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A prayer to God for healing: the text in Russian, how to pray correctly

Prayer for the Orthodox in Russian God for Healing: How to Pray

In Orthodoxy there are many divine texts, among which the prayer to God for healing is in great demand among Christians, especially those who are ill or have an unhealthy relative. This prayer worshiped by the laity to Jesus, according to the priests, has unparalleled power.

The main thing — a request through the Son for help from Him. It is noted that the daily reading protects against all negative moments that occur on the path of each person in everyday life.

Even if the disease podkashivaet a person, makes him irritable and sometimes angry, you do not need to isolate yourself from the whole world, do not envy healthy, it is better to turn to sacred words.

Prayer of Jesus Christ

A prayer to God for healing: the text in Russian, how to pray correctly

It has long been customary to think that Orthodox texts, especially prayers, are a bridge spread from people to the heavenly powers. This is a reliable way to communicate with the laity of God. Deep in its content, this prayer to God for healing, small in volume.

It is no longer possible to establish who was its originator precisely after the prescription of time. Many scholars attribute it to the texts of Macarius of Egypt. In the prayer of Christ, the main truths of Christianity are concentrated:

  • the sinner’s requests for forgiveness;
  • The Lord confesses Christ;
  • Jesus Christ does not say, but certainly the Son of God.

Reading such a seemingly simple text is very important for people of both sexes. It is easy to remember, as there are few words.

What helps?

There is, unfortunately, the mistaken view that the prayer of Christ is meant only for monks. Everyone can read. It is compared to an exercise for the soul.

This is necessary so that a person does not lock himself solely on his own feelings and passions. She carries:

  • fortress weakened by doubt spirit;
  • helps in finding the grace of God;
  • makes the heart cleaner and more receptive for the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

How to pray for health

Many prayer texts are known, many of them have their own specific purpose. There are reading rules to follow. To truly conduct the ceremony, using the prayer of Jesus, it is enough not to back down from a number of simple installations:

  • to avoid automatic memorization and pronunciation, it is necessary to delve into the meaning of the spoken words;
  • focus on this particular text;
  • pick a quiet place for the sacrament;
  • mentally turn to God, bowing and believing unconditionally in Him.

Sometimes, when there is no opportunity to read, you can listen to yourself for free or give it to the patient if he is in his right mind and consciousness.

What problems to handle?

First of all, they ask for the recovery or alleviation of the suffering of the seriously ill. However, there are other requests:

  • get rid of the evil eye of the ill-wisher;
  • the desire for the government to pardon the offender.

In order for the prayer to take effect, it is read for a quarter of an hour. For those who have just begun their prayer path, a repetition of tenfold will suffice.

Then gradually, over time, it is necessary to increase the time for reading.

About Jesus Prayer

I. Bryanchaninov — a famous saint, pointed out that these words are an ascent to the Lord on the steps. Here is what he singled out:

The last, the highest point of the ascent, requires a thoughtful understanding of the spoken text, and all other thoughts at this moment simply should not be in the head of a person. The works of Ignatius Bryanchaninov are largely devoted to the description of each of these steps.

Strong prayers to God for healing from illness

A prayer to God for healing: the text in Russian, how to pray correctly

Unfortunately, many people begin to pray for help from the Lord only when they fall into a difficult period of their lives, especially as regards all ailments. Begin visiting the temples and appeals to the saints.

The more the disease conquers a person, the more he despairs and rushes to read Orthodox texts. He very much hopes that reading the prayer to God for recovery will quickly bring him back to his former state.

At the same time, it is important that the prayer repent sincerely in his sinful deeds, forgive everyone and everything, and also beg forgiveness from those whom he hurt. The patient must change his view of what surrounds him.

Perhaps he did not see much or did not want to know. Very often, having regained his health, a person forgets about what was with him before and everything starts with him again.

As a result, the body is even more destroyed, and new diseases start to win it.

Can I overcome the disease with prayer?

As if skeptics did not grin, but life has proved that healing through prayer for illness occurred more than once among true believers. In case of unfortunate coincidences of circumstances that destroy the body of illnesses, it is necessary to read a prayer.

However, this is done whole-heartedly with an unbreakable faith.

Until the patient begins to utter sacred words, if he did not believe or hesitated, he could not change the situation in which he is. As soon as a sincere petition, saturated with solid faith, comes out of his mouth, the disease begins to slowly recede. However, this does not mean that everything should be allowed to drift.

Prayer work can be long and should be regular.

Here the power of the Lord begins to manifest. It heals and gives to everyone according to faith. Reading or whispering a prayer, it is important to understand that a person is transforming into another, and new life views must be carried to the end of their days.

Otherwise, there will be no beneficial action from the ordinances performed.

Strong prayers to God for healing from diseases

A prayer to God for healing: the text in Russian, how to pray correctly

The sacred texts addressed to the Lord help make the body and soul healthy. Prayers will give strength not only to the one who prays, but also to his close ones: a sick child or spouse, relatives.

A disease, if it does not retreat instantly, it will definitely soften and stop tormenting.

The power of prayer phrases has long been recognized by the Orthodox. You can pronounce them in any place suitable for prayer.

For a request to go right, you should always remember the rules that everybody can follow. It is important that the object for which requests are sent to Heaven is baptized.


To achieve goals in life, it is important for a person to be healthy physically and mentally. If, nevertheless, the illness occurs or has already been completely overwhelmed, we must not forget to ask for help about healing from the Higher Powers.

  • Prayer helps to cope with stress and the disease caused by it.
  • Send your petitions must be properly and regularly.
  • It is necessary to pray with a certain mental attitude and in a place suitable for the sacrament.
  • In some cases, you can just listen to the prayer using different sources.

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