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Numerology of a name: we define our planet patron

Numerology of a name: we define our planet patron

The name number is a unique code that is decisive in our behavior and character. With the help of numerology, you can calculate the patron planet, affecting our luck, actions and activities.

Everyone has patrons of the planet: they endow a person with certain characteristic signs, help in daily activities, and also affect mood. Calculate which planet is yours is not so difficult. Each letter corresponds to a specific number.

For example, the name Alexander in a digital image looks like this: 1 + 4 + 6 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 9 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9. This means that the planet of the given name is Mars.

Patron Planets named

1. The sun. These people are characterized by dedication, leadership and the desire to achieve well-being in all spheres of life. They are always in the spotlight, have extraordinary erudition, generous and sometimes arrogant.

Used to keep everything under control, based on the principles of logic.

2. The moon. The moon gives a keen intuition that helps to adapt to a rapidly changing world. They are open and sociable people, emotional and sensitive.

They often seek a stronger partner to follow. They are characterized by a certain abstraction, a tendency to rapid changes in mood. Among them are often gifted artists, writers and actors.

Distinctive traits of character are responsibility and independence from the opinions of others.

3. Jupiter. This planet gives people optimism. Open to the world and cheerful, they give love and uplifting.

They are prone to searching for the hidden meaning in everything, they have the ability to avoid any conflicts, they directly follow to the goal, acting openly. The constant desire for recognition sometimes gives these people some shyness. They are waiting for recognition and praise.

Under the auspices of the moon are often skilled orators and artists.

4. Uranus. This planet protects confident and independent people.

They are distinguished by diligence and increased efficiency. They, like ants, are able to collect information bit by bit for their large-scale research. Possess excellent organizational skills, often go against the rules.

Easily converge with people due to openness and emotionality, have an excellent memory and are not gentle.

5. Mercury. These people are distinguished by mental alertness. Their extraordinary abilities help in achieving their goals.

They are easily trained, are able to benefit from everything and often become diplomats. The speed of the reaction makes them mobile and sometimes restless. They instantly react to any changes, but are susceptible to failures that can knock them out of a rut.

6. Venus. The patronage of this planet gives tact and accuracy. They are soft by nature people who are able to convey the beauty of everyday things, forcing them to admire and wonder around.

They are always looking for positive moments in their work, but they can also show zeal to achieve the desired. Joyful and open to the world, they are an inexhaustible source of optimism and beauty.

7. Neptune. The curiosity of people whose patron is Neptune knows no bounds.

They are accustomed to thoroughly study each topic, often religious and prone to philosophizing. Avoid conflicts, but can be stubborn and prone to the careless spending of finances. Have a compliant character.

Often choose professions related to the social sphere.

8. Saturn. These people are distinguished by pragmatism and diligence.

They are often left alone due to misunderstanding of others. Got used to achieve everything by hard work, love comfort. They need confidence in everything, so they are trying to secure their future so that they do not need anything.

There is also caution in their character: they are excellent advisers, whose help you can rely on.

9. Mars. This planet-patron gives people extraordinary will power.

They are able to survive ups and downs, diligently achieve their tasks, are adventurous and prone to unceremoniousness. Do not tolerate interference in their lives, stubborn and capricious. Able to rash rash acts. Their pride can harm communication and love relationships.

However, optimism and great potential allows them not to succumb to melancholy and look at the world with wide eyes.

These are only approximate characteristics. Each person is able to discipline himself and achieve success in his field. You can also find out what color your name corresponds to and what characteristics it has. We wish you victories and great achievements, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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