafter (Ephesians 4:30).

Since the Holy Spirit is a person, he is able to listen and comfort us. Therefore, Christians offer prayers to the King of Heaven in sorrow and grief.

Who, if not him, is able to understand the sadness of a person and comfort? Who, if not him, is able to touch the soul with a gentle touch?

This is a strong but very gentle Spirit given to believers in comfort.

In the gospel we can read that the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove when he was baptized in the Jordan River. The second time the Holy Spirit is mentioned on the day of Pentecost, when it came down in the form of tongues of flame on the apostles. The spirit rewarded the followers of Christ with the gift of speaking in tongues, which was perceived as a miracle.

We see that the third hypostasis of God, the Holy Spirit, has the strength and tenderness, intelligence and will.

Atheists can not understand how one god can have three incarnations? This is easy to explain with the example of an earthly woman, who can simultaneously be a mother, a daughter, and a sister.

There is nothing surprising in this, if you think well.

In the Orthodox Church, it is customary to turn to the Holy Spirit with a certain prayer. It is called the prayer to the Holy Spirit «King of Heaven.» At the services it is pronounced in the Old Slavonic language, the text of the prayer to the «Heavenly King» is as follows:

A Prayer to the Heavenly King: Old Slavonic Text and Translation

What do these Old Slavic words mean? In modern Russian, the prayer to the king of heaven comforter sounds like this:

A Prayer to the Heavenly King: Old Slavonic Text and Translation

The words of prayer are addressed to the king of heaven, the comforter, who controls the fate of people. He is our mentor, he teaches wisdom. Only the Holy Spirit can help cope with the storms of life and adversity, strengthen the spirit with faith.

He is omnipresent, that is, resides at the same time everywhere and everywhere. A person needs only to address him with a prayer request, as it will be immediately heard.

This is the power that is around us and that feeds us with life energy. From the Holy Spirit comes only good, help, love and comfort. He purifies our souls from filth, and thoughts from sinful thoughts.

The Holy Spirit interferes with satanic intentions and protects the mind of man from temptations.

It is the Spirit of truth that enlightens the mind of man and fills with the knowledge of faith. The spirit is all-seeing and all-knowing, he knows the true desires of man and seeks to fill them.

I have repeatedly noticed how the most secret desires that lurked in the depths of my heart were miraculously fulfilled. The Holy Spirit did this without demanding anything in return.

A Prayer to the Heavenly King: Old Slavonic Text and Translation

How to understand the words «giver of life»? This means that the whole universe is developed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He watches all creation, fills it with vital energy.

The stars move with the spirit, the sun rises and sets, they are filled with the power of the plant. He directs everything — both living and inanimate nature. It shows the correct way for migratory birds, feeds forest animals, restores a tired organism.

This is the life-giving force of nature.

Christians ask «Come and dwell in us.» This means that they desire the constant presence of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

He cleanses from all unclean, fills hearts with joy, prepares us for the kingdom of heaven.

The Gospel says that our bodies should become the temple of the Holy Spirit.

If a Christian cares about the purity of thoughts and does godly deeds, the Holy Spirit abides in him. And bad deeds and unclean thoughts drive the Comforter out of the heart.

Therefore, we must always strive for holiness in order not to upset the Holy Spirit who is in us.

In order to correctly sing the prayer “To the King of Heavenly Comforter for the Soul of Truth,” you need to listen to it as performed by church ministers:

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