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Money numerology: how to attract wealth

Money numerology: how to attract wealth

The saying “money to money” is increasingly relevant today. How to make money attract more profit? Of course, you can find the answer to this question in the mass of books on psychology and self-development, but there is another way — the numerology of money. With the help of the numerical values ​​of money, you can learn how to properly use your savings.

To do this, you must always take into account the numerological value of the denomination of banknotes. So, what do numbers mean in money numerology and how to use them correctly in life?

The numbers 0 and 1 are no result. If you want to save money, then you should not start with the amount in which these figures are present.

The number 2 is a symbol of poverty and a constant lack of money. In a case that concerns money, you need to avoid this number. You should not lend 20, 200 or 2000, otherwise you have a big chance not to get your money back. If you are discussing the amount of the fee or salary, then you also need to avoid the number 2. Failure with this number is also waiting for the acquisition of something.

The purchase amount of 200, 2000, 20000 and further, can lead to the fact that the purchased item will be either useless or of poor quality.

The number 3 is energy and activity. It means expansion, movement, action and new opportunities. Amounts starting with the number 3 should not be set aside. They are very difficult to save, as they require constant movement and activity.

But to open a new case, this number is quite suitable. However, in the business of this number, it is still worth being wary of a little, as the sum of triples can attract risky situations. The only thing that can be done with such amounts without fear is to spend.

A purchase for that amount will bring benefits and benefits.

The number 4 is stability, tranquility, middle income. This number attracts predictability in making a profit, reliability of payments and a guarantee that you will not become bankrupt. Deferred money in the amount of 40, 400, 4000 and further will not go anywhere.

They will regularly wait for the moment when you take them and spend on what they were envisaged. Not enough stability in finance? Then you often need to refer to such amounts.

The number 4 is a symbol of prudence at the disposal of the budget and the possibility of planning finances. If four like-minded people open their business, their income will be average, but stable. Waiting for huge profits in this situation is not worth it, but everyone will be full and more or less satisfied with their financial situation.

The number 5 in the numerology of numbers symbolizes spending and spending. Amounts starting with this number should be taken with you on a trip, vacation, vacation, spending them on purchases, entertainment and gifts. Such an amount cannot be stored for long.

It is better to spend it for your needs as early as possible, otherwise it will gradually decrease by itself. In addition, 5 brings good luck in money. With a sum of five, you can start any business and even get “easy money” by playing, for example, in a lottery or casino.

The number 6 is not a very good number in money numerology. It attracts financial problems. Six-six is ​​money, which is only enough for survival.

Six attracts everyday worries, routine work, everyday duties. With her there will be no growth of any personal or career.

The number 7 is extremely undesirable in numerology of numbers. It attracts problems, fraud and crime. You should not keep, invest, lend and borrow a sum of seven, it can lead to loss of money.

However, there is an exception: the number 7 can attract good luck in obtaining «easy money». However, even in that case, it is worth treating him with caution.

The number 8 is the number of constant financial changes. If you want stability, do not mess with the figure eight. If you like to take risks, then you have all the chances to get rich from this number.

To do this, you must always keep up with what is happening around and use all changes in the world for their own purposes.

The number 9 has nothing to do with savings and the race for profit. The amounts-nine symbolize the result, experience and wisdom. These amounts are best donated to charity, to invest in a good non-profit business and spend on their needs.

Using the knowledge of numerology of numbers in relation to money, you can plan your expenses and income, save money for storage, strive for stability and replenish your wallet. Choose what you like, what you need most at the moment, and create your favorable financial future. Useful article? Then be sure to put and

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