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Money numerology: how to calculate your wealth code

Money numerology: how to calculate your wealth code

Numerology sheds light on many things in our life. A special attitude in this science to money, because they are also associated with numbers and mathematical operations. Each person has his own code of wealth — the cherished number of monetary fortune.

Numerology will help you calculate your destiny. Use any method of predicting the future to try to fix it, because not everything is invented in advance. In the financial sphere, this is also relevant, and to an even greater degree, since monetary success is achievable for each of us.

The main thing is to know what to pay attention to and what to close your eyes to.

Mystery numbers

More than 3,000 years ago, people began to study numbers from a new angle — from the spiritual side. The first sages and thinkers in this field tried to understand exactly how the Universe can communicate with us through numbers. It turned out that nine figures have a certain power: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Each figure has its own character and outlook on life.

The mood of the universe can be described by one of these numbers. To track the change in this mood, you can refer to numerological horoscopes. In addition, you can find out what your monetary destiny is and how you can change it.

For this you need to calculate your wealth code.

Wealth code

Personal wealth code is calculated based on the date of birth of a person. Suppose you were born on October 5, 1979. The year will not matter to you — you will need to take only the first four digits from 10/5/1979.

Add them up and get 0 + 5 + 1 + 0 = 6. This is your personal wealth number, which is constant throughout life. If the date of your birth, for example, 29.08, then adding the numbers, you get 2 + 9 + 8 = 19.

In this case, simply add the component numbers again: 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. Do this until you get a number from 1 to 9.

So, you have a personal number of monetary destiny. Then you only need to find out what it means specifically for you.

Unit. The number 1 in numerology symbolizes the beginning. This is obvious, because with the unit begins any countdown. For wealth, this number is not the best, but there are also pluses in any disadvantages.

Unit is incredible accuracy, which is always needed in money matters. The energy of this number tends to constancy, order, accuracy. In order for you to succeed, you must remember that reckless spending and risks, gambling and an irresponsible attitude to money can lead to great troubles.

The universe says that for you wealth is not the amount of money, but simply the presence of it. Be content with what you have and know how to save, then there will be something to boast about. To get rich, you need the help of wise people, perseverance and work. Good luck will save you from wrong decisions, leading to serious losses.

The best talisman for you is a coin of 1 ruble value. Carry it with you, and at home lay out in a prominent place.

Two. Two given to find money, but not to spend. Let someone else buy you things.

Take your husband, wife, mom or dad with you to the store to keep an eye on you. Rough purchases can hurt you very much. You may be able to earn, but do not spend or save. If you trust a loved one from your family, then entrust him with the custody of your funds.

Gambling is the best friend of your misfortune. If you go to the casino, you can leave everything that you have there, so bypassing such places. Try not to leave the house without your main money talisman — horseshoes.

Buy yourself a key chain in the shape of a horseshoe that will protect you, because it is also dual to some extent.

Troika. The number three in the role of money is very favorable. In fact, this is the best number for those who put the financial sphere of life in priority. The best talisman for you is the three-legged toad from Feng Shui.

The most monetary color for you is red. Good luck accompanies you in almost everything, so you should beware only of complete inactivity, because the money itself is unlikely to come to you. The absence of pleasant accidents is probably the only minus of the Three.

Do not be discouraged, because in all other moments luck will be with you.

Four. If you were born under the auspices of the financial four, then know that this wealth code is very positive. The best talismans for you are the rings. Most men who have a money patron number 4, feel a surge of luck only after the wedding, because they wear rings.

Buy yourself a ring, if you are not married, to the Universe to keep you and your savings. Women love jewelry, so luck is in money with them from a very young age, if they were born under the number 4. Try not to go into the negative and do business only in the right mood. Four — a sign of stability, a sign of confidence.

Those born with the number four are successful in business.

Five. Numerologists call number five cloudless. A lot of financial life depends on you, namely on your confidence and mood.

The top five loves round objects, so the best talisman for you is a coin worth five rubles, cents, and so on. Do not show it to anyone. It must be something secret and secret.

Over time, the mascot will gain strength and give it to you. The energy of this number requires you to properly prioritize. Do not spray your strength on unnecessary things.

Only in this way can money come into your life and, most importantly, stay in it.

Six. This number connects the spiritual world with the material world. To the money you did not leave, should monitor their own health. Your lucky mascot for life is blue.

In the moments of making important money decisions, use the help of an intuition that will not let you down. Even if your life turns in an unfavorable direction because of some step, know that the Universe leads you through this dark forest in order to lead you to the light. Trust is the cornerstone of success for you.

The money will be there, where there will be strong friendship, love and a dedicated partnership.

Seven. If you were born under the patronage of the seven, then avoid gambling. For you, they are more dangerous than for anyone else.

In many respects, it is thanks to you that gambling establishments thrive, because the Sevens kill vigilance and force us to treat money as paperwork, although very much depends on it in our lives. Try not to give and not to borrow more than you can give, and also do not miss past the ears of a single important instruction of wiser people. Listen to those who wish you happiness.

The most important talisman for you is a close person who can tell you in time how to behave in relation to money. If you learn to love money, then learn how to earn it and not waste it.

Eight. This number symbolizes infinity. Such a code of wealth suggests that the constant circulation of money will haunt you.

The most important thing for you is not to save your finances mindlessly and not to spend them unnecessarily. The best energy balance will be maintained if you begin to invest in your own development. Buy something useful in order to earn more. Spend in order to look for new hobbies.

Good luck will always be with you, so you just need to follow the signals of your heart.

Nine. If this is your wealth code, then try not to go to extremes. Good luck in the money you will smile, only if you can spend and earn equally.

Nine rarely becomes very rich, but does not lose money just like that. All you need in life will be only a good mood and a talisman with sharp edges in the form of a triangle or square. It is desirable that the talisman was symmetrical.

To improve your financial situation and get rid of unnecessary risks will help you cash signs for every day. Watch also for financial horoscopes and the lunar calendar. In aggregate, all this will give you a huge advantage over competitors.

If you want to change your destiny and succeed in money, then do not sit still, but look for ways to develop. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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