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Numerology: what car number will bring you luck

Numerology: what car number will bring you luck

Automobile signs are of great importance in numerology. With its help, every car owner will be able to calculate whether he is the owner of the lucky number that brings him good luck.

Determine the number of luck is not difficult. You need to add all the digits of the license plate number to a single digit. For example, 618: 6 + 1 + 8 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6.

Experts in the field of esotericism believe that the energy of a person can be transmitted to objects around him, so remember that your vehicle must be treated carefully and with due attention.

Meaning numbers

one. Your car is under the auspices of the sun. His energy communicates good luck to people who occupy positions in government and security agencies.

The unit enhances the qualities of a person who owns a car, gives him cheerfulness, vitality and helps to remain in leadership positions. The unit in the machine code calls the owner to lead an honest life, not undertaking dubious cases and not allowing himself to denounce and evil conversations, especially in the car.

2 The patron of your vehicle is the Moon. Two is responsible for ease of communication, friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding. Cars with this number are ideal for family people.

Luck expects someone who is engaged in such a car to transport fruit, juice and water. The machine enhances punctuality, and it is difficult for a person to stay in a bad mood. The owner of the car should take into account that the deuce enhances the flexibility and sensitivity, which sometimes require volitional effort.

3 This figure is under the command of Jupiter. His heavy energy brings good luck to people with strong will and character. Troika is responsible for planning, negotiating, running a business, and finding additional sources of funding.

This figure often contributes to the development of pride and vanity. Car owners must take this fact into account and not be tempted to look at people from the height of their achievements, thereby diminishing their dignity.

four. The patron of this figure is the shadow planet Rahu. A car with this code will bring you good luck in the field of travel and transportation. Four tells the car owner discipline and sense of time.

This car is suitable for mass travel. Somewhat distorts the luck of the foursome addiction to intrigue and dishonest deeds. The owner of the car must remember that tempting fate and engaging in illegal traffic is fraught.

Kara can come from an unexpected side, and with a high probability it will be a karmic retribution.

five. The patronage of Mercury and the five are responsible for success in negotiations, business trips and business activities in general. A car with this number is designed for earnings and is perfect for taxi drivers, cargo carriers and people over long distances.

The top five tells the car owner energy, which facilitates easy communication, so it will be easy for you to negotiate even with the most demanding customers. The planet, the patron of trade, does not tolerate deception, so do not try to cheat fate, doing an unjustified overpricing.

6 Venus and the six are symbols of love, devotion and affection. This car is suitable for rent to newlyweds or couples for temporary trips.

The six carries a positive charge, liberating people and telling them good energy. In a car with this value numbers quickly pass insults and discontent. If you need to reconcile with your half, get in this car and go for new happy impressions.

7 Ketu, the planet patron of this number, gives the owner of such a license plate the ability to assist. Seven in this way means a return, that is, your car will bring you good luck, but to a greater degree it is intended for the work of ambulance, church, volunteering.

The negative impact of the seven extends to the desire to gossip in the car, so be alert.

eight. The eight and Saturn is a rather heavy compound. The car to match its patrons is designed to work. Luck in this car is waiting hardworking.

Eight gives strength, vitality, self-confidence, determination and perseverance. However, the owner of such a machine must remember that only cheese in a mousetrap is free. Learn to deny people who are clearly exploiting you, feel free to say that your work and gasoline cost money.

9. Patronage of Mars, supported by the influence of nines, brings good luck to the car owner in the field of legal services and financing. This number pushes for the observance of order, discipline, enhances the ability to keep track of money and eliminates wastefulness. However, there are also disadvantages: the car can be capricious and require effort to maintain, as well as increase the owner’s irritability and emotionality.

To cope with such an impact will help technology self-control.

To keep your luck, calculate your personal success code. With it, you will be able to more deeply understand the characteristics of your character and choose for yourself a profitable occupation that brings both income and pleasant emotions. Be careful on the roads and do not forget to press the buttons and

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