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Numerology of the name: how to find out your purpose in life

Numerology of the name: how to find out your purpose in life

We come to this world for a reason. There is an opinion that each of us has our own mission on Earth, which we must fulfill in order to find happiness. And numerology will help to learn the purpose in life.

Life for good reason confronts us with difficulties and problems — this is a sign that says that we are not fulfilling our mission. Troubles and misfortunes will continue until a person understands his task and the meaning of existence in this world. Having fulfilled his mission, he gets everything he dreamed of and finds happiness.

Numerologists propose to calculate their purpose using the name numerology. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a specific number that emits its own vibrations. Having calculated the numerology of your name, you can now find out your purpose in life.

Calculation of numerology name, surname and patronymic

To calculate your numerological number, you need to use a special table. In it, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a specific number:

  • 1 is the letters A, K, Y, b
  • 2 — the letters B, L, F, E
  • 3 — these are letters В, М, Х, Ю
  • 4 — these are letters G, N, C, I
  • 5 — the letters D, O, H
  • 6 — these are letters Е, П, Ш
  • 7 — these are the letters Ж, Р, Щ
  • 8 — these are letters 3, C, b
  • 9 — these are the letters I, T, S

According to this numerological table, you need to find out the number of each letter in your name, surname and patronymic, then add up all the received numbers and bring the result to a single-valued one by adding the numbers that make it up.

The obtained numbers of the name (24), surname (22) and patronymic (30) must be added: 24 + 22 + 30 = 76. The number 76 needs to be reduced to an unambiguous form, which means that you need to add 7 + 6 = 13, then add 1 + 3 = 4.

The four in the above example will be the numerological number of the name, surname and patronymic. By this number, you can determine your purpose in life.

The meaning of numbers in name numerology

one — your mission — to lead people. You are a leader by nature. If you do not feel your leadership qualities, then you need to develop them.

When you begin to manage your life yourself and become a leader in any circle of people, your life will become much easier, and you will be able to achieve everything you desire.

2 — your mission is to create peace and quiet around you. Your life mission is to build relationships with the people around you, reconcile those who quarreled and always stand up to protect the weak.

3 — your life goal is to bring your thoughts and worldview to the world. You need to more often express your emotions and aspirations in your work: on paper, on canvas, in dance and so on. According to the numerology of the name, you are the bearer of all the beautiful things in this world, and your task is to make life brighter, more colorful and kinder.

four — your mission — to create something useful for society. Your work must be useful to the outside world. If everything you do benefits only you, then you are not on the right track.

five — your mission is to bring people positive emotions and good. You will be able to fulfill your life purpose only when you begin to enjoy every single day and love life, whatever it is.

6 — your mission — the continuation of the human race. When you find a family and attain inner harmony, you can achieve true happiness.

7 — your mission, according to the numerology of the name — to carry knowledge to people, share their experience and instruct them on the true path.

eight — your mission is a parallel development of the spiritual and material in life. If you strive for something alone, then life will not be able to give you the desired.

9 — your mission is to help people and compassion. Nine men are called to help those in need and not demand anything in return for it.

Numerology of the name and surname will help you know your purpose and change your life for the better. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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