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A prayer for those who hate and offend us

A prayer for those who hate and offend us is a cleansing of the soul from insults

I want to share my experience of reading a prayer for those who hate and offend us. An unpleasant situation occurred in my life — I quarreled with my boss. At that moment it seemed to me that the truth was on my side — I diligently carried out all his errands, but he was always unhappy.

I have already reacted with tears to his eternal nagging and by the end of each working day I felt very bad, I thought about dismissal.

But she did not quit — God instructed me to read the prayer of «Hating and offending us.» I didn’t expect to improve relations with my boss, but my heart and soul hurt from insult to him, so I decided to work in prayer.

I just wanted to improve my own state.

I was very surprised when, after the first day of prayer, I felt much lighter — as if a heavy stone had fallen from my heart. It became much easier for me, the resentment that corrodes my soul is gone. After a week of reading a prayer, my boss no longer seemed to me such a tyrant and petty tyrant, I began to treat him with humor.

And soon he himself lowered the demands on me and began to give reasonable tasks that I was interested in doing.

In the end, I changed my mind about changing jobs, my relations in the team improved. I realized that I was able to forgive a person even in case of strong hostility with him — such is the power of prayer!

Now I, who suffer from injustice on the part of other people (including relatives), recommend reading the text of the prayer in Russian: «For those who hate and offend us, forgive, Lord Humanity …». This is an amazing prayer that softens our hearts and helps us forgive even our enemies.

A prayer for those who hate and offend us

How to respond to injustice? Church opinion

We live in an imperfect world. Both treachery and meanness occur in it. As adults, we must be prepared to meet them.

At the same time, we must understand that people do not do bad things from a good life — most likely, they never met with real love and acceptance, lived in bad conditions, they were often humiliated and offended. And we can just regret many of our offenders …

But even if you do not think about what is pushing others into bad deeds, and only analyzing our own behavior, it turns out that our negative emotions destroy us. When we are angry with our enemies, we put ourselves above them. It seems to us that we are cleaner, more spiritual, kinder than our offenders.

But these are sinful ideas that it is better to immediately give up. That is why it is so important not to plunge into insult and irritation, but immediately begin to pray to God and ask him to deliver you from sinful thoughts and negative emotions.

A prayer for those who hate and offend us

It is also important to pray for those who hurt you. Maybe at first glance it seems difficult, but this is exactly the step that will really help you to get rid of anger or even hatred (if things have gone too far).

Old words of prayer set us up in a calm way, relieve from heavy thoughts and negative emotions. Surprisingly, rogue feelings go away. We talk with God and feel that he hears us and helps us in everything in our ways …

If negative feelings are too great and your thoughts are occupied with ideas about how you can repay the offender, think about what God pays for our sins in our world, and only he decides how to award or punish this or that person. Only God, not us. Recall that God himself forgave his offenders — those who killed him on the cross — and did so with the utmost completeness, wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly.

And you can also follow his example, although it is incredibly difficult.

What can be done in difficult situations

Sometimes in our life there are very difficult situations when we play the role of a victim. Indeed, it happens that they cause us a lot of pain, while completely undeservedly. And we see that the person who offended us is far from God.

What should we do if we are completely covered by pain and anger?

  • Recognize that you are experiencing these negative feelings. Recognize this situation.
  • Recognize that you want to complete this difficult experience for you in a Christian manner — to get rid of negative feelings.
  • Retire literally for 10-15 minutes and read a short prayer asking God for deliverance from anger and hatred, and also be sure to ask God to reason with the offender and bring him to the Light of Christ.
  • Read the short prayer of thanksgiving to God for help.

If you don’t feel any better, it means you have to go to church and talk to the priest about it, confess and take communion. It is also advisable to continue reading the prayer for the offended (in case of strong anger, it is recommended to read the prayer for 40 days).

A prayer for those who hate and offend us

What gives forgiveness

Forgiveness is an amazing ability that is very rare now. But the man who once in his life managed to forgive his abuser knows what a joy it is.

The tension in the soul goes away, the constant painful thoughts and experiences disappear.

He who can forgive and pray for his enemies can be considered a real Christian and a strong person. Forgiveness makes us better, cleaner, kinder and wiser.

We have a different attitude to the weaknesses and shortcomings of others — we know that there are no grounds for hatred, but there is an opportunity to forgive and understand.

Main conclusions

  • Prayer for those who hate and offend us is one of the strongest prayers for a Christian. It is very important not to let hate into your heart even in the most difficult situation, for this you should read the prayers.
  • Even if you are unfairly offended, pray for your offenders, the only way you can defeat negative feelings. Never avenge your enemies.
  • Every time, thank God for helping you cope with resentment and anger.

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