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A prayer to Andrew the First-Called on the day of remembrance on December 13

A prayer to Andrew the First-Called on the day of remembrance on December 13

December 13 is an important date for all believers, because on this day, the life of one of the most important personalities in the Christian world, the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, is remembered.

Apostle Andrew is one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ who followed him and accepted his teachings, absorbing the knowledge of this world and the doctrine of how the laws of God are arranged. After the ascension of Christ, their mission was not completed. Moreover, it only began at this stage.

The Lord knew that the apostles would not betray him and would bring light and a kind word around the world even after his departure to his Father, the Creator of all things.

The story of Andrew the First Called

Saint Andrew was the very first apostle of Jesus Christ. He met the Savior almost at the same time as Peter. Peter and Andrei are two brothers who lived in the same city.

They were simple fishermen who sought the meaning of life and the path to salvation, happiness and light.

Andrew was first named precisely because Jesus called him to be the first to serve. Some apostles in their narrations said that Andrew was first a disciple of John the Baptist — the very one who baptized Christ himself in the Jordan.

From childhood until his death, Andrew preserved his chastity, giving himself to prayers, for which he was accepted into the ministry of Jesus Christ. Their meeting occurred when Andrew was with the Forerunner. John the Baptist pointed to Christ and said: «Behold the Lamb of God.»

The Gospel says that the First-Called simply followed Jesus. After that, his brother named Simon became the second student, adopting the name Peter.

In the Gospel of Matthew it is said that Jesus saw Peter and Andrew fishing at the shore. He called them at the same time. Andrew was a witness not only of the death of Christ, but also of his Ascension into heaven, of his miraculous Resurrection.

According to Scripture, 50 days after the Savior’s death, the Holy Spirit descended on the earth and shed the light of God on the disciples of Christ, after which they were able to speak different languages. From this very moment began the own path of each of them. The end of the path of most of the disciples was — they died for their faith.

The strongest persecutions against light-carrying Andrew the First Called were in the city of Sinop. There he was tortured and tortured, but he did not retreat, undergoing bullying. They say that Andrew raised the dead and healed terrible diseases with prayers, as if Jesus Christ himself.

The apostle died in the city of Patras. He was tied to a cross and left to die, but he continued to teach people. Perturbations and requests for pardon began to appear more and more, after which an order was received for pardon and removal of Andrew the First-Called from the cross, but he did not succeed, for he asked God to die on the cross to leave this world as well as the teacher his and the master of his soul is Christ.

The cross of St. Andrew the First-Called is still a symbol of the navy of the Russian Federation. The holy apostle is the patron saint of sailors and the intercessor of all who go to sea on ships.

Prayer on December 13

December 13 — the day of the memory of the apostle. On this date from year to year people attend church to pray for Andrew the First-Called and ask him for God’s mercy.

On this day, many people take the sacrament of confession and communion, help loved ones. In Russia, it was customary to meet with distant relatives and reconcile with enemies.

Many pray at home. In the prayers of Andrew the First-Called, people ask him to grant them patience, courage, willpower, health, and the strengthening of faith. Here is the main prayer to the Apostle Andrew:

«The First-Called Apostle of God and Savior Jesus Christ, the Church’s follower, all Andrey your memory and believe that the Lord lives, and your soul lives and with you forever in heaven where you love us with the same love that you loved us when the Holy Spirit was illumined. To Christ converted, and not only love but pray for ace God, seeing him in the light of all of our prayers.

We believe and confess our faith in the temple, and in your name, holy Andrew, gloriously created, and your holy relics: believing in you, we ask and pray the Lord and our God and Savior Jesus Christ, but with your prayers, which you will always listen and accept will give us help for the salvation of us sinners: yes, as you immediately by the voice of the Lord, left your nets, unswervingly following Him, in this way, and each of us seeks his faith. Pray for us, for we believe that your prayer can do a lot before the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, He also has all the glory, honor and worship with the Father and the Holy Spirit and forever and ever. Amen.»

Read this prayer at home, and not only on the day of remembrance of the greatest saint, but also on any other day, like “Our Father” or “Symbol of Faith”. Remember the acts of the Apostle Andrew and respect him for them, asking him not to stop praying for our souls. Good luck, strong faith, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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