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Numerology by date of birth: consider love compatibility in marriage

Numerology by date of birth: consider love compatibility in marriage

The calculation of love compatibility in marriage allows you to determine the nature of the relationship with a partner and learn all the strengths and weaknesses of the union. With the help of birth numerology, you can understand whether your partner is suitable for marriage, and what kind of future “shines” with him.

How to calculate love compatibility by date of birth

In order to determine compatibility with a partner, you will need to add the numbers of your birth and the birth number of your partner. Let us give an example: you were born on the 13th, and a partner is 14. Add the dates of birth: 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 and 14 = 1 + 4 = 5. The resulting numbers must also be summed up: 4 + 5 = 9. In this example, the code compatibility is the number 9.

Once you determine your numerological number of love compatibility, you will only find out the value of your result.

The value of numbers in love compatibility numerology by date of birth

  1. A long and happy marriage is possible, but partners in this alliance will often disagree. Both will strive for leadership and self-assertion. In such a couple, the spouses need to listen more to the wishes and needs of each other and be patient, otherwise the marriage will turn into a nightmare.
  2. Successful love compatibility. People in this union as if made for each other. They need as long as possible to maintain a romantic mood in the family, otherwise their relationship will be broken about life.
  3. Only sex binds this pair. Between partners a lot of passion and emotion. In order for a marriage to be strong and long, spouses need to pay attention to each other not only in bed, but also in other areas of life.
  4. This couple has more friendships than love. Partners in this alliance like to spend time with each other. We can say that they know each other like the back of their fingers. As for the intimate life, there is no love compatibility at all. In a pair of fours there is no sexual desire, which can quickly destroy relationships.
  5. In this union, everyone loves himself, and from the partner is constantly waiting for something more. This is where mutual reproaches and complaints arise. According to numerology by date of birth, such a union is often unstable.
  6. This relationship is very strong. Partners in such a union create their own little world in which they are calm and comfortable. They dissolve in each other, which makes them close and in bed, and in communication, and in everyday life. Often such a couple seems from the outside like «not of this world.»
  7. Relationships are quite fragile. Everyone dreams of well-being in the future, but no one is trying to create this well-being right now. This pair lacks trust and understanding.
  8. A pair of two leaders. Together you are powerful, but when misunderstandings arise within a relationship, your marriage becomes very unstable and fragile. To preserve harmonious relationships, one will have to yield to the palm.
  9. This union is built on sex. When the intimate life is exhausted, it is likely that the marriage will fall apart. To maintain relationships, you need to find more common interests.

With the help of numerology by date of birth, you can find out in advance what awaits you in marriage with your partner. Do not despair if your couple was incompatible. If you have feelings and a desire to be together, nothing can prevent you from being together! And to attract good luck in love, do not forget to click on the buttons and

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