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Numerology at home: what does your apartment number mean

Numerology at home: what does your apartment number mean

It is no secret that each dwelling has its own energy. The well-being of living space and its inhabitants is influenced by many factors, not the last of which numerologists consider the apartment number.

Numerology is the science of the energy of numbers and how they can change life. Representations of it can be found in the folklore of various nations. So, in many countries the number 13 is called unlucky.

And, for example, in Japan, the number four brings misfortune and misfortune.

The power of numbers, however, is not limited to signs and superstitions. Thanks to numerological knowledge, you can calculate the numerological characteristics of your apartment. From it you will learn what to watch out for, and how, on the contrary, you will have good luck.

After all, each number, according to numerology, has many positive aspects.

How to calculate the numerological number of a house by apartment number

Make it pretty simple. Numerology operates only with single digits, so if the number of your apartment is first, second and so on, up to ninth, you simply take this number as the numerological number of your house.

Well, if the apartment number is more difficult, you need to add the numbers that make it up. For example, apartment number 345. 3 + 4 + 5 = 12. 1 + 2 = 3.

Three — the numerological number of your apartment.

Interpretation of the numerological number of the apartment

Unit. The number of beginning, movement, change. In an apartment with such a numerological number, active people feel well, aspiring to go forward.

It can be perpetual travelers, lovers of extreme sports, businessmen, whose life has been well-connected to business flights, as well as people who simply don’t want to sit still. Even couch potatoes, having moved to such an apartment, over time, more and more often they are tempted to “walk” and start to amaze others: “Did he say that you are an introvert — are you looking again for tickets?”

Two. The number two, by contrast, strive for solitude and comfortable living. It combines different beginnings.

In such an apartment it is difficult to quarrel, and enemies can come to reconciliation just by meeting on the territory of Deuce. This apartment is well suited for those who want to make a family nest and do not allow strangers into their lives.

Troika. Number Three is ideal for those who have linked their lives with creativity. In such an apartment, writers feel themselves comfortable, artists create, poets write poems.

Often it is there that creative meetings gather and disputes about the future of music or cinema take place. But such an apartment will benefit those who do not associate themselves with the world of high matters. After all, a creative approach to business is not superfluous and helps to look at many problems from an unexpected angle.

Four. The most stable number. Four is a stable construction (hence the four corners of the square). In such an apartment, people are confident in themselves and in the future.

A good option for those who want to make a career and for those who do not like to take risks, and also strives for material well-being.

Five. Another apartment for dynamic personalities who are not ready to stop there. Even adventurers can live in such a house.

Such people never get lost in an unexpected situation and are able to use even the most advantageous circumstances for the benefit of themselves.

Six. Cozy home for couch potatoes or for small friendly meetings. In such an apartment it is good to meet old age, plan a family well or raise children. Housing energy delays all prosperous and positive.

But here alone it will be difficult to live there. To avoid apathy and sad thoughts, it is necessary from time to time to invite guests to the house or to have a pet.

Seven. This number charges of eccentricity and even outrageous. In artistic natures, who settled in such housing, it can even «break the tower» a little.

But you won’t be bored in such an apartment. Meanwhile, the number Seven is also sacred, disposed to spiritual search and enlightenment. Just by visiting the apartment with the appropriate room, you can clarify a lot for yourself.

Eight. Number Eight globally in each of its manifestations — at the same time two stable Fours and a symbol of infinity. This figure promises great success, but the fall can be quite tangible.

However, the Eight helps not to retreat before difficulties and to achieve an unprecedented result. It also attracts finances and is considered a monetary number.

Nine. It combines three triples. Inspires for change and gives charisma to those living under the roof of such an apartment.

People that live there are usually active and active. They can find themselves in charity and social activities, often striving to be in the thick of things. And even being couch potatoes or phlegmatic, deep down they are not indifferent to many global things and are able to leave a mark for posterity.

If the numerology of your home causes you to fear or other negative emotions, do not rush to get upset. The energy of living space is made up of many factors, not least of which will always be your attitude. If you focus on the negative, even the most favorable numerological characteristics will not help.

And vice versa, if you take the characteristic of the room of your apartment with attention, you can find out where it is better to be safe and be more attentive. Weak aspects will help correct talismans.

Numerological knowledge perfectly complements feng shui — the eastern teaching on the harmonization of living space. On our site you can learn everything about feng shui at home and use this knowledge to make an apartment happy, attracting good luck and well-being.

Finally, the knowledge of our ancestors-Slavs will also be used. Learn more about the patron of the house — about the Brownie. You can agree with him by appeasing him, and then no troubles to your home are terrible.

So that harmony does not leave your home, promptly throw away unnecessary and old things. Then new ones will come to their place, and positive energy will constantly be the key in life. Consider the number of the floor on which the apartment is located, as well as the number of the house that you can calculate in the same way as the number of the apartment was calculated. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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