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Numerology name: how to determine your number-mascot

Numerology name: how to determine your number-mascot

A person’s life can change dramatically if you find out your personal number-talisman. You can calculate it using numerology. It is believed that certain numbers corresponding to the name, can attract good luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity.

The name numerology can indicate hidden talents, character, inclinations. A personal number that can be calculated by name will show you a happy path and allow you to find your place in life. However, this is not all positive abilities of numbers.

They can also become your talisman from evil influence and a talisman that can attract good luck. The main thing is that the number should always be with you and accompany you in difficult moments.

Calculating the talisman number

Many carry out a full calculation of the name, surname and patronymic in order to most accurately know their number of destiny. Numerologists believe that only a name will suffice to calculate a personal talisman. After all, it most strongly affects the energy of the owner. If, referring to you, people most often use the abbreviation of a name or affectionate nickname, then you need to calculate exactly its number.

Unless, of course, you like it and you feel comfortable when you hear such a consonance of letters.

Each letter has a personal number. To calculate the talisman number, you will need to add each number and continue the calculation until you get a one-digit number. That it will be your talisman that will help improve life and achieve the fulfillment of desires. Match letters and numbers:

  • Vowels: A — 1; Y — 6; O — 7; Y — 1; I — 1; E — 6; I am 2; Yu — 7; E — 5.
  • Consonants: B — 2; AT 6; G — 3; D— 4; W — 2; H— 7; H — 1; K — 2; L — 2; M — 4; H — 5; P — 8; P — 2; C — 3; T — 4; F — 8; X — 5; C — 3; H — 7; W — 2; U — 9; B — 1.

For convenience, we will calculate for you the name Nikolay. Using this example, you can easily calculate your personal figure, which is responsible for your luck.

Nikolai: 5 + 1 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 19; 1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1. It turns out that the talisman number for the name Nikolai will be «1». Now we will start the detailed characteristic of each number from 1 to 9.

The meaning of talisman numbers in numerology

The number 1. Awards its owner leadership, the desire to be better than others, the desire for fame and respect. The unit gives friendliness, pride, responsibility, a sense of justice, the desire for spiritual growth. However, one should be careful, as the desire to conform to society in everything can negatively affect personal life.

There is a chance to withdraw into yourself and stop trusting people. This number in numerology is related to solar energy, so you can get yourself a pendant in the form of the Sun, where one will be engraved on the reverse side. Or keep a coin from the yellow metal with the same denomination in your wallet.

The number 2. Symbolizes sensuality, sincerity, endowments. The deuce contributes to a change in the rhythm of life: it helps to establish family harmony, to find faithful and loyal friends, to connect their fate with a soul mate. Number 2 encourages deliberate action, diplomacy and communication skills. This figure protects the moon, so the most effective talisman will be a variety of ornaments made of silver.

Do not forget that the back should be a two.

The number 3. Such a talisman can make a person optimistic and increase positive moments in life. Gives confidence in yourself and your own strength, which allows you to act decisively. Troika attracts happiness and harmony to the owner. People with the power of number 3, are able to constantly improve their inner world, many of them reach almost their own ideal.

To make your number bring maximum benefit, purchase a triangle-shaped pendant, and the image of the triplet on it will help protect against envious ones.

The number 4. The talisman number rewards personal opinion, willfulness and stubbornness. It helps to achieve everything on their own and not to depend on people. Four gives creative thinking, intelligence, sociability, stability.

The good faith inherent in this figure helps to gain a high position in society, and increased organizational skills attract success, especially in personal life. The talisman can be any object that has 4 components — for example, a square, a dice, a dagger, and so on. The most important thing is that in the center of your amulet there is a four.

The number 5. The five symbolizes success, therefore, having such a talisman, you can improve your individual abilities. The number 5 gives people resourcefulness, with which you can find a way out of absolutely any situation. Amulet helps to make quick decisions, improves learning, gives the desire to achieve the goal. The five inherent personality, charm, curiosity.

As a talisman, use a star in the form of a pendant or brooch with the number 5 on the back side.

The number 6. Six gives charm, charisma, artistry. With her strength, you can bypass all the obstacles in the path of life and pass adversity. The number 6 helps to achieve everything quickly and easily, especially with regard to material well-being.

People whose talisman is associated with this number, never know what poverty is, they always have money to satisfy their needs. The talisman in the form of a six-pointed star or hexagon can increase your diligence and help you acquire useful contacts. Energetics of Venus, which gives the six strength, helps in love, especially if you have an amulet in the form of a mirror with 6 corners.

The number 7. The number gives the increased intuition and supernatural abilities. There is an opportunity to easily read the signs of the Universe and improve your personal life with the help of Higher forces. However, the seven causes inconsistency and lewdness — this may be due to money or a loved one. Therefore, you are not surprised if in your life there is an abundance of funds and admirers, then neither one nor the other.

But, having enlisted the support of a talisman number, you will be able to influence people, their mood and, perhaps, even gain a talent for manipulation. If it is difficult to find a hexagonal pendant, you can write a number on paper and always carry it with you.

The number 8. It helps to find a comfortable life and an abundance of money. Misfortunes bypass people who protect themselves by force emanating from the eight. The number symbolizes loyalty, dedication and dedication to their desires. However, it is likely that people under the auspices of 8 may be sensitive to treason and lose all faith in people.

The planet Saturn energetically feeds this number, therefore, two rings, fastened together, or the symbol of infinity are perfect for the talisman.

The number 9. People with such a talisman number have clear goals and always occupy a dominant place in society. Nine gives the opportunity to achieve everything by their own personal forces. It gives courage, obstinacy, inflexibility, strength of will and self-confidence.

Such a talisman helps to develop initiative, enterprise and activity. However, often the owners of 9 are prone to feel contempt and arrogance towards people who are considered lower than themselves. To enlist the support of a number, it is necessary to draw a circle and enter a nine in its center.

With the help of simple mathematical calculations, you can acquire an effective personal talisman that will help you throughout your life. His strength, due to the connection with your name, will help to correct the further fate. With the help of numerology, you can also calculate bad karma and correct it so that failures can no longer interfere with success. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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