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Numerology of wealth: how to attract money

Numerology of wealth: how to attract money

Working with a numerological number of wealth involves calculating a number based on the date of birth. The number of wealth will point you to actions and behaviors that will help attract the flow of finances. This number will show your abilities that you can display in order to achieve financial well-being, and also indicate the problems of character that must be eradicated in order to achieve your goal.

So let’s get started!

In order to calculate the number of wealth, it is necessary to add all the digits of the date of your birth. For example, take the date 05/15/1985 = 1 + 5 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7. It turned out the number 7. Then it remains only to find out the decoding of this number in numerology.

Number 1 — This is the number of leaders and individualists. They feel great in the role of organizers and managers. To obey someone is not in their rules, so the only chance to get rich is to stand at the head of a successful company or create your own business.

In order to attract money, they need to lead an active lifestyle, it is easier to treat others and more often look at the whole with a smile. A happy day for unit people is Wednesday. On this day it is best to plan all the important things.

The qualities of character that will help them succeed are confidence, willpower and patience. They need to get rid of selfishness, arrogance and laziness.

Number 2 — People of this number can achieve financial well-being only with the help of like-minded people. Alone, they will have to work long and hard. Their monetary success is directly related to the home and family.

It is likely that they will be able to create a family business or enter into a profitable marriage. In order to achieve profit, they need to develop communication skills and sociability. This is what will help them on the road to success.

And about timidity, lack of readiness for change and lack of will they should be forgotten.

Number 3 — People of this number have versatile talents. They are leaders by nature. Three people are very energetic and purposeful.

There are always a lot of ideas in their head. In order to solve their financial problems, they should more often listen to their intuition, and they should not constantly follow the advice of others. As you feel, do so.

People of this number should avoid water. For example, you should not start a marine business or make money on river cruises — all this will lead to losses and loss of monetary energy. They need to be more patient, objective and calm.

Number 4 — These people can create a good material base. To gain financial well-being, they can engage in both mental and physical labor. They should invest all the profits in the arrangement of their lives: in the house, family, for the purchase of real estate, vehicles, etc. In no case should not gamble and generally try to earn «easy money».

In order to attract money to themselves, people of this number should get rid of criticism, imperiousness and conservative views of the world.

Number 5 — People of this number will be enriched by an interesting field of activity that will not let them get bored. Collaboration with successful people, communication, new contacts will help to attract money. In order to become rich, they need to constantly be aware of all the events, develop and find new ways to make a profit.

They will help the activity, sociability and positive attitude. Need to get rid of irresponsibility and laziness.

Number 6 — People of this number need to use their openness and good nature. In order to improve their financial situation, they should forget all past insults and focus on their goals. Success can come to them through teaching or medicine.

However, they can try their luck in other areas. The main thing is that the work brings them positive emotions. People of this number need to eradicate in themselves excessive curiosity and heartlessness.

Number 7 — People of this number can get rich only because of their intelligence. In no case they should not be engaged in physical labor, it will not bring them profit. Often incredible ideas run in their thoughts. In order to become a financially successful person, these ideas will need to be implemented.

People of this number should gain courage and determination. It is necessary to communicate in the circle of the same people, but to work strictly individually. In order to bring their finest hour closer, they need to be more open and bold.

Number 8 — These people will enrich their business. They should not wait for manna from heaven, working on the head. All that is required of them is ideas, strengths and a desire to realize their plans.

The areas that can bring them profit are education, commerce, writing. To attract money, they will need to develop the skills of an orator, but excessive ambition and authority will have to be eradicated.

Number 9 — People of this number can be enriched by helping others. This may be the service sector or quite classical professions, such as medicine or education. Their activities must be directed towards solving the problems of other people.

In order to achieve financial success, they need to eradicate in themselves such qualities of character as greed, despondency and indecision.

The calculation of the numerological number of financial success allows you to build a clear strategy for your life, which can lead to wealth. We hope that this information will help you choose the right path in life and lead you to financial success! Useful article? Then be sure to put and

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